These Zodiac Is Having Trouble Getting In The Holiday Spirit This Year 2020


You have more reasons to be upset than to be excited at the moment, and you hate feeling pressured to pretend you’re happy.


You aren’t able to splurge on presents this year, and you feel guilty about letting down your family and friends.


You haven’t watched many holiday movies or listened to many songs, so this month feels like any other month.


You’ve been too busy to decorate like usual, so your surroundings don’t feel all that cheery and bright.


You aren’t going to get the chance to see your entire family, so this year isn’t going to be anything like the years in the past.


You’re missing someone you really don’t want to spend the holidays without, so you feel like there’s no reason to celebrate.


This year hasn’t been kind to you, and honestly, you’re more excited about it being over soon than about the holiday season.


You’ve been so stressed that you haven’t even realized the holidays are almost here. You thought they were still a while away.


You can’t partake in most of your usual traditions this year, so it doesn’t feel like the holidays at all.


You’re getting older and realize what a commercial holiday this is, so you’re having trouble enjoying it.


There’s nothing you want for the holidays this year and no one you’re going to see. You wish you could just skip it.


You feel guilty celebrating when so many people are suffering right now.


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