In the zodiac, there are several combinations of characters that astrology experts say they are the embodiment of great passion and emotion, perfect relationships that just can’t, and shouldn’t, be avoided:

1.Aries And Libra

Once these two signs lay eyes on each other, you can expect sparks to fly in every direction. The raw and magnetic energy of the Aries and the subtle charm of the graceful Libra create great chemistry. Such a relationship represents a major challenge which is difficult to resist for both signs.

Problems in paradise may emerge when the Aries starts getting annoyed by the Libra’s perfect manners and live-by-the-rules lifestyle. Libras will, on the other hand, try even harder to ‘tame’ their partners.

In order for this relationship to sicced, partners born under these two star signs should try to incorporate their different natures in a mutual activity .

2. Taurus and Scorpio

When the gentle Taurus opens up to the Scorpio and sees their passion for life, no one can stop the fire and passion. When these two signs enter a relationship, they are usually insatiable, but the occasional conflicts are inevitable.

Scorpios have a killer pace and it can wear off the Taurus, while Scorpios are usually annoyed by the passivity of the Taurus.

If the passion is directed at socializing with friends and activities, things may improve.

3. Gemini and Sagittarius

The attraction between these two signs is not purely physical, but it also reflects on mental level. The curious Gemini and the philosopher Sagittarius enjoy their conversations.

However, the know-it-all nature of the Sagittarius can get on the nerves of the Gemini , while the Sagittarius may resent their partner’s occasional nonchalance and tendency to gossip.

The solution is in the activities they can do together, especially travelling.


4. Cancer and Capricorn

The Cancer’s sensitivity, and the Capricorn’s strength are the real deal. However, Capricorns can often come off as cold and reserved which will eventually make a Cancer feel unwanted
and ignored, while Capricorns can be turned off by Cancers dependence.

They have to be constantly reminded that they are not only partners, but also lovers.

5. Leo and Aquarius

The King of their own universe – the Leo, can’t resist the free-spirited Aquarius who only recognizes their personal authority. The Aquarius’ rebellious spirit inspires the Leo, and the Leo’s irresistible charisma is what attracts the Aquarius the most.

However, the Leo’s excessive need for attention, and the constant defying of all social conventions by the Aquarius can lead to problems.

If they wanna survive, this couple must look for a solution of the problem in the intimacy of their home, far away from everybody else.

6. Virgo and Pisces

Virgo likes order, and Pisces rejects routine – it’s enough for the opposites to attract themselves. They see the relationship as a mean to turn the other one’s life around; Virgos will always try to teach Pisces organization, and Pisces will do anything to show A Virgo how to relax and loosen up.

The wild Pisces may at some point get tired of the Virgo, a the Virgo’s desire for control may become an obstacle for the opposite party.

Their willingness to compromise will save the relationship.



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