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Wait For The Man Who Makes You Feel Beautiful


Anyone can call you beautiful, but it takes a real man to make you feel like it.

Don’t ever settle for someone who only remembers from time to time to tell you you’re hot or beautiful. Wait for the man who makes you feel like a damn goddess. Who makes you feel loved and amazing, and with every kiss you share, you feel like a Hollywood star.

Wait for the man who notices the little things. Who notices when you change the way you wear your hair, when you buy a new dress or put on a different lipstick color. Wait for the man who looks at you and actually sees you.

Don’t ever settle for someone who stares at you blankly and responds only if you ask them about or bring them food. You deserve more than to be his lifetime waitress.

Wait for the man who makes you feel good even when you feel like the biggest failure who has ever lived. The man who has this power to bring you out of those dark circles of disappointment and despair and bathe you with his love.

The man who can show you, the woman he is in love with, this amazing, strong and smart woman who is capable of anything, the real you. You who he adores and wants to spend his life with.

Wait for the man who smiles the moment you enter the room.

I can’t count the times when I had that feeling of my heart sinking when I entered the room and got only a blank stare. I can’t count the times I dreamed of me entering the room and falling into his arms, only to sit down by myself, hoping he would notice me. And now I finally learned that I deserve better.

I deserve more. I don’t have to settle, because there will be someone honored to have me. Someone who will wait for me with his arms wide open and a bright smile on his face while I’m entering the room.

Wait for the man who gives you unique compliments. Wait for the man who notices how your eyes change color when you step outside, who notices how your face brightens up when you see a puppy.

Wait for the man who notices all those little things that make you different from other women. The way you see the beauty in the world, the way you snuggle into his arms when you’re cold, the face you make when you’re about to sneeze—and he loves you for every single one of them.

Wait for the man who kisses you when you least expect it, in places you never dreamed of being kissed.

Wait for the man who appreciates every second he has to spend with you, for the man who loves every inch of your body and shows you his love. The man who is not ashamed to show his affection toward you, the man who brags about you to anyone who’ll listen. Wait for the man who truly sees you as a gift from the heavens.

Wait for the man who makes you feel like there are no other women in the world. The man who has eyes only for you, the man you never have to doubt. The man who is ready to ditch all of his friends just to spend another half an hour with you.

The man who makes you laugh. The man who knows when you need chocolate and when you need wine. The man who knows when you just need to be held tight.

Don’t ever settle for less, don’t settle for someone who makes you doubt yourself. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t make you feel beautiful, who doesn’t make you feel loved.

Don’t ever settle for anyone just because you fear you’ll be alone. Trust me, loving someone who doesn’t love you back is way lonelier than being alone. We all deserve to be loved, to be admired.

We all deserve that man who will not only call you beautiful but make you feel like it.



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