What Will Happen After October 16, 2020??? The Effects Of Yin Energy on Our Hearts

Many are asking what will happen after October 16th. It’s obvious that there will be a change of a very strong energy with the entrance of yin energy of heart.

You will pass from the “belly to the heart” to be clear so that all you can have the pulse of the situation. You will make a crazy bounce. It’s as if all of the sudden from a dark cave we will be passing outdoors in bright sunlight and our eyes will struggle to get used to the light.


The portals this month (1, 10,11,19 and 16 October ) dates related to the fractal type circuits of purification and vibrational raising are doing to us a great decompression work that enables us to get out of the cave without getting blinded.

For sure the transition will not go unnoticed. We will enter the land of the HEART, an unfamiliar landscape to many and will trigger many healings linked to love and relationships (family, friendship, love) that will affect a large number of us.


The heart will begin to open up and expand without fear and will do so according to the incoming cosmic energies linked to the developmental input of galactic waves.

It will however happen in well distinguishable stages, respecting precise dates , equinoxes solstices and eclipses, in turn identification of the progress of great transformation.

The heart has to purify the last remnants of the old energy still tied to the transition (time of no time) highlighting the most painful and exhausting periods of more than 10 years and must get to the new solar cycle pure and completely empty.

A wonderful “tabula rasa” able to make room for new codes that will arrive on earth from the new solar cycle 25. Codes finally linked to the expression of our talents in relation to the essence of each of us.


Codes that will transform us from head to toe if only we will have prepared for ourselves all the necessary space for input linked to the new world coming.

And the journey continues as well as the purification (purification will end with the arrival of the new solar cycle 25 that should start between the summer and winter of 2020. The exact date of the solar cycle 25 is only known by the SOURCE) …. May the Divine Source bless us all …


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