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These Are The Most Brutally Honest Zodiac Signs In The First 6 Months Of 2023


They prefer to stay upbeat, but these guys aren’t afraid to call it like it is. While they may try to spin it as a joke, their gregarious nature means they often speak before they think- and they are usually well-liked by those around them. They hold confidence that makes them feel comfortable to say what they want without hesitation.


There isn’t a reason to waste time sugar-coating their thoughts, so they would rather cut to the chase. Virgos have thought out what they are going to say, so their words might sound harsh, but you can trust that they aren’t lying to you. Even if it doesn’t make you feel the best, you know they wouldn’t say it if they didn’t mean it.


Leos don’t want to hurt your feelings, but they aren’t going to lie to you simply to stroke your ego. They know that real praise and compliments only matter if they are accurate. Plus, they have high standards for themselves and the company they keep, so you best believe they will put someone in their place if they have to.



Aries is fiery and fearless- and like Sags, tends to act before thinking things through. They always prefer to be honest, but this is especially true when they’re angry. They may release a devastating amount of insults, but they will be accurate. While they have a soft spot for people, they still value being honest in a big way. When it comes to someone they care about, they refuse to mince words, believing it’s better to be truthful and a bit uncomfortable rather than lie to keep the peace.


Capricorns look to honesty as a top priority and are stereotyped as not holding much emotional tact. While they care and aren’t trying to hurt feelings, they would rather be blunt and say what’s on their mind. Besides, being vague is likely to lead to confusion that wastes time and they just don’t have room in their life for it.


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