Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Based On Their Zodiac Sign


Wouldn’t it be great to figure out how to make anyone fall in love with you? Like, ANYONE in the world, even Ryan Gosling. Well, we can’t really help you with the Ryan Gosling since he’s totally in love with Eva Mendes. How about making Ryan Reynolds fall in love with you? Uh, probably not him either because of the whole Blake Lively thing. Just forget about all the hot guys named Ryan in Hollywood. But besides Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, we can help you figure out how to make anyone else love you based on their zodiac sign. That’s right, based on their zodiac sign! Because our personalities are majorly influenced via our zodiac signs, you can figure out what he is looking for in his soul mate. I mean, a Taurus and a Gemini have completely different things they look for in a partner. You wouldn’t want to flirt with a Taurus the same way you would flirt with a Gemini.

Does he want the love of his life to be outgoing and quirky, intelligent and ambitious, or shy and thoughtful? Well, we can totally tell you based on his zodiac sign. Below we’ve broken every sign down and explained how to make them fall in love you. Now, do I want a ‘thank you’ card when you make a guy fall in love with you? I mean, I don’t need it, but it would be nice.



It’s all about ambition, baby! Aries is one of the most ambitious signs out there. They dream big and they work hard to make those big dreams come true. Because of this, the Aries sign wants someone who is on their level, at least ambition wise. If you have big dreams and a strong work ethic, there is nothing an Aries could possibly find more attractive. So, tell an Aries about your biggest goals, even if your goals sound ridiculous. Trust us, an Aries never thinks a goal is ridiculous. An Aries thinks anything and everything is achievable.

Aries are also attracted to positive energy more so than many other signs. Being surrounded by positive people fuels the Aries sign. What an Aries absolutely doesn’t want in their life is someone who is lazy or fine with the status quo. It’s always about progression.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait too long for an Aries to fall in love with you. An Aries is impulsive by nature and will dive head first into a new love if they feel it.


A person with a Taurus sign is very social, but also complacent in life. They are much different than the Aries, in a sense they aren’t necessarily known for their ambition. Instead, a Taurus sign tends to simply want a comfortable, socially fulfilled life. They are happy to stop working at 5pm on the dot and grab happy hour with their friends. They work for the weekends and they don’t tend to look forward to going back into the office.

In order to make a Taurus fall in love, embrace the social aspect of their personality. A Taurus loves to see someone getting along with their friends and loved ones. It helps them imagine you as part of their very social world. A Taurus also just wants to feel stable in life. You don’t have to impress them with major ambition, but rather a stable, safe life. They are fine with a decent house in a decent neighborhood.

However, a Taurus can be possessive and jealous, so make them feel very, very important. Don’t give them a reason not to trust you. That’s huge issue with a Taurus.



While a Taurus can fall in love just by sitting in on a Saturday and doing laundry together, a Gemini most certainly cannot. The Gemini is a sign that fears about falling into a routine. In fact, they hate the idea of ever having a routine. The idea of becoming an adult and falling into a life full of routines is just about the worst thing a Gemini can imagine. A Gemini wants each and every day to be different from the last. They strive to make life as exciting and new as possible. In order to make a Gemini love you, you should tap into this side of their personality. Make every single day an adventure. Make sure they know that life won’t be full of routines – I mean, it will be because it always is, but at least you’ll try your best to make it fun, too.

Be a little bit unpredictable and whisk your Gemini away on a weekend vacation. They would love that.



Cancer signs can, admittedly, be homebodies. They love relaxing at home. It’s where they feel best and where they get their energy. Their strength comes from centering themselves at home. So, enjoy that with them. Having a Netflix and chill night with a Cancer will mean more to a Cancer than it will to almost any other sign. When a Cancer sees you in their home, it will help them envision a future with you, therefore make them fall in love with you even faster

A Cancer is also very emotional and in tune with their emotions. If you let them in, they will appreciate that since they were wear their emotions on their sleeve. Basically, you want to Netflix and chill… watching The Notebook… so you can cry… and BAM, they’ll be in love with you.


The Leo is a fire sign, like Aries. Leos, too, have ambition, but more so because they have a rather passionate side. So, you don’t necessarily need to tell a Leo that you want to rule the world, but rather just that you’re so obsessed with playing the guitar or writing poetry. They admire pure passion, even if it’s not something your overly ambitious about.

A Leo also likes when you’re purely passionate about them. Leos love to feel like the center of attention, but you have to be careful not to smoother them. A Leo wants to feel like you are important, you are busy with your own life, and you love them. A Leo doesn’t want to feel like they are the only thing you have going on in your life. There’s a difference between the two.

When it comes to dating a Leo, show passion, passion and some more passion and he’ll be in love with you in no time.


Virgos are very practical… like very, very practical. Showing your ambition or passion may work for some signs, like the Aries or Leo, but a Virgo doesn’t want to hear about your dream of being an actress, because it isn’t practical. A Virgo thinks wanting to be an actress is a silly waste of time. A Virgo is actually more turned on by an accountant, who paid off all their student debt and is saving to buy a house. It may not sound sexy to everyone, but that is incredibly sexy to a Virgo.

Because Virgo signs are so hard working, they want to know that their partner will be hard working, too. Like we said, Virgos are turned on by the most practical of things. So, tell your Virgo about the next time you stay late at work, or you get your oil changed, or have a dentist appointment. Trust us, they will find this hot and fall in love with you.



Libras tend to dream of a happy, no-conflict home. I mean, all signs would ideally like their home to have a particular flow of harmony, but the Libra really just wants everyone to be happy, content, and in agreement all of the time. Because of this, a Libra sign tends to love drama-free personalities. This doesn’t mean that you have to hold in all of your emotions, but you just want to be mature about things. Talking sh*t about your co-workers to your Libra will not be something he’ll like. Your Libra will see you as a troublemaker, and being a troublemaker is not something that attracts a Libra.

If you want to impress a Libra, you need to have inner peace, harmony, and the ability to problem solve. If he sees you NOT getting mad at the jerk who cut you off in traffic, he’ll fall for you.


If Leos love to see someone being passionate about a hobby or career path, Scorpios on the other hand, love to see someone passionate about… well, them. A Scorpio is a physically passionate person and needs to be with someone who is just as happy and willing to show their passion via physical connection. Yes, to make a Scorpio fall in love with you, you need to have a VERY strong physical connection. Simply put, a Scorpio will fall in love with you while you’re in bed together. That’s how a Scorpio expresses love and expresses his emotions – via physicality. So, kiss your Scorpio and then kiss your Scorpio some more. In fact, just lock lips and never stop locking lips with your Scorpio if you want them to love you.

After clocking in about 100 hours of kissing a Scorpio, they’ll love you. We guarantee it.



The Sagittarius is a free spirit through and through. This is a sign that loves its freedom and fears being tied down. The best thing you can do, in terms of winning the heart of a Sagittarius, is show you’re a chill kind of girl. Just go with the flow. Also, don’t bring up a Sagittarius’ past. They don’t like being judged or tied to their past either. You need to both live and love in the moment with a Sagittarius.

Because a Sagittarius loves travelling, trying new things with them will help them be able to envision a future with you. Yes, they are afraid of commitment, but they aren’t totally against it. They just want to know that the relationship won’t be suffocating. Embrace your hippie spirit and you’ll win the heart of your Sagittarius in no time.


The Capricorn sign is all about tradition. They aspire to have that 1950s way of life – meaning marriage, home, baby, retirement. That’s what they’ll be happy with. To win over a Capricorn, they have to be able to envision this traditional lifestyle with you. So, first of all, you should get your act together. You can’t be the type of girl who is going to get drunk and Snapchat drunk selfies. To a Capricorn, responsibility is sexy. They are not impressed with personalities who are willing to quit their day job and move to an island. They like personality types who are all about the daily grind.

Having great manners is also something that attracts a Capricorn sign. If you bring a bottle of wine and flowers when you first meet their parents, a Capricorn will 100% fall in love with you. Basically, to win over a Capricorn, try your best to be Kate Middleton.



The Aquarius sign is original and progressive (Fun fact: The Weeknd, Bob Marley, and Ronald Reagan are all Aquarius). They think outside of the box, so they appreciate a mind that also thinks unconventionally, like they do. Be as open-minded as possible in the presence of an Aquarius. Conspiracy theory? Sure, you’ll hear a lot of them! Considering how outgoing they are, what they truly, truly dislike is someone with a closed mind. Closed-mindedness is a huge turn off for an Aquarius. Embrace your intellectual side and have heated intellectual conversations. They’ll love that.

To win the heart of an Aquarius sign, you must march to your own beat. While an Aquarius doesn’t enjoy emotional talk, they do feel lonely from time to time, so try to make them feel loved without being too mushy – that’s how you win an Aquarius’ heart.



By nature, Pisces signs are artistic and intuitive. Because they are so intuitive, they pick on the vibes you emit, so you need to be putting out those positive vibes. Just think positive thoughts when you’re around a Pisces. Pisces are also into mystical things, so talking about religions, spirituality, art, yoga or anything of that bohemian nature will appeal to a Pisces heart.

A Pisces wants to see that you’re not only a source of positive energy to them, but also to the whole world. If they watch you interact with someone – like helping an old lady cross the street or making a child laugh – they’ll love that. They want to be a positive force in the world and be a positive couple, like Brad and Angelina – before they got divorced that is.

Now, you know how to make anyone fall in love with you just by knowing their zodiac sign. Umm… let me repeat that, you can make ANYONE fall in love with you! That’s basically magic.


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