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This Is Why The Couples Who Roast One Another Are The Strongest

Do you and your partner have a habit of teasing and making fun of each other? Well if you do, here is some happy news. Experts say that that makes you more bonded and strengthens your relationship.

If two people are able to roast one another on a regular basis without getting angry or upset, it’s a powerful indicator of a strong, happy and healthy relationship, and it’s actually scientifically confirmed by researchers from Appalachian State University.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It’s a great indicator that two people understand one another on a deeper level. They have a shared sense of humor, and they know there are no mean intentions behind their words.

They just love sarcasm, snarky remarks, teasing one another and even pulling pranks on one another more than anything else, and contrary to general belief, that means the couple cares for each other more.


This behavior keeps both of them on their toes all the time. They are always trying to pull off  something new, and that keeps their relationship fun and exciting.

But it also comes naturally to some people. They say the first thing that comes to their minds, and sarcasm is the language they treasure the most.

Being able to roast one another and go out of it emotionally unharmed and perfectly happy is a gift that only a few people get. That’s why they fit so perfectly together.

All relationships are unique and special. That’s why couples have their own little quirks. That’s something that people outside the relationship don’t get the chance to witness.


Every individual has a side they are only ready to reveal to their significant other and nobody else. The main reason for that is because they know that a lot of these things can seem odd and weird to everyone else while they consider them normal.

Now they can breathe easy and feel proud of the relationship they are in. Couples who make fun of each other’s quirks are actually connecting with one another in a very special and intimate manner.

They are essentially saying that they see each other’s “flaws” and that they do more than accept them—they make them fun and enjoyable.


Wholeheartedly accepting each other’s good and bad points, flaws and perfections, weird and normal is what makes the relationship powerful and long-lasting.

But there is just one thing to keep in mind. It’s vital for couples to know their partners’ boundaries. There are some that should never be crossed, and there is a thin line between having fun and insulting someone.

Why is roasting each other so important for a relationship?

Well, that’s easy enough to answer. It’s because of all those positive vibes couples spread when they are trying to make each other laugh.

Laughing reduces stress and lifts the pressure in the relationship. Both people become more self-assured and more comfortable in their own skins which by default, makes their relationships more prosperous.

Couples who laugh together stay together. So if you are in a relationship like this, make as much fun as you want of one another, laugh with your heart and create connections that will last you a lifetime.



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