Monday, September 27, 2021
    Leo… I Don’t Like Forced Conversations, Forced Interactions, Forced Friendships, I Simply, Do Not Force Things… If We Don't Vibe, We Don't Vibe.
        Leo’s Are Not Afraid To Start An Argument. They Are Never Wrong And Will Always Win.
      Leo’s Can Roar Like Lions But Become Sweet As Kittens When They’re Around People They Love.
        If A Leo Wants You, You Will Be Their Prey. Trust Me. They’ll Get You.
        Dating A Leo Is Like Dating The Head Cheerleader In High School, There’s A Bit Of An Intrigue About Someone Like That Who Would Actually Date A Mortal.
      When A Leo Is Falling In Love, They’re As Charismatic As Ever, But They’re Also Looking For Someone With Whom They Can Share The Life They Love So Much.
        A Leo Absolutely Loves Being Around People. This Makes Them The Happiest. They Also Really Enjoy Watching Their Favorite Shows With Someone They Love.
Leos Are Creative And Driven. They Are Generally Smarter Than Average And Typically Become Successful, Even If They Plug Away Behind The Scenes For A Long Time Beforehand.