What Each Zodiac Is Desperately Trying To Change About Themselves In October 2020


You’re trying to work on your short-temper. You’re learning not to explode every time the smallest little thing goes wrong.


You’re trying to work on your co-dependency. You’re learning how to spend time alone and actually enjoy the solitude.


You’re trying to work on your flakiness. You’re learning to follow through on the promises you make.


You’re trying to work on your backbone. You’re learning to stand up for yourself and say no when people ask for favors.


You’re trying to work on your stubbornness. You’re learning to see other sides and listen to other points of view.


You’re trying to work on your bossiness. You’re learning to go with the flow and allow others to take the lead.


You’re trying to work on your indecisiveness. You’re learning to make important choices and stick to them.


You’re trying to work on your jealousy. You’re learning to celebrate the successes of others instead of being bitter over them.


You’re trying to work on your confidence. You’re learning to be kinder to yourself and see the strengths in yourself.


You’re trying to work on your cynicism. You’re learning to see the good in others instead of automatically assuming the worst.


You’re trying to work on your laziness. You’re learning to chase after your dreams instead of finding excuses to procrastinate.


You’re trying to work on your independence. You’re learning how to survive on your own, without relying on a parent or partner for help.

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