This Is What Your S*x Lifestyle Will Be Like In 2019 Based On Zodiac Sign


Your sex drive will be all over the place. This year you’re going to be unstoppable. You just need to be very careful when it comes to choosing a partner because chances of you getting it on with the wrong person are very high.

Capturing you is not easy, but if someone is smart enough to seduce your mind first, you will fall under their spell. Watch out and play this smart.



Your sex life is definitely going to step up a nudge because in the year 2018, you are going to meet a bunch of new people and a great deal of them will be interested in you sexually. It looks like you’re in a situation where you will have to choose who you want to be with.

Be careful because some of them will have a few aces up their sleeves. They will try to seduce you with candlelight dinners and romance, just the way you like it.



You will be all over the place. You will like several people at once and then you will end up on a dead-end street. Because you don’t know what to do, you might end up committing to more than one person at once. That means a lot of sex, but it might end up badly for you.

This may happen to you because you are a person who likes to push the boundaries of all that’s acceptable. This includes your sex life—we all know you like to do it anywhere except the bedroom because it’s boring. Well, 2018 will be the year of a lot of different places for you.



You will most definitely find love in 2018 and your sex life is going to be mind-blowing. Seriously, you’ll have the whole package. It’s time for you to move on from your career and give time to your love life for a change.
This love will be true and your sex life will stay monogamous as you like it. This person will know what you like and he or she will keep you safe. You will feel protected and you will give yourself completely to that person in every sense possible.


This year you’ll focus a lot of your energy on intimacy and search for the right person to be with. You’ll care more about connecting with others and you will. This connection will be transparent through your sex life. It won’t be just for the sake of doing it, it will be more of a bonding thing. You’ll absolutely love the new experience.

The person you’re going to meet will know exactly what you like. They will make you feel sexy and special, but you’ll still be the one in charge of things. This sounds good, doesn’t it?



You need to take a step back and reconsider how you are expressing your romantic feelings. This year is going to be full of surprises considering your love life with your sex life following. You won’t have sex with anyone who doesn’t mean something to you.

You want to know that there is a future and sex is very important to you. What turns you on the most is when you know that your relationship is going somewhere and you refuse to deal with random people. So, in 2018, your sex life will blossom with the right person.



You are definitely going to find your twin flame in 2018. When you score the one who is absolutely right for you, they will be right in all aspects of your life including your sex life, which will be, mildly put, perfect.

You’ll be on fire because you’ll get what you’ve been looking forever—meaningful and emotional lovemaking. You’ll experience emotions that you never knew existed.



You’ll be surprised at the things you’ll start craving for in 2018. Suddenly, your interest will completely switch from any other aspect of your life to love and sex. You will want to try passionate sex involving deep and serious feelings.

You will crave emotional and physical connection with your partner during sex. This means that next year, you’re going to be more mature and look at sex from a completely different perspective.



Your sexual energy will be better and bigger than ever. You will look for potential partners to experience some things you’ve been wanting to try for a long time. That includes new kinky poses—everything but the ordinary stuff.

You’ll also be turned on by mysterious types of people who will put on an unexpected show for you. This will completely sweep you off your feet.



You will have to work on your love life. Deal with the issues you have about showing intimacy and completely relax. Sex isn’t a taboo anymore and if you realize that, you’ll have the time of your life in 2018.

You will then push yourself into exploring new things that are way out of your comfort zone and you’re going to like it—not to mention that whatever your partner likes, you will like even more. Here you go: a perfect recipe for a perfect sex life.



You’re going to focus yourself on romance and the erotic. In 2018, you’re going to meet someone who will give you exactly what you want—a spiritual connection and sex that confirms you are meant for each other.

Don’t be surprised to feel some strange things along with highly erotic sex. Be open for new ideas and new experiences. You won’t regret it.



You will open up to the idea of romance and dating which brings along a fabulous sex life full of passion and deep feelings.

You will mix passion and intimacy into a beautiful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. One night stands are also optional because you won’t be able to resist the person standing in front of you


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