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Zodiac Signs Ranked Based On How Hard They Love

1. Pisces

Out of any sign Pisces are the ones who wear the heart on their sleeve the most. They don’t hold back how they feel about anyone or anything. They take a lot of pride in their blunt nature and just going for things. They truly believe that if they follow their heart everything will work out for them.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios hide it. To gain their trust is difficult. To get them to admit they love you is even harder but they have the deepest souls and are the most loyal out of any sign. Because they value trust and honesty to much, they will never lead you on or go for someone their heart isn’t 100% invested in.


3. Cancer

They are the most emotional out of any sign. They too need the most love and attention. As much as they expect of others that’s what they are willing to give. Out of all of the signs they have a heart of gold and truly value everyone in their life. In regards to the person they choose they adore them and put a lot of effort into the relationship. They will remember the smallest of details about you and everything from the first time you met and what you said. While they might be clingy and over protective they read people really well and always trust their judgment.

4. Sags

They are the hopeless romantics of all signs. They believe in true love and being with someone forever. While they are very wary about who to give their heart to because they are inclined to get hurt a lot, when you gain their trust they love you and only you. Once they find that person, they allow themselves to get lost in the best way in this relationship. They will always be the one who cares more in the relationship.

5. Libra

The Libra is the sign of peace and harmony. They love everyone really hard but the person they give their heart too, they will do anything for. They go above and beyond what is asked of them and often lose themselves to how emotionally invested they are in relationships. But when they get it right it’s the epidome of relationship goals.

6. Gemini

Gems are most logical of any sign. They weigh out every pro and con when it comes to all life decisions. Except love. When a gemini thinks they’ve fallen in love they will jump through hoops of fire and follow their heart to the ends of the earth for the person who makes them feel this way. Out of any sign they respect love the most and don’t take it for granted. Never be afraid of telling a gemini how you feel. Because they know how much it took to even admit it.

7. Leo

Leos love hard but they have a nag for choosing the wrong people. Their love goes unreciprocated and not valued because of the type they are attracted. Some claim their love is overwhleming and suffocates them but when the relationship is right it proves what needed to change wasn’t them but rather those they were loving.

8. Capricorn

Caps are really cold sometimes and have really high walls up. Behind these walls hide their true feelings but they’ve been taught it’s best to be that guarded. It takes someone really special to gain their trust and even then the relationship is kind of difficult sometimes. With them the key is time.

9. Aquarius

The hardest relationship an aquarius has is the one with themselves. They can love others really well but a lot of their relationships fail because they haven’t mastered loving themselves. An Aquarius is the most unique signs out of any, when you meet one you’ll notice how different they are then anyone you know. But love is something that’s always been a little tricky for them.


10. Aries

They have a tough exterior and are very hot headed. They are one of the hardest to fall in love with because of their strong personality and blunt nature. What some people consider a little too confident sometimes they take a lot of pride in.

11. Virgo

A virgo doesn’t prioritize love. They focus a lot on themselves and their goals. Out of any sign they strive the hardest to be a perfectionist in all aspects of their life. Except love. Love is the one thing every virgo can use. Sadly it isn’t until they meet someone who can teach them, that work isn’t the most important thing in their life. While being an overacheiver and making everyone look bad comes with pride, having success with no one to share it with makes them feel a little lonely.


12. Taurus

Out of any sign Taurus are the most stubborn. They struggle in admitting how they really feel hiding behind heavy sarcasm. If you can convince a Taurus to fall in love with you good luck. You have to have thick skin and not take anything too personal. They have the harshest personality out of any sign, so their best match is someone completely opposite. And it’s that person who will be the only one who sees how sensitive they are behind closed doors. It just takes a lot of obstacles to get there.


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