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You Shouldn’t Have To Lose Me To Realize How Much You Care For Me

I know you think that I will stay by your side, no matter what. That you are convinced that my love for you is unconditional and that you can treat me the way you want for as long as you want. I know you think that nothing and nobody could chase me away from you.

And that is why you keep taking me for granted. That is why you’ve stopped putting even the slightest effort into our relationship. That is why you treat me like shit and that is why you don’t appreciate anything I do for you or for the sake of our relationship.

You think that you can play with me forever and that I’ll just let you. That you can leave me hanging whenever you feel like it and that I’ll take your sorry ass back every single time you feel like coming back to the only person who really loves you. You think there is nothing you can do for me to stop loving you.

Well, it’s time to think again. Because trust me—you will lose me if you continue behaving like this. You don’t have to believe it but I will walk away from you and this crappy relationship. And you know what the best part is? Once I do it, I’ll never look back.

And when this finally happens, that’s when you’ll see what you lost. That is when you’ll suddenly start appreciating all of my sacrifices and efforts.

And that is when you’ll be sorry.


Suddenly, you’ll see everything you’d been doing to me. You’ll see how much emotional pain you’d been causing me for years.

Suddenly, you’ll understand every tear I dropped because of you. Suddenly, all of my sleepless nights will make sense. You’ll see that you were an asshole all this time and that you never deserved me.

After you notice that I am really gone, you’ll see that you lost the girl who only wanted to be yours. A girl who never asked you for anything except your love and respect. That you’ve lost the woman who loved you more than she loved herself.


And that is when you’ll realize how much I mean to you. That is when you’ll realize how much you care for me and that you were always the one who needed me. The moment in which you see that I’ve closed the door behind me for good will be the moment in which you’ll love me more than ever.

It will be the moment in which you’ll be ready to do whatever it takes just to have me back. When you’ll be ready to change your ways and to be the man I deserved you to be all along.

That is when you’ll beg, the same way I begged. When you’ll cry, the same way I cried. That will be the moment when you’ll see that you missed out on your chance forever. And that there is nothing you can do to erase or change everything you’ve done.

Call me heartless but I won’t be sorry. Because when this happens, we’ll both know that you chose for us to end this way. We’ll both know that I didn’t leave—you let me go.

And when this happens, I won’t regret leaving you and I won’t even think of coming back to you. I won’t blame myself for your misery, because I’ll know that all of your emotional pain is exclusively your fault.

When this happens, you’ll understand that you didn’t have to lose me to realize how much you cared for me. You’ll realize that you could have been a better man in time.


You’ll realize that you didn’t have to be with all those other girls to understand that I am one of a kind. That you didn’t have to sleep around, searching for me in every woman, to see how much I loved you and how much of myself I gave to you.

You’ll realize that you didn’t have to break my heart and that I didn’t have to leave you for you to understand that you were the happiest man alive while you were with me.

When you lose me, all of a sudden, you’ll realize that you should have done things differently. You’ll realize that you should have treated me with more care and that you should have loved me more. All of a sudden, you’ll realize that everything could have been better and that we could have made it.

And that is when I’ll realize that you were never right for me. Because the right guy would never wait until he loses me to realize how much he cares for me.



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