These Emotion Each Zodiac Sign Struggles With Expressing In 2021


You struggle to express sadness. You act like nothing bothers you. You pretend everything rolls right off your back.


You struggle to express annoyance. You don’t want to make anyone else feel bad, even when they’re driving you insane, so you keep your nasty opinions to yourself.


You struggle to express happiness. You’ve grown so used to being miserable that positive emotions make you uncomfortable. You’re worried they’re not going to last.


You struggle to express anger. You have a hard time sticking up for yourself and putting people in their place when they hurt you.


You struggle to express fear. You pretend nothing shakes you. You pretend you’re confident, even when you’re absolutely terrified.



You struggle to express loneliness. You pretend you don’t need anyone. You pretend you’re perfectly fine on your own.


You struggle to express discomfort. You don’t want to make anyone else uncomfortable so you pretend everything is okay, even when you’re dying inside.


You struggle to express love. You joke around all the time. Serious emotions are hard for you to process and explore.


You struggle to express excitement. You don’t want to embarrass yourself if things don’t work out the way you planned.


You struggle to express jealousy. You don’t want to admit you care about someone enough to be jealous of them. You pretend you don’t need anyone.


You struggle to express attraction. You hide your feelings — even from yourself.


You struggle to express your pride. You’re too humble. You never brag about your accomplishments and everything you’ve achieved.


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