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This Is How You Love Someone Who Constantly Overthinks

If you love an over-thinker, you probably know that it is a huge challenge but that they are worth it. You know that their brain is working on maximum all the time. For every answer you give them, they have so many questions to ask because that is the way they function and they can’t control it. They can’t just shut down their brain.

They overthink all the time about everything that happens around them.They won’t believe you when you say that you love them, so you will have to prove that. They won’t believe when you say that everything will be okay, so they need to wait to see if it actually happens. They don’t believe that you did something nice for them until they hear about it from someone else. They are full of negative thoughts and constant wondering. So you have to be their own inner voice, telling them that many people actually like you and that you weren’t lying to them.

You need to tell them that all your friends think that you are fun, a goodperson and that they want to spend time with you. You need to tell them and later show them that you love them and that even if they don’t think like that, they are still very special and unique. You always need to be there to defend yourself from the things they’ve heard about you and now blame you for. You need to know that they feel bad when they find out something about you that you didn’t share with them. They immediately think that you lied to them and that you are just taking them for granted.



That is how an over-thinker thinks and I must admit that it is not easy at all. No matter how much they want to change they can’t. No matter how much they want to relax they can’t because there is a constant feeling that something bad will happen.

That’s why you need to understand that they will ask the same questions over and over again. They will ask you if you love them and if they are enough for you. They will ask you if you would wish to be with someone else or life with them is all that you have been looking for. They will ask if you are happy with them every time they see you staring into space.

They will worry all the time. And that is something they simply can’t change.

So, please be patient. Be loving. Be caring. Over-thinkers are not doing all that to you intentionally. They are great people but they just tend to worry and to think more than others. That is why people have prejudice against them. They think that all over-thinkers are hard to handle, that you will never be happy with someone like that, that they can never relax enough to make you happy and pleased.


But that is not true. If you just give them a shot, you can be very happy with someone who overthinks. You will have the love you craved so much with them if you reciprocate in the same way. You can have happiness, support, understanding and honesty from them. You just need to feel some empathy toward them because they need someone to understand how they actually feel.

They need someone to tell them that they are so amazing just the way they are and that you feel so damn lucky to have such an emotional person in your life. They need to feel worthy. They need to feel they are enough. They need to feel they are important. And the best way you can show it to them is that you love them unconditionally.

Trust me, you won’t regret it. Actually, you will get more than you thought out of life with them!



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