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This Is How The Man You Are Going To Marry Will Treat You

The man you’re going to marry won’t be perfect, but he’ll be perfect for you.

He is going to be the man who will come into your life and make you realize you were wasting your time on all those boys before him.

This is the man who will automatically feel like home. You’ll be away on business trips, girls’ weekends or visiting your family in the country, but the thought of him is what will truly feel like home.


Unlike all those immature boys before him, he will know the meaning of commitment, and he won’t be afraid to prove it to you.


The man you’re going to marry will know to put all that macho crap aside.

Fooling around, bagging as many girls as he can in a week and boasting about it to his buddies will no longer be of interest to him.

That will be a thing of the past.

He will know that once the right woman comes along, he will only have eyes for her, and all the rest will cease to exist in his mind.

His priorities will be clear, and you will be his number one gal for life.

He will treat you with such kindness, compassion, and an abundance of love that you’ll so easily forget all about your past heartbreaks.

He will know how to take care of you and your heart, and you will never feel more at ease.

He will be respectful of your time. He will never take what you do for him for granted, and saying ‘’Please’’ and ‘Thank you’’ won’t be lost on him.

He will appreciate you like no one before, and you will feel cherished.

On your good days, he will be your number one cheerleader. He will laugh with you, support you, and be the wind in your sails.

And on your bad ones, he will hold your hand so firmly and make sure you don’t feel alone.

He will show you the true meaning of partnership, and no matter how tough it is, he will stick it out with you. Because there’s no place he’d rather be!


He will know you – all of you. There won’t be any part that you’ll want to hide from him because you’ll know that he’ll love you either way!

When you’re just out of bed, not looking your best, your hair all messy and you can barely keep your eyes open, he will see the woman of his dreams.

When you’re in a shitty mood and the whole world is on your back, he’ll know to give you a minute to yourself.

He will understand that not every day is going to be peachy, that you’re not going to shower him with kisses every single day, and he’ll be okay with that.

The man you’re going to marry is never going to let your love wither away. He will nurture it, water it, and make sure that you never feel neglected.


He will know that love takes work, and he won’t be afraid to get his hands dirty.

When your dark days come, he will still be there. You will never have to question his loyalty.

He will make you see that he’s the real deal, and he’s there to stay.

With this man, you will finally have peace of mind. You will finally feel cared for, adored and not taken for granted.

You will feel like a woman is supposed to feel next to the man of her dreams.

The man you’re going to marry will remember all those small things that matter to you, but to which you’d never expect anyone to pay attention.

Guess what? He will!

And those little things will be the biggest thing of all.

He will know that the key to your heart and life-long happiness isn’t money, gifts, and grand gestures.

It’s all those little, everyday things that make your world go round and make you truly happy

And once you find a man who makes sure to pay attention to all those tiny details no one before him noticed… make sure to hold onto him. Because this will be the man you’re one day going to marry.



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