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This Is Why Your Relationship Fails In February 2022 Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You are straight to the bone, and you always do points by your sensations. In several situations, you respond impulsively, however in the long run, you recognize that you should have done things differently.

That is what your partner does not like regarding you, yet you just can not change.

You are extremely difficult when you feel threatened in a connection, and also you do always do things that you regret later on.

And when your companions have had enough of that type of behavior, they decide to leave.

This behavior is good in some situations, but in your lovemaking, you need to have extra concern for your loved one, and that is the reason your romantic connection fails.


Your primary trouble is that you require a lot of time to open up to someone, yet, on the other hand, you want them to open up to you.

You tend to maintain your things to you only, as well as you rarely share them with your companion.

You are very delicate about money, which is why the majority of your connections crumble. It is alright if your partner pays for points, but when it is your turn, you would like to share the expense.

You require to find out to trust your companion a lot more and also not think that they will certainly take away all you have.


You have so much luck in your life, but the major trouble is that you don’t recognize exactly how to enjoy it.

You are pretty indecisive regarding the important things you want to do. When things work out in your connection, you freak out, and you think your companion will propose to you as soon as possible.

You believe you won’t have the ability to delight in life once you commit, and you wreck excellent connections over points that are not so important.

You believe that there will constantly be a unique man that will certainly await you, so you release all the good guys and wind up with a person who does not value you.


When you enjoy, you suffocate as well as examine points. Over and over once again. And you don’t understand to quit.

You offer on your own a lot in a connection that can in some cases be too much for your companion.

When you succumb to somebody, you come to be completely obsessed with them, and you do not understand just how to quit it.

You need to know where they are as well as that they are with, every second.

Which is what terrifies most of your partners, so they choose to leave you. They assume that you will certainly get even worse if they wed you, so they don’t want to risk it.


Because you are the king of the jungle, you wish to be in the spotlight constantly. You do not care about your partner’s desires so much.

Instead, you consider your demands as well as feelings.

You desire your partner to provide you their full attention, yet you don’t consider reciprocating similarly. And that is constantly the primary problem of crazy partnerships.

You think more regarding yourself than regarding your companion, which is not good in the long run.

That is why all your relationships crumble and also the primary reason you can’t obtain the love you yearn for.

Your main problem is that you constantly wish to fix points, also when they are not damaged.

The catch is that by your nature you are a huge perfectionist, and also the things that are rather good for others need some improvement for you.

You do the specific the very same thing in a connection, which’s why all your partners flee from you.

No one wants to be transformed and also built into somebody you could love.

You don’t understand when to quit criticizing, and all your charming partners decide to leave you while it is not far too late.


You simply enjoy being in a relationship! It is something that fulfills you and makes you feel good on your own.

You such as to ruin your partner, but in all that hassle, you typically forget your feelings and your dreams.

Your primary problem is that you always make every effort to satisfy your man, but you neglect your wishes.

You bottle up your feelings, as well as you assume they will pass if you do not talk about them. Yet in many cases, you take off because of an unimportant trigger, and also whatever crumbles.

That’s why it would certainly be much better to talk about issues as soon as they appear as well as to be open regarding everything.


When you fall in love, you obtain so stressed that your companion will certainly make a fool out of you, so you do points that are not a wise selection whenever.

As a result of a fantastic desire to maintain your companions in your life, you press them throughout their limitations.

You obtain obsessed and also paranoid that they will certainly rip off on you. You do not take pleasure in the love you have.

Rather, you consider the important things that will take place in the future. As well as because of that, your partners always leave you and also don’t intend to have to do anything with you.

If you can simply relax a little bit, whatever would be much various.


You have a free spirit as well as due to that, every love connection you start coatings because you can not dedicate. Your freedom is what you love the most, and you don’t intend to lose it for anyone.

That’s why you can not offer your partners what they require, and also you simply can’t enjoy it.

The most effective selection for you would certainly be to locate somebody who is unbiased like you and also to have an open connection with them.

Perhaps it would just function in that way.


Your major problem is that you assume people will harm you whatever you do, which’s why you do not let anybody get to your heart.

You constantly develop walls so high that your partners don’t recognize just how to connect to you. And that is what bothers them in the entire procedure.

No one wants to make an effort for somebody who also does not desire a relationship. Some of them attempt with you, yet as quickly as they see that you don’t open up, they quit on you.

You just need to find out to appreciate life as well as to understand that if you are destined to obtain harmed, it will certainly occur whatever.


Your major trouble is that you don’t understand if you want a partnership or not.

You like someone, but as quickly as you see somebody else, you consider them also. Maybe this is something you can conceal at the beginning of a partnership, however, when your partner learns more about you better, they will see what you do.

You require to understand that it is not alright to play with individuals’ emotions which you probably wouldn’t like to take place with you.

If you don’t such as somebody, tell them so, yet whatever you do, don’t make fools out of them.


You fall in love very quickly, so your primary problem is that you choose the wrong partners.

If you instantly like a person, you will immediately try to win them over, and also you won’t consider the effects.

You simply wish to appreciate life, and that’s why you do things like that, however, ultimately, you obtain injured.

Since you choose the incorrect partners on your own, they harm you somewhere along the road, and you despair crazy.

What you need to understand is that the advantages don’t take place overnight which you require to await genuine love to occur.


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