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Wait For Someone Who Will Make You Believe In Love Again

  I know that the simplest thing to do after a break-up is to just sit down and face that all men are pigs and ungrateful assholes. You have every right to think so. But, before discarding the whole species of men, keep in mind what I’m about to say. Wait. Do not jump into another relationship too quickly. Before doing so, try to set your priorities and stay occupied with them. Stay away from men for a while. Remember that every flower has to wither in order to start blossoming again. Don’t be afraid of change. Color your hair purple if that’s what makes you happy at the moment. Dance, sing and cry if you need to but stay away from men. This is the stage where you have to replenish yourself with positivity and strength for the days to come. And the day will come. He will show up out of nowhere when you least expect it. Perhaps you’ll meet him at the movies, your favorite coffee place or in the middle of the street, looking for a ride. You will be confused at first but don’t let your feelings overwhelm you. As the days go by, you will be more and more aware that real love actually exists. Your fears and scars will be replaced by happiness and healed wounds. You won’t be afraid to open your heart again because this time will feel like it’s the right thing to do. So, until the right time comes, just wait.   Wait for someone who will make you feel protected again. Wait for someone who will heal your broken heart, hold you to his chest and tell you that you are safe. Don’t be afraid to show him your vulnerable side. He will be more than happy to embrace it. Wait for someone who will hold on to you tightly but at the same time make you feel free as a bird. Just don’t be afraid to fly when the time comes. Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and accept the charm of being protected by him. He will not let you fall, I assure you.   Wait for someone who will accept you for who you REALLY are. Wait for someone who will appreciate your good and bad sides simultaneously. Don’t be afraid to show him your true nature because he will be more than happy to accept all of your flaws because that is what makes you beautiful. That is what makes you beautiful in his eyes. He will never ask you to change yourself in order to appease him. He will make you feel accepted for who you really are. Wait for that.   Wait for someone who will make an effort. Wait for someone who will always find a way to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. Your happiness will be his priority because if you’re not happy, neither is he. Wait for someone who will make an effort to go out of his way to show how much he appreciates you and how much he cares about you. He will not ask you for anything in return because he will make an effort and not because you have to tell him to do so.   Wait for someone who will nourish your love. Wait for someone who will give his best to keep the fire burning, who will give his best to maintain the passion you both have. Wait for someone who will nourish your love because he is aware that not everyone has the same opportunity. He will know that if he doesn’t treat you the way you deserve, someone else will. Wait for someone who will make you believe in love again.  


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