What’s Your Dark Side based On Astrology Sign


An Aries doesn’t really have much of a dark side, but they tend to demand things impulsively and if they can’t get what they demand then watch out, because you will be met with fire and fury. They won’t really care if they hurt you and they often behave immaturely. Once you experience this from an Aries, you don’t want to ever again provoke this side of them.



Taurus are stubborn – everyone knows that – but they have some darker sides, too. They are materialistic, selfish and stingy. Laziness is also something they can’t be proud of; a Taurus would even fake illness just to have a personal assistant because of their idleness.



Geminis are like a few personalities rolled into one, so it is very likely that some of those personalities are dark. You never know what you’re going to get with a Gemini; even if you’re sure that you know them deeply, they will surprise you. Because of their split personality, you can never truly trust them, and if you provoke their dark side you will see that they are sadistic and utterly insincere and that they grit their teeth when smiling at your success.



Cancer is a crab for a reason, as they love to curl up in their small crab shell when their poor little heart is broken, and that happens more often than not. They get offended very easily, which is why it’s so hard for them to come out of their comfort zone. But their darkness is not pitch black, because no matter how much they get hurt, they will still be able to get over it and to forgive.



A Leo is a natural leader, an influence and a role model for others, but there is a dark side to all of that. They are very self-centered and love only themselves. They demand attention and will try to be the center of everything. For a Leo, everything revolves around them and you can be sure they’ll do anything in their power to steal the spotlight.


Virgos are perfectionists and over-analyzers. They will spend years analyzing the pros and cons, calculating the benefits and disadvantages, and this is where their true darkness comes from. All of the analyzing results in being too self-critical and judgmental. Watch out for a Virgo’s dark side, because if they are unhappy, they will for sure pass that unhappiness to you.



Libra is known to be good at having everything in their life balanced, even their light and dark sides. When their dark side finally becomes visible, you will notice that they are hypocrites, indecisive, hesitant in everything they do, and will often make themselves and other people around them miss out on big things because of their calculations and inductiveness.



Scorpio is definitely a candidate for the ‘darkest sign of all’ award. When that dark side is provoked, you will see the sociopath in their soul, and they will not hesitate to betray, hurt or lie to you. It’s disturbing just to know how dangerous a Scorpio can get. The worst part is that after everything they do, they just won’t care.



A Sagittarius is good at reading people and this is where their dark side lies. They know where all of your buttons are and they love pushing them until you scream. They feel a gap and emptiness in themselves and their cruelty is an attempt at filling that hole.



A Capricorn is never a genuinely dark or negative person. They are light workaholics and don’t focus on the dark and negative things in life, as they just don’t have time for that. But they do tend to have a control freak hidden somewhere in them. In order to achieve something, to be better at the things they do, they tend to use people for their own benefit.



Aquarius are very smart and wise people, and they can give you the best pieces of advice you can get. The only problem is that they often don’t follow that advice themselves. They are smart, but they are also quick to judge others living in their own heads and often seem detached.



The fish Zodiacs don’t live in the darkness, but they can get there when feeling hurt and betrayed. When this happens, they put on an evil smile and become arrogant, stepping on everyone who did them wrong.


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