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What Your Girlfriend Wants But Will Never Ask For

Your girlfriend wants you to know that there are other, more intimate things than sex for a couple to deeply bond with each other. There are times when she just wants to fall asleep in your arms and when she just needs the two of you lying together in blissful silence.

Times when she wants you to cuddle her, without it having to lead to the bedroom.

Just to be near her, hugging her, kissing her gently, touching her hair and holding her hand. She wants you to have an uncontrollable urge to touch her simply because your body needs hers next to it.

Your girlfriend wants you to surprise her when she least expects it.

Yes, it is nice if you get her a birthday or an anniversary present but she also wants to know that you think about her even when it’s not an important date or when you know that she hopes to receive something.


You may think that all girls need you to make big romantic gestures to prove your love for them. But the truth is different. What your girl wants is to get something handmade or something that has a special meaning and symbolic for just you two as a couple. Yes, she wants you to be romantic but not in a stereotypical, everyday way—she wants something that will be romantic just for the two of you.

She wants to know that you paid attention when she was telling you about that one thing she would like to have and she wants you to get her something memorable. You don’t have to take her out to fancy dinners or get her expensive gifts, because little things will always mean more to her.

Your girlfriend wants to see that you are proud of having her by your side.

That you are not ashamed to hold her hand in public or to tell all of your friends and family how much she means to you.

No, you won’t be the bigger man in her eyes if you pretend to be this tough guy who doesn’t care about affection. She just wants you to be the same guy in private and in public, without being concerned what others might think.


She wants you to show her affection out of nowhere.

To grab her hand when you are in a crowded place or to gently kiss her forehead when she doesn’t expect it. She wants to feel your presence and your love for her all the time.

Your girlfriend wants you to be open about your feelings.

No, you won’t make her crazy about you if you send her mixed signals or if you make her chase you. This girl wants to be certain at all times that you love her. She wants you to verbalize and show that love, without fear of appearing too pathetic or clingy.

She wants you to be brave enough to show her your vulnerabilities. For you to be man enough to show her your weaknesses.

She wants to get a good morning and a goodnight text, a romantic love letter or a love poem. Don’t be afraid that she’ll think of you as pathetic if you show her your gentle side—trust me that she’ll cherish these moments more than anything.


Your girlfriend wants your support, even though she doesn’t need it.

She can make it on her own and even though she doesn’t need you to guide her through life, she wants to know that she has you having her back through good and bad times. She wants you to take care of her and to allow her to be the vulnerable, little girl she is without fear of being used and taken advantage of.

She wants to know that you are a mature, reliable man and that she can count on you, no matter what. She wants to be sure that you aren’t going anywhere and that you’ll love her the same at her best and at her worst.

But most of all—this girl wants to feel loved, wanted and desired. She wants you to listen to her, to give her your undivided attention and your whole-hearted love.

She wants you to stay by her side until the end of time and to be her happily ever after, just like you promised.



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