ARIES (March 21st to April 19th).
2019: You were expected to separate what you want from what you believe the world wants from you. This was a year of self-discovery, one that had you challenging and examining plenty of points that you’d formerly been accepting as fact. You did a great deal of soul-searching this year and appeared on the other end with some essential realizations.

2020: You were intended to dive off the high board. When you recognized what needed to transform you went for it– as well as probably head initially. This was the year in which you experienced radical change and also saw a globe that was beyond what you would certainly ever-before visualized in the past. All of this new understanding brought an adjustment in perspective, and also a welcome one at that.

2021: This is the year you decide what you want to do from here on out. This is the year that you get clear on a few of the large, remaining enigma that still exists in your life. You’ll reclaim your quality and also focus on work and also crazy, and also you’ll prepare to start deepening those roots come 2019.

TAURUS (April 20th to May 21st).
2016: You were expected to transform something. Whether that was a home remodel a professional change, and even just a reconsideration of what your innermost buddy team is, what actually changed this year was your self-image. There belonged to on your own you’ve needed to approve for a long period of time, as well as other parts of your capacity that had been latent until now. This was the year to do what had actually not been done before.
2020: You were intended to find out borders. Yes, you’re a social animal (even if you’re naturally introverted, Tauruses flourish in their “tribe”). Despite this, 2020 was a year to learn what it indicates to say “no,” what it means to speak up when you require to speak up, what it implies to not be afraid of being disliked for stressful yourself to the point of overall deficiency.

2021: This is the year the tides turn for the coast. After numerous months of unpredictability, newness, and also soul-searching, this is the year that you start to locate some reprieve. Venus is center stage all year long, and your personal partnerships and also company endeavors obtain gleaming good luck as a result of it.

GEMINI (Might 22nd to June 21st).
2016: You were supposed to welcome modifications in your home. This year ruled every little thing with your closest member of the family, and also this was a time for you to face brand-new obstacles with vitality and also to locate within them grace. You would certainly invest the last few years quite concentrated on yourself as well as your job, yet something attracted your interest to what really matters: giving your energy and time to those closest to you.

2020: You were supposed to see who your genuine friends are. You would certainly spend so much of the last few years trying to accommodate individuals that occasionally really did not seem like they really cared all that much in return, and also 2020 brought full clearness regarding who you must actually be spending your time with. This was a year to apologize, transform your social schedule, as well as redistribute your time and energy to individuals and also things that pleased you in return.

2021: You are expected to accept that task you’ve been desiring permanently. With everything beginning to work out into a new kind of normality on the homefront, this year will certainly be all about tipping past your comfort zone as well as structure something for yourself. There’s a reason you would certainly be feeling a lot of stagnancy and pain sometimes– something was telling you that you’re suggested to do higher things than you can currently envisage. This is the year to take the first step.
CANCER (June 22nd to July 22nd).

2016: You were meant to allow this year to surprise you. This was a time of unforeseen innovation for you, and also several of the selections you made after that would leave long-lasting impacts on your life for years to find. You got clarity and also a level of maturity you didn’t also recognize you were missing. This was the year that you began to get clear on what– or that– you actually want in your life.

2020: This was the year you were expected to run, not stroll, towards your objectives. This was the year that you started living out your aspirations every single day. Gone are the days of wishful thinking just existing in your mind. Whether it was committing to newfound duty, routine, or even simply making more time of what you declare to value, this was the year you challenged yourself.

2021: You are intended to allow love in. It doesn’t matter if you’re solitary or happily betrothed, this is the year that love takes the spotlight for you. Whether it is friendships, your closest romantic connection, or perhaps simply vanity, this is the year that you re-prioritize what you thought mattered as well as ensure that your life is concentrated on what really matters: individuals you like, the important things you enjoy, and the job that you love, as high as you have the ability to love it.

LEO (July 23rd to August 22nd).
2016: You were meant to let go of the plan. Now in your life, you needed to accept that though things didn’t go as you as soon as believed they would certainly, that does not suggest they aren’t working out. Though it comforts you to adhere to your idea of “what’s following,” often, the most effective point you can do is see where life takes you. Typically, the important things you lose are for your benefit anyway.

2020: You were supposed to find yourself once again. The low blows of 2016 took a toll on your self-esteem, which is a rare thing for you to experience. Nevertheless, it set you up to find a whole brand-new level of self-confidence and assuredness within yourself. If you could endure the past year, you can survive anything.


2021: You’re intended to go where you’ve never been in the past. They say that the true interpretation of idiocy is doing the very same point over and over as well as expecting various results. This year, that will certainly be put to the test for you. You’re suggested to broaden your boundaries, date brand-new people, attempt new points … you might simply discover that there’s a lot of delight waiting for you in life if only you’d open up as well as provide it an opportunity.
VIRGO (August 23rd to September 22nd).

2016: You were meant to let go ends. This was the year that you had to come face to face with what wasn’t working in your life– lest it is vigorously removed from you initially.

2020: You were intended to seek a new dream. This was the year that you embarked on a brand-new, long-awaited adventure, whether it was a new partnership, the following level of your career, or possibly even travel. This was the year in which you were meant to take threats and see firsthand what jobs and also what doesn’t for your life.

2021: You are expected to make some company decisions. After the past two years of an extreme contest of strength between what you think must be working and also what you recognize isn’t, this is the year to ride or pass away. You will either start to skyrocket and also thrive like you never have previously, or come to terms with having actually tried something brand-new, even if it had not been meant to be forever.

LIBRA (September 23rd to October 22nd).

2019: You were expected to find out exactly how to plant seeds. The past few years have been nothing short of radical for you, and it all started with your emerald Jupiter year in 2019 lighting the way for you to start making links– probably with companions, employers and even with your inner self– that would concern fruition over the next couple of years.

2020: You were meant to realize just how you were holding yourself back. This year was everything about letting those seeds start to sprout, and also recognizing how you were stomping on your yard before you offered it a possibility to expand.

2021: You are intended to learn exactly how to allow your yard to feed you. This year has to do with finishing up what began in 2021 and enabling yourself to grow in it. It has to do with making significant partnership dedications, becoming much more financially stable than ever, as well as adjusting to your greatest vision of yourself– because deep down, that’s who you have actually been all along.

SCORPIO (October 23rd to November 22nd).

2019: You were meant to find out exactly how to see for yourself. Despite being especially self-assured and confident– also unsociable sometimes– you’re virtually overwhelmingly persuaded by what you believe other people believe. This was the year to start believing in your power greater than your question; to begin recognizing what you feel, not what others believe.

2020: You were expected to accept the feelings you would certainly be pushing away for as long. This year was everything about challenging the feelings that you had been trying to avoid. Naturally, it is all with function: next year is going to be about your renewal, therefore to recognize what you desire, you normally must first determine what you don’t.

2021: You’re meant to start new. With Jupiter touring your sun sign for a lot of the year, it is your time to develop the life of your desires. The partnerships, jobs, obstacles, and also selections you make currently will certainly leave you with (positive) effects for numerous, many years ahead.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd to December 21st).

2019: You were supposed to learn what it implies to resolve. This was the year that you had to look face-first at what you think you have actually fallen short at, the connections that had weakened throughout the years, and also how you need to enhance your well-being. This year likely brought you to several remote lands and into the arms of individuals, you would certainly never expected. This was a year of mind, body, and also spirit exploration. You have intended ahead out on the various other ends with a greater feeling of clarity.

2020: You were supposed to discover just how to reconnect. Whether it was an ill parent who you required to remain at the bedside of or a relative who you’d, unfortunately, lost contact with for many years, and even a good friend that you’d constantly consider yet never make plans with, this was a year that you opened your heart back up, and also let the right people in … however gradually you had to do it.

2021: You are meant to make significant modifications in your life this year. Whether this implies finally relocating, changing professions as you have actually known you needed to for so long, or just re-adjusting your everyday routine to be much more lasting, this is the year in which any type of unstable bridges will certainly collapse. This is for the best– you would certainly be hanging on by a thread for much as well long. Besides, greener pastures await.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd to January 20th).

2019: You were expected to discover how to have a vision. Regardless of being strong-minded, Caps are recognized for being flexible, if not unsuspecting. They conveniently embrace other people’s suitable as their very own, and also this was the year to burst out of that. It was time for you to discover how to think as well as feel autonomously, and the possibilities that were successful in those discoveries seemed nothing short of incredible.

2020: You were supposed to obtain clearness on what’s not working. This was the year that really did not keep back: you saw what doors were shut, you saw individuals’ real shades and also intents, you saw which company endeavors were coming to be rewarding as well as which weren’t. You could not deceive yourself if you attempted to this year, the only concern was for how long it would certainly take for you to finally choose to pivot.

2021: You are supposed to begin a trip into the unknown. This is a year in which you will do points you have actually never done before, maybe live in or go to places you’ve never been, try jobs you have actually never done. This is the year that you will shock yourself with your capacity, as well as you will see all your past is sorry for liquify now that you are genuinely living for your own best interest, not your obsession with somebody else.

AQUARIUS (January 21st to February 18th).

2019: You were intended to learn persistence. Some years are innovative, some are stationary, some simply … are. This year was the latter for you, as things appeared to move slowly, if whatsoever. Little did you know after that, the types of equipment were turning, it was all just occurring underneath the hood (so to claim).

2020: You were expected to learn exactly how to count on. This is a year that bridged the standing of your life in between 2019 and also 2021, and it was constructed completely on trusting individuals. Allowing others right into your sacred vision for business, love, or life is difficult, however, it is essential. This year, you started to open to perspectives you had not recognized before, whether that was dating someone outside of your standard or allowing other people to take on extra duty at your work. In any case, it exercised for the very best.

2021: You are intended to find out how to coexist, and also co-work, much better than ever. You have actually learned over the past couple of years that teamwork makes the desired job (ha, but seriously, it does). Consequently, it remains in your best interest to be the very best partner and also sometimes, boss, that you can be. This suggests focusing on your empathy, your compassion, as well as at times, your altruism, all while being true to a better vision. It’s a challenge, yet the rewards will certainly be vital.

PISCES (February 19th to March 20th).

2019: You were meant to check into your past, and feel into your midsts. This was a year in which a few of your darkest injuries glanced their way out of the closet as well as said hi once more. Of course, this was not so you’d needlessly endure, yet to make sure that you would certainly see them of what they are– safe ghosts in the closet– and also deal with that you can move on.

2020: You were meant to locate interest again. Over the past couple of years, if you’ve been less than thrilled with life it’s because you’ve felt your enthusiasms were suppressed by the weight of obligation and also loss. This is the year you rediscovered what you actually love, or noticed that possibly you made a wrong choice with a move, a task, or a personal life choice. Either way, it’s not far too late to reverse, or in many cases, maintain running toward the perspective.

2021: You are supposed to change your life– completely. With all of the evidence you have actually collected over the past few years, now is the moment to act. You know where you wish to go, the difficulty is just whether you will be courageous adequate to allow on your own do it.


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