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This Is Why You Aren’t Happy With Your Love Life, According To Your Zodiac


What are the traits of your zodiac sign which bring this dissatisfaction you are constantly feeling about your love life? What are the things you should change to improve your romantic relationships?


If you belong to this zodiac, the biggest problem when it comes to your love life is your restlessness. You can’t stay in one place for a long time and consequently, you can’t seem to stay next to one person for long.

This is the case unless you find a partner who constantly finds new ways to challenge you. You need someone to always push you forward and you can’t stand being in a stereotypical relationship.


You care too much about appearance. Don’t get me wrong—I am not talking about your better half’s physical looks here.

I am talking about the fact that you are overly concerned with how your potential relationship might look to others. You care more about appearances than the essence of love.


Geminis have issues with commitment. Theoretically, you know exactly what you want and you are not afraid to get it. But once you get it, you have a problem with keeping it.

You are easily bored in a relationship and you are always looking for new things and new people to make your life more exciting. Before entering into a new relationship, be certain about whether this is the right person for you or if you’ll get tired of them as soon as you see that they are really yours.


This zodiac is known as being the most emotional one. Your biggest problem is that you constantly seek love in the wrong places and from the wrong people.

You expect everyone to have the same capacity to love as you do. And once you see that this is not the case, you get disappointed and you end up heartbroken.


Even though it doesn’t appear this way, the truth is that Leos seek validation from other people, including their partner, and this is when problems occur. Yes, you have a strong sense of self-esteem but do you really love yourself the way you should?


You strive for perfection and the imprint you leave on the world is more important to you than it should be. Consequently, you are always seeking a partner you can mold and who will fit your imaginary standards.

I am not telling you to lower your standards, I am just asking you to remember that you don’t have to find the perfect partner. It is important to find someone who will be an imperfectly perfect match for you.


The biggest problem when it comes to your relationships is your indecisiveness. Just for once in life, stop with the overthinking and do what your heart desires without analyzing every possible outcome of your decisions.

It doesn’t mean that you have to follow your heart blindly and completely disregard what your reason is telling you. Just make a risky move from time to time and see where it takes you. Even if you fail, at least you’ll know that you’ve tried.


Even though most people think that your biggest focus in relationships is sex, the truth is quite different. You crave intimacy and bonding on a much deeper level than just sexual.

You are scared that you won’t be able to find someone who loves as deeply as you do. Even when you find a suitable partner, you end up feeling emotionally neglected and like they can never give you the depth of emotions you need in order to be completely fulfilled.


Getting into a new relationship isn’t problematic for this zodiac. For you, problems occur when it’s time to settle down.

You are scared of missing out on new experiences and for you, settling down is equal to prison. Remember that things aren’t always like this. You just have to find someone who will enjoy every day the same way you do and who will be more than happy to follow you on all of life’s adventures.


You are one of the most reserved zodiacs. You hesitate about letting new people in and when you finally do, you have trouble showing your real emotions.

All of this often makes you look uninterested and cold, which brings problems to your relationships. Although I am not telling you to open up to just about anyone who walks past you, remember that your partner needs to feel loved and wanted in order to feel happy by your side.


If you belong to this zodiac, your biggest problem is that you constantly settle for less than you deserve. It’s time to raise your standards because you are worthy and you should strive for much more.

Don’t be scared to leave a relationship which doesn’t make you happy. A person who will treat you the way you should be treated will come along.


Pisces always needs a lot of personal space and sometimes they make the other person feel left out. You feel like your partner doesn’t understand you the way they should and instead of allowing them to enter your world, you shut yourself off.



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