This Zodiac Sign Needs To Feel Comfortable In A Relationship In 2021


Trust. They need to know you aren’t going anywhere and aren’t going to hurt them.


Communication. They need to feel like they’re able to talk to you about anything and everything.


Support. They need to know you’re there for them when times get tough and will always try to cheer them up again.


Authenticity. They need to know their partner is being honest and upfront with them at all times.


Quality time. They need to know you’re willing to set aside plenty of time for them instead of treating them as an afterthought.


Chemistry. They need to know there’s a spark and that your interests align.


Stability. They need to know the relationship is peaceful and strong.


A commitment. They need to know you’re as serious about the relationship as they are in order to feel comfortable.


Time. They need the chance to get to know someone before they can fully commit to that person.


Friendship. They need to know their relationship runs deeper than just physical attraction.


Consistency. They need to know what they’re getting into and don’t want any surprises.


Encouragement. They need to know that you’re in their corner and will support them with everything they decide to do.


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