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Why Are You Single? 4 Scientific Answers To This Question


You are a single lady and you don’t know why. It’s really confusing to read someone’s mind and to see if he likes you. It’s hard to date, as well. You feel like your whole love life is full of disappointments. Don’t worry. Don’t put yourself down and don’t be depressed. That’s no reason to be sad. It’s always better to stay single than to force yourself into something that won’t work. And scientists have also proven that single people lead better lives. So maybe you should reconsider your wish to be in a relationship.

In case you don’t know why are you single and still crave for a boyfriend, maybe science can help you. There are some scientific reasons for your relationship status. Here they are:

Your parents

The relationship you had with your parents can affect any other relationship in your life. The way you were attached to your parents will be the way you attach to anyone else. If your parents made you feel secure and loved, then you will grow up being comfortable with intimacy. That will make your love life easier. You will have no problem being attached to another person and you will feel comfortable in his company.

In case you have an insecure attachment style, then you might be more likely to stay single. This kind of attachment results in you not needing a romance in your life in order to feel fulfilled. You might be satisfied with your life the way it is and with the intimacy you have with your friends. Your wish to be in a relationship might only exist because of envy, not needs. Ask yourself: do I envy other people because they’re in a relationship or do I have a need to be in one and express myself romantically? The answer might surprise you.


Your genes

Your serotonin (the hormone of happiness) genes could be the reason why you’re single. People have different serotonin genes which means they have different needs and ways to express happiness. Those with lower serotonin levels have a lower sexual desire and are more aggressive. Therefore, you might be a person who doesn’t give off sexual vibes. Sometimes your vibe is what repulses people. If you don’t look approachable, guys will think you are already in a relationship and won’t even consider asking you out on a date. Sometimes your vibes speak louder than words. If you really want to be in a relationship, work on being happier. Happy people are always more attractive and their vibe is much more appealing.


Alexithymia is defined as the difficulty of identifying emotions. It is a condition that occurs in approximately 10% of the population. People with this condition can be characterized as not so empathetic to others. They don’t understand their own feelings and needs, so they can’t really understand the other’s. This condition creates interpersonal problems because these individuals avoid emotionally close relationships. In case they form a relationship, they usually position themselves as the dependent and dominant partner.. This way, a relationship will only be superficial and end quickly.

If you think that you belong to this 10% of the population, you should talk to a professional. It won’t hurt to know if you need to work on understanding your emotions or not.

Your subconscious

Your conscious might be telling you that you want to be in a relationship. It might feel like you need someone next to you. And yet, you keep pushing guys away? Maybe you are neglecting your subconscious. Maybe you are happy with your life the way it is. Maybe you like being single and you won’t admit it. You tell yourself that being in a relationship is the only way you will be happy because it seems so. But what if you are already happy and don’t even know that? You are not aware of how good your life is right now and you think you’ll only be satisfied if you have a boyfriend. This kind of thinking might occur if your friend has a new boyfriend and you keep seeing how she is with him. You envy your friend a little bit and you want to be as happy as she is right now. But, deep down you know you don’t need a boyfriend to be happy.



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