I am looking at you while you are staring at her. I can see that you forgot to breathe because you are simply melting in front of her. You are in love with her eyes that are half closed because she hasn’t slept the whole night, but they still look at you with the same fire. You can still see how much she loves you from her eyes. You can see how safe she feels when she is with you and how she is thankful for having a person like you in her life. And when I see the two of you together, making a beautiful love story, I am more than happy. I am happy that my bestie found a man who sees her worth despite the fact she is being a mess lately. I am happy that you see what others can’t see in her. And I hope that you will always love her the way you do now. You know, I always treated my friend as my younger sister. I was always there to defend her from the badmouths, from dumb people who couldn’t see her potential, from those who judged her just because she had a different opinion. I was always prepared to fight with every person who would make her sad. But now, since you’ve come into her life, I see that you can take my role. Of course, she will always be my bestie, my late night call and my human diary.   But she also needs a man who can show her his love. And I am glad that she found one in you. So, I just want to thank you for being there for her. Thank you for loving her like she deserves. Thank you for coming at the moment she needed you the most. And most of all, thank you for accepting her just the way she is. I have to tell you how much she suffered in her life. You need to know that her life wasn’t easy and that she went through hell and back. That is why she is more mature than most girls of her age. That’s why she can read people so well. As soon as she starts talking with them, she can see if they will stab a knife in her back. She can feel deeper than any person I have ever met, and even if she doesn’t think so, I know it is a gift. So, the day she accepted you, I knew that you are the right one. I knew that she felt your good and clean heart. I knew that you will be the man who will make her satisfied. And I couldn’t be happier because of that. She is truly a person who deserves the world. After being in so many toxic relationships and after she got her heart broken so many times, she somehow lost the will to love again. She started being depressed, and she didn’t even want to go outside of her house. She talked to me only, telling me that others can’t understand her the way I can. She didn’t want to risk going out and again meeting someone who will hurt her like the ones before did. She made walls around her so high that it was even hard for me to sometimes reach out to her. She completely closed herself off to the rest of the people. And I just wanted to bring her out of that dark. I wanted to show her that there is still life after a toxic love.   I wanted to show her that she is worthy enough and that she deserves to be loved just the way she is. Because, to be honest, she is one of the best people I know, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. That’s why I fought so hard to help her. That’s why I did everything in my power to show her the beauty of the world. And when I was almost exhausted from trying to save her from the dark thoughts, you showed up. You showed up with the most wonderful smile and eyes full of love for her. You came, and you didn’t even ask her anything. You came, and you just started loving her with all her pros and cons. You didn’t know how heavy her burden was, but you accepted to carry it with her. You came like a blessing, like a guardian angel who comes when he feels someone’s heart is slowly dying. And with only one word, you brought her back from the dead. You gave her a reason to live and to enjoy life. You changed her mindset at such short notice and because of you she wasn’t a depressed girl anymore. She became a girl full of life, enjoying her best years with the people she loves. When you came into her life, I could see my old friend again, but this time improved, with a bigger heart and with more wish to fight through life.   Because of you, she became a real warrior because your love gave her strength. You didn’t cut her wings like others before you did, but you gave her a push from the back, so she can fly wherever she wants. With you, she felt what real love feels like, and for that I will always be thankful to you. So, if you will ever read this letter, just know that you did an amazing thing. You saved one beautiful soul from falling apart. You were able to see how special she is despite the fact she was all mess. Only a real man can do something like that. Only a man like you can love a woman broken to pieces—a man who is not there to fix them but to love every and each one of them!  


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