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Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Who You Were In Your Past Life


Each sign of the Zodiac has its own ways of revealing some things which people are usually not conscious of and even things which can be beyond their comprehension.

Based on our Zodiac sign, who were we in our past lives?

Aries – The warrior

The souls of those people born under Aries indicate that they have warrior instincts within them, and they are the ones that don’t know how they can quit. They are persevering, survivors, and relentless, never running away from fights. They were probably warriors, knights, or fighters in their past lives.

Taurus – The leader

Those people that have the souls of Taurus are the ones that are opinionated, stand firm, and know what it means leading from the front. They are people who lead by examples, but their gentle souls even mean that they take others along in their success. In their past lives, they were probably leaders, pioneers, or explorers.

Gemini – The healer

Those that have Gemini souls also have golden hearts that bleed for those that are in need. The people born under Gemini have caring souls that feel other people’s pains deeply, and sharp minds that know how they can assist the ones who have unbearable pains. Their souls seek other people’s well-being. In their past lives, they were healers or apothecaries who gave other people comfort when they were in pain.


Cancer – The diplomat

Those that have the souls of Cancers are highly adaptable, tactful, and with sharp minds. The people born under this sign are really good at observing, reading, and acting accordingly in a situation. They tend to create the best of bad situations and know how they can turn some situation to their advantage. They were probably highly skilled diplomats, or they had high negotiating abilities in their past lives too.

Leo – The artist

To have the souls of Leos means to be highly emotional and expressive simultaneously. Leos know their hearts’ desire, and they also know how they can accomplish them; however, their most significant asset is their capacity to make this world see everything from their perspective. Therefore, in their past lives, they were probably artists, painters, or sculptors.

Virgo – The thinker

Virgo souls live their lives in their own thoughts. They have their own world, in their heads, which they created for themselves. Their ideas, perspectives, and thoughts matter quite a lot, and they are people that value their own opinions. They were probably thinkers, philosophers, or counselors in their past lives.

Libra – The judicious

Libras are capable of judging things evenly. Their souls don’t possess a bias, they don’t thrive in prejudices, but they actually believe in fairness and equality in deeds. In their past lives, they were judicious people, judges, magistrates or adjudicators too.

Scorpio – The assassin

Scorpios have personalities which no person can suspect as a result of the calmness they reflect. However, there is actually a dangerous and insecure side of them that just several people know. They are people that may go for the kill when someone unwittingly provokes them, and they may be ruthless. In their previous lives, they were assassins, killers, killing for some causes greater than their own.


Sagittarius – The writer or musician

Sagittarians are people blessed with talents, and they have to work hard in order to reach full potential. Their expressive powers and their creative souls find outlets through music or words. In their previous lives, they were authors, or musicians, seeking to actually express through their souls.

Capricorn – The protector

Capricorns protect the ones that are weaker than them. They have hearts which are blessed with love for the ones that can’t do something for them, and they have souls that are forever going to stand for the ones that cannot stand for themselves. In their previous lives, they were protectors, saviors, and they were there when the others needed them the most.

Aquarius – The inspirer

The acts of Aquarians constantly become an inspiration and motivation for other people. They are driven to excel, and also motivated and encouraged to succeed; however, they do that in ways which motivate other people to follow their lead. They give other people the hope and motivation that they can also do more than the things they are doing right now. They were probably motivators, leaders, or pioneers in their previous lives.


Pisces – The visionary

To have the soul of Pisces means to see this world from different perspectives. The people born under this sign aren’t those that will conform to the social norms; in fact, they set their own paths. They have different ideas for the place or world they would love to live in, or also different visions for the society they would like to build. Therefore, in their previous lives, they were visionaries, and people that broke barriers in order to create new things.



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