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Today’s Powerful Wolf Full Moon Eclipse Will Speed Up Your Spiritual Awakening & Help You Release Toxic Energy

We are at the very beginning of 2020 and we are already preparing for a full moon eclipse! This couldn’t have been a stronger month, astrologically speaking.

The full Moon of January, called the Wolf Full Moon, is soon to occur. And along with it comes the lunar eclipse.

The Full Wolf Moon will let you release the pent up energy you have within you. You’ll feel free after this release. This full moon will give you the courage to follow your intuition. You’ll pay more attention to your gut instincts during this time.

The wolf embodies freedom, loyalty, cleverness, and socialization. So you’ll be gaining all these qualities and become more balanced during this full moon. Wolf power will reign for the coming 28 days.

So don’t forget to do some work with this spirit animal. Wolf is returning to us after covering much distance. Seek wisdom from the sage, the teacher Wolf, whose spirit is here to share their knowledge with us.

The spiritual awakening will be at its highest this month. This energy will be further elevated by the lunar eclipse that is to occur on 10th January. This Full Moon Lunar eclipse will take place in Cancer ( the sign missed a full moon in 2019). This makes it all the more crucial!

The strong emotional vibes will be coming to inspire us and release what we no longer need. An eclipse is vital because it is known to align our lives with our soul’s path. During a full moon eclipse, the cosmos will bless us by making us let go of toxic feelings. We need to shed the baggage to climb up and the eclipses make us ready for it.

Eclipses also exhaust us due to the fast pace of transformation caused by them. But those changes help us move forward in our soul’s journey.

No two persons will have the exact same experience during an eclipse. But one thing will be common to all, the urge to release something. It will draw your attention to your family life and your relationships. A total full moon eclipse is even stronger.

It will allow you to become more objective and be balanced towards your relationships. This happens due to the heightened qualities of both the Sun and the Moon (the sun will be opposite to the Moon this time). Any relationship which is out of balance will quickly catch your eye.

The Native Americans called this full moon as Full Wolf Moon because the wolves howl loudly at this time. It is also known by two other names- the Old Moon and the Moon After Yule.

The hungry wolves go out hunting during this time. Contrary to ancient times, wolves are not found in many countries. The Native Americans used to rever them very much.

You don’t need to gaze at the full moon for your requests and wishes to reach the divine. The moon is omnipresent, even in the daytime it exists, though we can’t see it.

You can ask the wise spirit animal to guide you towards your dream. On the Full Wolf Moon eclipse night, ask your guardian angels to leave you a message in your dream. When you wake up, write the message down. Meditate on the message given by your guides.

You can do a ritual to protect your family and home. Light up white candles and pray. Ask the angels to protect all the people you love and to keep you safe.


Some elements that you can work with are:

  • Hematite would be excellent.
  • Herbs like Thistle, marjoram and nuts/ seeds would be great.
  • Hazel and Birch trees.
  • Colors like Violet and White.
  • Air would be the best element.
  • Scents of musk, pine, ginger, and juniper.

The full moon brings endings and a sense of closure. It also signals the time for our hard work to come to fruition. January brings our families together as indoor activities increase in this month. It is also an excellent time to put some effort into relationships and other emotional matters.

Any new venture can also be taken up during the full moon period. Your communication, sharing abilities and sympathy will come into focus.

The January full moon may appear deceiving due to being hidden among clouds. This reminds us to be aware of the work happening behind the curtains. It also symbolizes the hidden potential we all have to become more resourceful.



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