What Summer June 2020 Has In Store For Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Life, Single Or Hitched


Readers, we just turned the corner into April, and that means that we are all that much closer to summer! May will bring beautiful Spring flowers and June will bring bright sun and the end of school. This means soon comes the beach, bikinis (or smokey one pieces!), longer days lounging on a blanket outside on the grass as you read TheTalko, and your car windows down with music blaring. It means one thing: happiness!

Whether you are single or hitched, summer is an exciting time for romance. It could mean a summer love that you find on vacation, it could mean lots of intimate time or a new hobby for you and your hubby, or it could mean that terrible thing we call heartbreak. Of course, that all depends on your zodiac sign!

Below we outline what each zodiac sign has in store for this summer of two thousand and eighteen. We have written one for your zodiac that applies to being single or hitched. Hitched in this sense means: married, engaged, or in a serious relationship. Single means: a casual relationship or completely unattached! Either way, look forward to what is in store, because it will be fun and you will always look back on a lesson learned and/or memories made.

24Taurus Single: Lots Of Late Summer Nights

Well, as a Taurus girl, we all know that you are very grounded in many parts of your life, if not all of them. You love to have a set plan and your plans for this summer are no different. You probably are planning to get a lot of things crossed off of your to-do list. You probably have many concerts planned with friends or beach days with your family. But, as far as your love life goes, a single Taurus girl will have a lot of fun and adventurous late summer nights. You will meet someone mid-summer and really be taken to a different dimension with him. He will allow you to let down your guard and fully embrace the sand between your toes and the glistening droplets of warm ocean water on your skin. He’ll make you laugh a lot, too, which will make you feel so alive.

23Taurus Hitched: A Big Change Is Coming

Practical Taurus girls that are hitched in some way have a major change coming this summer. Are you living with your significant other and waiting for a ring? Are you hoping he will ask you to move in together because you’ve been together for so long? We know you know it is time because you are so responsible. Many of you are waiting for that next step and, if you’re married, that next step will either be a big move, buying a house, or a positive pregnancy test. Whatever the case may be, you will look back on the summer of 2020 this fall/winter and you will smile because something big is coming– and in a good way! So look forward to this summer. Don’t worry too much. Whatever it is you are ready for!

22Gemini Single: Lots Of Frog Kisses

Gemini girls are charismatic and super fun. They love to have a good time, so you know that summer is always a wild time for them, at least more than usual. A Gemini girl will be throwing on a tank and some short shorts and heading out almost every night to a party, to the bar, or to a bonfire on the beach. And for her love life, she is going to have fun! F-U-N! She will have a lot of frogs to kiss and she will be totally chill with that because she does not want to be tied down… one, because she isn’t ready and two, because it is summer! Enjoy Gemini women and be safe out there! Don’t give anyone attention that does not deserve that socially intelligent and charismatic personality!


21Gemini Hitched: Moving In Together

Gemini girls are naturally charismatic. Everyone loves them and loves to be around them. In a relationship, your only huge downfall is your mood and occasionally your attitude that is a result of your mood. But your significant other is used to that by now. You’ve been having sleepovers at each other’s places for months and he will realize one morning when you are frantically gathering your things that it just doesn’t make sense anymore for you to be living apart. This summer will be a big change because you’ll mutually decide or he will ask you to move in with him! It will be a new adventure that you’ll both love and conquer together, so get out the boxes and packing tape! It is moving time!

20Cancer Single: More Of The Same

Single Cancer girls are already having a lot of fun and by fun we mean she is always looking for the next set of eyes to gaze into. She needs the attention and boy does she know how to get it! She is confident to a degree so that will help her in social situations. Sometimes she is even comfortable enough to reach out to a guy she sees at a coffee shop while she works on her blog. Your summer will consist of more of the same, meaning lots of guys and lots of people at your beck and call if you need it. You aren’t ready for anything more, so look forward to making fun memories with the new people in your life.

19Cancer Hitched: Romance Abound Because Summer Is Your Favorite

Cancer girls are so naturally romantic that summer is one of their favorite times. They can show a little more skin, be more sensual with their partner in the heat of the bright summer sun, and give them attention that they maybe couldn’t during other times of the year. That is why this summer for you, Cancer, is going to be filled with romantic gestures and dates, on both ends of your relationship. You’ll plan cute date nights to the drive-ins and he will be totally content lounging around the beach with you all day, beers in hand. You’ll have more intimate time than you have in awhile, maybe even years. You will smile so much and have many memories. You’ll feel so fulfilled once the leaves start to fall!

18Leo Single: Bonding Time With Co-Workers

You’re single, Leo, and that’s okay. You are so confident and naturally brave in so many other aspects of your life that it doesn’t really scare you to be alone. Yes, it can get lonely, but you have so many wonderful friends that take up your time you sometimes don’t even notice that you’re alone that much. This summer, it will probably be the same, so take some time to really get to know the new people in your life, like a new co-worker, a new friend in your yoga class, or the woman at the store that knows your dress size by now. Go out and hike, explore, and naturally lead those people the way you love to do. You’ll develop great friendships. Look for a new love sometime in the new year.

17Leo Hitched: Summer Drive-In Dates And More Time To Strengthen Your Love

If you are hitched Leo it is no surprise that you and your significant other love to spend time doing fun things like hiking, going to the movies, or playing a card game. As a Leo, your natural intelligence and ability to lead people makes you crave adventures even if they are tiny. This summer, your love with your S/O will soar into cute little cafes in the city, onto new and exciting hikes that test your endurance, and maybe even into the car for a surprise road trip! Your bond will be stronger than ever going into the end of the year and you may even start to make big plans for your future because of the great time you’ll have this summer!

16Virgo Single: A Lot Of Self-Reflection

A Virgo girl is so realistic and sensible. She won’t jump into a relationship she isn’t sure of and she won’t give attention to someone that does not recognize her self-worth. It is that simple. Plus, let’s be honest Virgo, you can also be really critical of people. It just is how you are and that’s okay, we all are working on something. But this summer you will start to recognize some things about yourself that make you self-reflect, like why are you still single after so many months/years? Why do you have trouble connecting? Is it just because you are an introvert or because you are so critical? This summer, you’ll figure out the answer to that question. Look for a new love early into spring next year that you’ll really be ready for!

15Virgo Hitched: Quality Time To Be Spent

A Virgo that is hitched is going to be spending some serious quality time with their significant other in the form of many things. You’ll have fun vacations, trips to see family, lots of beach time, and a ton of lounging around on a blanket out on the lawn while you nap together, read, and relax! Because you are so practical, though, there won’t be too many vacations or too much money spent. Make sure you look for things to do that don’t cost so much, like a museum trip or a beach day with some drinks in hand! You could even find a park and plop yourself down with a good book! After this summer, your relationship will feel incredibly strong and more solid than ever.

14Libra Single: Falling In Love

Libra girls are very friendly, so finding someone to romantically fall in love with isn’t terribly hard. You like to socialize and have a good time. You are easygoing and like to have peace with everyone wherever you go. It is when you get mixed up with people that you tend to turn into a negative Nancy that can’t control her emotions or her mouth. Regardless, this summer will change all of that. You will meet someone– SOON– and fall in love under the summer stars with sand between your toes and a smile on your face. This may not be your forever love, but it will teach you so much and make you feel like a thousand bucks! Let loose this summer and let it happen, Libra. You won’t regret it.


13Libra Hitched: Memories Made

A hitched Libra will have lots of incredible time with her significant other. You will have many things planned (because you love to plan) and he will follow right along as he always does. Together, you will spend great time with both sides of your family. There will be lots of laugh and a lot less drama than there usually is. In your private relationship, you’ll take those things you have planned, just the two of you, and you’ll strengthen your bond. Something will occur this summer that will give you a new understanding of each other. You will see each other’s bravery in a way you haven’t before. Next year, you’ll be looking for a big change, depending on where you are in your relationship!

12Scorpio Single: Serial Dating Commences

As a Scorpio, you love love! You love being in love, you love having someone to share your thoughts and happiness with, and you love having someone to shower with attention. In a similar sense, you need someone that will do the same, if not more, for you. So, in other words, you can be picky. You tend to pick people that don’t give you enough attention, so you grow unhappy. You should just stick to being picky! With that being said, if you’re reading this, you clearly are sticking to it. This summer, you will be dating casually. There will be a guy that wants to “wife you up” and a guy that just wants something casual like you do. The problem is you’ll learn quickly that you are attaching yourself to the wrong one. Pay attention, Scorpio, and try not to get hurt.


11Scorpio Hitched: Some Rocky Moments Are Coming

Scorpio girls are very passionate and romantic. They love love in every form. This summer, a lot of rocky moments are coming, though. This is because Scorpio women are also pretty possessive and easily grow jealous. Something will happen in your significant other’s life that makes you question his loyalty to you. (FYI, his loyalty is still alive and well.) Your insecurities and jealous disposition will start a lot of arguments this summer. Some will be solved and some simply will not. They will stick around, though, and you’ll have a hard time getting along this summer because of it. If you make it to the fall, it should prove to you that he is loyal and you should work to repair the problems created.

10Sagittarius Single: A Big Lesson To Be Learned

As a Sag girl, you love to party, have new adventures, and be close to all of those around you. It is easy for you, too, because you are so charismatic and naturally social. However, that leisure lifestyle will get old because you will start to be careless. That carelessness will affect those around you and you’ll have a hard time making connections romantically. This summer is no different. You’re going to learn this lesson the hard way because you just can’t let that adventurous side be. In fact, you’ll realize you are really lonely after all the partying this summer. You are confident that you can be accepted in a social setting, but can you be accepted by someone close to you– and most importantly, yourself?

9Sagittarius Hitched: Big Wedding Plans

If you are a Sag girl that is hitched up, you’ll be having a big change in your life in some way that relates to a wedding! Congrats! This could mean that you are going to get engaged this summer, which means you are so ready to let that adventurous side share itself with your maternal side, too. This big change could simply mean that your S/O will ask you to move in, which means wedding bells won’t be too far off (probably before Christmas). It could mean that you are actually getting married this summer! You’ll be in full wedding planning mode all summer and don’t blink– because you’ll miss it! Enjoy this time because you will remember summer of 2020 for years to come.

8Capricorn Single: More Time With Friends

Capricorn girls are naturally responsible, down-to-earth, and easy to connect with. They are mostly introverted and can be quiet and reserved at times. They don’t love to be in a large crowd and tend to prefer smaller get-togethers. That is why, unfortunately, Capricorn girls will not have a summer full of love. With the plans you make and the people you meet or spend time with this summer, you just will not have luck finding someone that you really enjoy. But that is okay! You can spend this summer making plans with friends. You can go to games, hang out at the beach, or spend a night in watching Netflix and sharing stories having girl time! Don’t fret. Your time for love will come; it’s just not now.

7Capricorn Hitched: Settling Down For Good

If you are a Capricorn girl that is hitched, this summer is the time you will really settle down for good. You love to spend time with your significant other despite your natural reservations. This is your person that you are with now and this summer will prove that. There will be some change in your status, whether that means you are getting engaged or moving in together. To be honest, it could really just mean that you are emotionally ready for a seriously committed relationship. Before you were still looking, still anxious that someone would not stick around. This summer you will learn that isn’t the case. In the coming years, the rings and weddings and babies will all come to you. One step at a time, Cap!

6Aquarius Single: A Summer Love

An Aquarius girl is loyal, sometimes to a fault. She is mostly reserved, but when she is feeling feisty, she can be a ball of fire! She also has a hard time making choices and sticking to them; she is fickle that way. This summer, the single Aquarius girls are going to find someone that temporarily holds those negative flaws at bay. He will make her laugh and smile. She will be so happy that choices might be a little easier for her. She will be content with his love for her that she will become more reliable for him and for her friends. Her loyalty will strengthen in a way it has not before. But the timing of this love is still questionable, so no one really knows how long it will keep her this way.

5Aquarius Hitched: Loyalty Tested

Aquarius girls, as we said, you really are so loyal! When you fall in love, you completely commit to it. Choices are hard for you to make, so when you do make them, it is a really bold move, and you stick to it like no other. The man you love this summer in your relationship is going to test you in some way. It will test your loyalty in a way that you have never felt before. It will hurt you and it will harden your heart for a long period of time this summer, maybe even through the fall/winter. Your relationship may not survive this summer; we are just being honest. Protect yourself and always make a choice for yourself, not for any others.

4Pisces Single: A Broken Heart May Be In Your Future

Single Pisces girls are pretty lonely; they don’t like to be alone for too long. Pisces girls are also pretty sensitive, so finding someone that really cares about them takes time– and they get hurt easily by those that take advantage. It is not your fault– you just love romance! You are not to blame for being incredibly optimistic when it comes to love. This summer, the same thing may be occurring for you, Pisces. You’ll meet someone that excites you and makes you feel less alone. You’ll feel brave for throwing caution to the wind and allowing yourself to let him in. But it is very possible that he is going to let you down. Protect yourself well when it comes to your love life this summer.

3Pisces Hitched: The Same Old Love

We know you are probably thinking of Selena Gomez’s hit summer song, “Same Old Love” when you read your title above. But don’t get confused! We do not mean it in a negative way, Pisces! This does not mean you’re going to get hurt. It doesn’t mean you’re going to get bored, either. It means that the incredible love you share with your significant other is going to continue to shine and strengthen over the summer of 2020 . You’ll do a lot of the same things as usual: grocery shopping, beach days, nights at the movies, and giggling before bed time. This summer will show no shocking change, but it will be more of the same– and it will be wonderful! Memories will be made, for sure!

2Aries Single: Lots Of You Time And Lots Of Guy Time, Too

Aries girls are fiery and fierce. They know how to take care of themselves and don’t need a man. That’s why most Aries girls are still single for this summer. The independence they have is incomparable to any other sign, actually. A single Aries for this summer is going to have a whole lot of time for herself. Because she is so independent, she does what she wants when she wants. Sometimes she would rather hang out at home in her own aura instead of going out. She will also have lots of guy time, when she isn’t alone. This is all casual and none of it will turn into anything serious. Have fun and let loose. Be yourself and spend some time making yourself better!

1Aries Hitched: Memories Made– And Possibly A Ring

A hitched Aries is still fiery and fierce. Don’t get confused here. They are still independent, too, and love to spend time alone. As an Aries, you really don’t need another person, you just prefer it at times. Your significant other just allows you to be less lonely when you decide you want to hang out with someone. You have such a good sense of humor and quiet strength within your relationship when it is good. But, when it is bad, you two don’t get along for several days. This summer, you’ll make memories learning from each other and growing together, making your relationship even better. If you are in a good place, you may even get a shiny new ring this summer, Aries! Good luck!


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