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What Color Is Your Energy (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)?

People are much more than what our bare eyes see. We are not just shapes which fill the space. We are not just physical appearances. Each of us has something more—energy.

The energy is actually what makes us different from each other. The energy is what makes our personalities unique.

Every one of us has a color that represents our energy. That color can change depending on the mood we are in and what kind of actions we took.

Think about your current state of mind and do the quiz to see if the color you’ve got suits your energy best.

Have you been feeling lost lately? Could it be, maybe, that you’re insecure about your path in life and what your final destination should be?

Each and every human being has the need to have a path in life and a final destination where we are most likely to end up. Depending on our age, it may happen that we feel lost or maybe off-track sometimes, and that can make us feel anxious and a bit scared, because not everybody is comfortable with not knowing where his life will lead him.

If you want to find out what it is that really keeps you going and what is it that you’re extremely passionate about, and ultimately what’s your life mission, answer these 15 questions honestly and you’ll get the answer you’re looking for.



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