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Your relationship with your child is based on your Zodiac compatibility!


Are you really compatible with your child’s zodiac sign?

One of the best feelings in the world is holding your child for the first time, and the next to best feeling is when you realise, you both will share a bond like no other parent-child. But, things change with time and so do a parent-child bond.  

Being a parent

You only become a parent, when your child is born; a lot of challenges and responsibilities, good and the bad times all seem like a part-n-parcel of life. Did you know that the impact of birth date and month on your child’s destiny and their personalities, also have a deep effect on your relationship with your child?3/293

Relationship with your child is based on your Zodiac compatibility

Like in any other relationship, a parent’s zodiac compatibility with their child also holds a great significance. If your zodiac is a poor match with your child’s, then be ready to witness extreme friction in your bond, also you both will suffer through lack of mutual respect and love for each other.  

Handle with care

At times, we get to see varied parent-child relations in the society, while some would enjoy a great bond laced with affection, love and respect for each other, a few could be found abusing their bond, quarrelling with each other, etc.  

Aries Child

If your child is born under this star sign, then you may be well aware of how dynamic their personality has always been. Raising an Aries baby can be quite a task at parenting; they are quite blunt about their likes and dislikes, and hold no inhibitions in displaying them publicly. They relationship with their parents is like wind, if it is sailing their way consider a smooth ride and if it’s on the opposite, then expert a stormy relationship.  

Compatible zodiac signs:

If you’re Sagittarius, Leo, Libra, Aquarius or a Gemini, then your relationship will see a smooth ride.

Taurus Child

They are charming, generally peaceful and quiet; sometimes can be quite bashful, but reciprocate well to affection and give back a lot of love. You’ll get nothing out, by forcing your child to do anything. They are steady and love to work with a steady plan.

Compatible zodiac signs:

If you’re Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo or Scorpio, then get ready to have a deep-rooted bond with your child. Your relationship will leave envy many around you.  

Gemini Child

Since young, they are talkative and very upbeat. They can get extremely rigid and cranky, if imposed restrictions. To them their freedom is everything, so at times their relationship with their parents can hit a rough patch. Parents need to be really firm on their stand over their kid’s life.  

Compatible zodiac sign:

If you are Libra, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius or Aries, then your relationship with your child will see a lot of mutual respect and love. You’ll have a great friendship with your child.

Cancer Child

The Cancerian infants are little delightful people and their state of mind changes reflect in their appearances. From a little age itself, the administration characteristics of a Cancerian youngster begins to appear. Parenting a Cancerian child is a really emotional job. They love to see your affection through hugs, and the way you take care of them. They likewise have a notoriety of getting the things they required by utilizing tears as a passionate coercing instrument.  

Compatible sun signs

If your zodiac sign is Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn or Virgo, then you are going to enjoy the best parent-child relationship ever.

Leo Child

A dynamic kid, Leo, is friendly and likes to hoard all the attention. They endless energy is unmatched. They are brave and some of the time neglectful. Leo kids are very generous and they can be nurtured well with freedom to grow and experiment. Establishing a bond with Leo child is without a doubt the most amazing things that could have ever happened to you.  

Compatible zodiac signs

If your zodiac sign is Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra, then your relationship with a Leo can see quite ups and downs; be assured in the end, this bond will be unbreakable.  

Virgo Child

A Virgo child is very helpful and generous. They can get timid, when put in limelight. They have a hard time finding true friends and would often resort to spending time alone. Here’s when they need support and space from their parents. They don’t like being coerced into something, which goes against their intuition. As a parent, you’ll have a lot of responsibilities towards your kid, in order to help them out from their cocoon.

Compatible zodiac signs

A Virgo child shares a deep and great bond with zodiac signs Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn.

Libra Child

Since a very young age, your Libra baby had been charming everyone around them. They love to gather knowledge practically, rather than theoretically and love to put them on display, whenever given the chance. They love to lead packs, but hate to be put in situations, where they are made to choose. All in all, these babies know sophistication and discipline by birth. They do not like to be demeaned, or belittled and over-shadowed in discussions and team work.

Compatible with zodiac signs

A Libra baby is best suited with Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius and Aries. If you are one of these signs, then you’ll see that you are highly respected and approached for opinion, before you child takes any decision in their life.  

Scorpio Child

Scorpios are the most extraordinary, significant, intense characters in the zodiac. It’s quite easy to distinguish a Scorpio baby, thanks to their strong demeanor. They are born clever and can grasp things very quickly. Since young age, they like to be straightforward and honest with their parents. They hate being ignored and , despite the efforts that they put in. As a parent, you only need to keep an assuring hand on the back of your Scorpio child, see them flying high.  

Compatible zodiac signs

A Scorpio child shares a hearty and well-respected bond with parents, who have Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer as their zodiac sign. You’ll see your child having a great emotional dependency on you.  

Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius children are brimming with vitality, adaptability, boldness and energy. They are extremely fun loving children and as a result of this nature have a greater number of friends compared to other children their age. They are not timid in nature and are very social. From a very young age, they’ll be inclined to sports and also prone to accidents.

Compatible zodiac signs

A Sagittarius child will always have great respect and appreciation for star signs- Gemini, Leo, Aries, Leo and Aquarius. If you are any of these zodiac signs, then be assured that your child will be dutiful and most loving and caring in your old age.  

Capricorn Child

Capricorn babies are a standout amongst the most steady and (for the most part) genuine of the zodiacal sorts. Since infancy, these childe will remain inclined to ailments, however this enhances with age. They like individuals to be faithful to them and prefer older kids over same age kids as their friends. Their mood swings can give their parents nightmares.

Compatible zodiac signs

A Capricorn baby gels really well star signs- Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo and Pisces. If as a parent, you aren’t any of the above mentioned zodiac signs, then your relationship with your child will see great friction and can even see separation at fairly young age.  

Aquarius Child

They are extremely delightful and will pull in a great deal of consideration and will be the sweetheart of the elderly in the family. As a parent of an Aquarius baby, you need to be additional cautious, as they choose to remain alone rather than express their feelings openly. If you force them out to do things that they are not comfortable with, then they can even shun you from their personal space.  

Compatible zodiac signs

If you’re a Gemini, Leo, Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius, then your relationship with your child with be laced with affection, respect and full of good moments.

Pisces Child

As children, Pisceans have numerous liberal qualities and are good-humoured, sociable, kind and humane, touchy to the sentiments of everyone around them, and react with the most extreme sensitivity and respect to any torment they experience. They establish a great bond with nature, which is often reflected throughout. Their non-aggressive nature can make them fragile for bullying at young age, so as a parent, you must be watchful for your child’s way of communicating with you.  

Compatible zodiac signs

If as a parent, you’re star sign is Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo, then you will feel an intangible bond establishing between you and your child. The above zodiac signs are like water and soil, to seeds.  


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