You’ve been hearing this for as long as you can bear in mind. All the men you have actually come across in your life have actually told you that you are difficult, that you are tough to enjoy as well as difficult to endure.

You have actually been told you are a handful, that you expect too much of everyone and that you are a nit-picker. And also you believe this can not be a coincidence– there must be some truth in it.

With time, you began believing them and you started to see it as something adverse. You considered this as your fault, as something that makes men run away from you.

So, you let it define you. You started blaming this high quality of your own as the reason none of your relationships succeeded.

You started blaming yourself for all the negative therapy you were getting and also everything you have actually been within life.

Yet I am here to inform you it’s time to stop feeling by doing this.

I am below to tell you that you are not tough to love. You are just a strong, independent woman with her own opinions and mindsets. You are someone that defends herself as well as wherefore you assume is right.

You are a lady that relies on herself only as well as a female that doesn’t count on everyone that enters into her life.

You are not a person that permits herself to be specified by men and also you are not somebody that will alter the significance of her being just to be more likable to some person or to match society requirements.

You have an extremely strong instinct and also you don’t get misled easily. You are not easily existed to, since it offends your knowledge.

You appreciate yourself as well as you require everybody in your life to respect and value you. You never permit people to take you forgiven or to patronize you, since you recognize your true worth.

Yet that does not make you hard to like.

Your top qualities simply make premature men feel troubled about you. They really feel endangered and as if they aren’t manned sufficiently.

These guys recognize your strength of character, know your power as well as valor and also understand very well they could never manipulate you the means they would love to.

Yet their delicate ego doesn’t permit them to accept that, nor claim it to you. So, they choose to fault you for every little thing. They pick to convince you to really feel guilty for being tough to handle or hard to deal with.

What those males do not recognize is that you conceal a heart filled with love. They don’t recognize that your strength is something that would certainly help them make it through life.

They do not understand that you being a competitor implies that you would also combat against every person and also every little thing simply to preserve your relationship.

They don’t know that you would never leave their side which you would certainly hold their hand via all of life’s difficulties.

They don’t understand you would never disrespect them if they respected you.

They don’t recognize that you would believe in them, even when everyone else stopped.

They don’t know that you would love them unconditionally and that you are somebody who would make sacrifices for their well-being if they confirmed to be worthy of your love.

So, please, stop blaming yourself, believing you are difficult to enjoy since you are not.

You are just tough to love for men who do not deserve you and also that are not deserving of you.

You do not anticipate way too much from people– you are just a person who offers a whole lot and also expects the same treatment.

You know that you should not be the only one putting all the initiative into a connection which is more than OK.

You don’t intend to focus on the people who treat you as a choice and that is what you ought to continue doing.

I understand you do not believe me currently however trust me, there will come a man that will think you are worthy of all the trouble.

It will take you time and also a great deal of patience but you will let him obtain close to you because you’ll feel that his intentions are genuine which his feelings are actual.

When he enters your life, this male will certainly see you for who you are as well as will certainly see just how valuable you are. He will certainly see all of your qualities and also he will certainly try hard to obtain you to put down your guard.

This guy will like you to the moon and back for precisely that you are. He will certainly like all of your flaws and he will like you the way you are worthy of being liked.

Yet most importantly, he will certainly deal with all your instabilities away as well as he will reveal to you that there is much regarding you to be liked. By doing this, he will certainly instruct you just how to enjoy yourself on your own again. When this male comes along, you’ll never once more assume you’re difficult to enjoy.


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