Why Each Zodiac Sign Might Lose Interest While Dating In September 2020


You lose interest when the other person seemingly loses interest in you.


You lose interest when they try to move too quickly in a short amount of time.



You lose interest when someone else comes along and catches your eye.


You lose interest once your feelings are returned — because you have trouble liking anyone who likes you back.


You lose interest when the other person acts distant and doesn’t give you enough attention.


You lose interest once you realize you can’t change them.


You lose interest once the mystery is gone and you see this person for who they really are.


You lose interest once they disrespect you by flirting with someone else in front of you.


You lose interest once the puppy love phase is over and things start to get serious.



You lose interest once you realize you’re physically attracted to the person — but not romantically attracted to them.


You lose interest once you catch them in a lie, no matter how big or small.


You lose interest when you’re the one putting all the effort into plans and conversations.


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