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What Type Of Boyfriend He Will Be According To His Zodiac Sign

  Some of the most crucial moments when being in a relationship is the feeling that you are with the wrong person. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a crystal ball that could tell us whether or not our future boyfriend was going to be the greatest thing to happen to us or the worst thing? A lot of women would love to know if they are wasting their time with a guy before they have invested so much time into him. The hard part is that a lot of times men act charming in the beginning, obviously because they are trying to win you over– but of course, after some time their true colors begin to show and sooner or later, they become the type of boyfriend you wish you weren’t dating. What if the zodiacs could predict our fate? What if they could tell exactly what type of boyfriend your crush is going to be strictly based off of his sign? We all have a dream boyfriend in mind but that isn’t always the case. What if I told you that the zodiacs could help? Whether or not you believe in the zodiac signs, it does not really hurt to involve his astrological sign in order to find out what type of boyfriend he will be. Below are the 12 signs and what type of boyfriend he will be according to his zodiac, take a look:  

Aries: Overprotective, easily bored, impatient

If you have ever dated an Aries you know from experience that they come across as slightly arrogant at times but they can also be charming in some ways as well– considering they are the first of the Zodiacs, this aspect makes them automatically believe that they are the greatest thing on earth. That being said, when you first encounter an Aries sign just remember that they exude confidence–which means right off the bat they will win you over with how utterly confident they are but don’t let their confidence fool you. They are both energetic and turbulent. When you get into a relationship with an Aries, he can be sweet at times but don’t expect him to bow down at your feet, after all, he knows his worth just as much as you know yours. Consider the fact that he is a Ram– they exude strength, independence, and masculinity. Which in hindsight, how could those qualities ever be bad, right? But like with most things, with the good comes the bad and an Aries boyfriend will be overprotective, impatient, and easily bored. And granted, everyone has flaws– but be prepared to make the relationship a lot more exciting than just Netflix and chill sessions, as an Aries man hates to wait around and enjoys more adventurous things.

Taurus: Dependable, romantic, loyal

When you meet a Taurus you instantly feel that they are a good person– as they enjoy being surrounded by all things beauty and love. Right from the start of your relationship, you will notice that a Taurus man is dependable, romantic, loyal, and patient. He is a strong and generous man, which all those qualities make for an amazing boyfriend– talk about boyfriend material to the max! This Earth sign is not only all those amazing qualities, but he is also incredibly down to earth and strongly rooted but a Taurus man needs time to build trust and if you are on the chase for his heart you must earn it first. And while your Taurus boyfriend may have incredible qualities, he also comes with not so great– for instance, his stubbornness. Be prepared for your Taurus man to expect getting his way– truth is, a Taurus tends to be stuck in their ways and they enjoy the fact of being stubborn. Which means if you are the type of girlfriend that likes being in control and getting your way– prepare for a lot of arguments. But if you can allow him to get his way every now and then– your relationship will be just dandy.  

Gemini: Spontaneous and vivacious

This man is officially the most amazing guy you will ever meet– after all, a Gemini is known to be the most interesting person you will ever date, and trust, there is definitely a reason for that. While Geminis are known to be affectionate, adaptable, curious creatures– when they love, they love hard. And if in a relationship with one, you know there will never be a dull moment. Your Gemini man will constantly be seeking adventure and they will seize to amaze you with all the little surprises they have for you. If you want someone that lives their life flying by the seat of their pants– then you will want a Gemini for a boyfriend. Not to mention, a Gemini is generally known to be the life of the party– which means by dating a Gemini you instantaneously get access to his most elite social circles. While there are so many great qualities about having a Gemini as a boyfriend, there are a few red flags. For instance, you might feel at times as if his attention is waning, considering the fact that a Gemini man borders on a bit of a free-spirit, and sometimes takes things a little too easy. Not going to say that he is a cheater, but he can be a little fickle when it comes to relationships, which means he is more prone to this behavior than any of the other signs.

Cancer: Intuitive and loyal

For starters, this water sign is extremely loyal, which is definitely a quality everyone wants in a boyfriend. But along with that comes a few red flags, and ladies– you should definitely learn to know what you are getting into. Truth is, a boyfriend with the zodiac sign of a Cancer will most definitely change up what you are probably used to getting in a relationship. What that means is that if you want a love that is so deep, a love that practically consumes you and loyalty that you never have to question, then it is best you find yourself a Cancer man. A Cancer man is very attuned with what you are thinking and he will be very sensitive to your wants and needs. He will be the type of boyfriend to make time for you, he won’t ever leave you on a Friday night to go out to the bar with the boys. A Cancer man is very family-oriented and if you are in the state-of-mind in search of husband material– then a Cancer man is a man you want to date. They wear their hearts on their sleeves.  

Leo: Protective and stubborn

Leo’s are known for being passionate, warm-hearted, humorous, generous, and creative people. Which are pretty great qualities you would want in a boyfriend, right? But with the good comes the– not so good. A Leo is known to be an extremely protective boyfriend, which sure at first sounds great but with protection comes jealousy– and when that green-eyed monster comes rearing its head, well it isn’t pretty. No one wants someone so protective that they can’t truly be themselves. Isn’t the point of being with someone so that you can totally be free to be yourself? Still, a Leo has a lot of redeeming qualities, that can make any woman overlook his protective side. While those qualities mentioned in the beginning are great, a Leo man does have his weaknesses. He is stubborn foremost and a bit arrogant. He will be the type of boyfriend to be surrounded by a lot of women, these women will try to take your place– if you have a Leo as your boyfriend make sure to make it known that he is yours! Another thing is a Leo feels that he has to win every argument, if you are not an argumentative person then you probably shouldn’t be dating a Leo– this is because he wants a strong woman. And the truth is, if you let him win all the time, well it then just sets the precedent for how things will always be, and that is definitely not something you want.  

Virgo: Dependable

If you want a boyfriend that is loyal to no end, who pays attention to the smallest of detail, and someone you can depend on no matter what– then you should date a Virgo. A Virgo man is a no bs type of boyfriend, he won’t lie to you just to protect your feelings, because it goes like this: what you see is what you get, meaning what they say exactly what they mean. Forget all about mind games, that is the last thing on a Virgo’s mind. While some women may look at a Virgo’s stability in a relationship as slightly boring, others will look at it as the perfect quality they are looking for in a boyfriend. He is the type of boyfriend that you can always depend on. Car breaks down? he is on his way. Forgot to pack a lunch? he’s coming to take you to lunch. Having a long and bad day? He has tea waiting when you come home. If you are dating a Virgo man, do not take him for granted, because he is such an honest man if he notices that you are, he will confront you on it.  

Libra: Even-tempered

Did you know a fascinating thing about a Libra man is how even-tempered he is? If you want a boyfriend that will give just as much as he takes, he rarely starts an argument, who is harmonious and gracious– then a Libra man is the perfect boyfriend for you. While you will often get little surprises or random adventures from your Libra boyfriend, you won’t have to worry about bad surprises such as going off on a rage for no apparent reason. Balance is in their nature, which makes them such easy-going boyfriends. Truth is, a Libra man will weigh out his options before making a decision, he is the life-of-the-party, sociable, and definitely a lot of fun. When having a Libra as a boyfriend, you won’t have to worry about any dull moments as he will make sure your relationship is anything but ordinary. And to add, if a Libra out of nowhere asks you to marry him or move in, you can guarantee that he thought long and hard before asking you which means he truly means what he is asking and you never have to second guess him.Featured Today

Scorpio: Intense and guarded

If you are looking for a boyfriend that exudes intensity, while you can guarantee this water sign is the most intense sign of the zodiacs. A Scorpio is passionate and stubborn, they tend to get jealous and often guard their feelings. You definitely have your work cut out for you if you have a Scorpio for a boyfriend– if you’re thinking of the phrase “never a dull moment”– you could say that, however, it isn’t an exciting moment either. Scorpios are very intense creatures, their emotions are basically heightened at all times which makes you feel like your emotions have to be on the edge as well. Just a fair warning, if you do or are dating a Scorpio just look into knowing what you are getting yourself into– don’t jump into the deep waters before checking what is there. A Scorpio man will dig deep, so be prepared to let them in– he is the type of boyfriend with many layers. If he feels he can trust you, he will, in time, let down his guard.

Sagittarius: Charismatic and adventurous

Those two words, Charismatic and adventurous, sounds like the best boyfriend– right? Well, it is a given that if you end up dating a Sagittarius, it definitely won’t be like any relationship you have ever had. This fire sign is generous and idealistic– they crave adventure, which means they will definitely be making your relationship an everlasting travel lifestyle. A Sagittarius man is an adventure-seeker, he enjoys intellectual conversations and he does not do well being stuck in a rut. He wants to explore and wants a girlfriend that is willing to go to the ends of the earth just to travel to amazing and exotic places. He will be the type of boyfriend that is way more mature than any guy you have dated. And he won’t waste his time if he does not see the relationship lasting and he will be very blunt about it. They always look at life as a half-full glass, which means that a Sagittarius boyfriend is the type of man to make it his mission to turn a bad day into a really positive one.  

Capricorn: Picky and commitment-loving

It is safe to say that a Capricorn man is one of the good ones, as he offers a lot to the table. While a Capricorn is notorious for being picky when it comes to finding the right woman, but that isn’t such a bad thing. If you are dating a Capricorn, he is the type of boyfriend that isn’t afraid to go all in. He wants to sink his heart into someone worthy. While he may be picky he is definitely one to commit for a very long time. He is set in his ways but a Capricorn man is the type of boyfriend that is extremely stable, patient, and ambitious. Dating a Capricorn is a steady ride, he does a fantastic job at maintaining a positive attitude. Capricorns are known to be traditional and they are very reliable people. As mentioned before, he is very set in his ways which means you might have to get on board with his lifestyle. He is the most patient creature on the planet, which is definitely a plus and he will be a great gift giver– so enjoy that! All in all, a Capricorn as a boyfriend is a great boyfriend.  

Aquarius: Social and natural-born communicators

Pisces: Emotionally available

On the surface, you may find a Pisces irresistible as they are made up of a lot of amazing qualities. They are compassionate, wise, intuitive, loyal, devoted, and definitely looking for love. They love being in relationships, but to be honest you are most likely going to have to make the first move if you want anything to happen– as Pisces men are famously introverted. He will be the type of boyfriend that is soft-spoken and gentle, it will be difficult to meet a Pisces and not want to pursue them. While they come across as simple, they are also dreamers. Which makes them often have unrealistic views on relationships. They believe that the grass is always greener on the other side, and then tend to let go of someone great for the idea of someone better. One thing is for sure, you won’t have to push too hard, as there aren’t any walls to be taken down in order to understand how he is feeling. A Pisces boyfriend is a bit of an optimist– on a good note, there will be lots and lots of romance in this relationship.


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