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These Are The 6 Biggest Nerds Of The Zodiac

Do you know what the word “nerd” means? Opposite of “geek,” meaning an enthusiastic person in a specific subject or field, a “nerd” means an intellectual.

The signs of the Zodiac usually get their main attributes from the planets that rule them. But, there are many other conditions and things which affect the intellectual inclination of a person.

Here, we will present you the six signs that can be nerds and they are well aware of that:


The people that are born under this sign are usually driven by their curiosity. They can also be unabashedly unapologetic or entirely open about everything. It will not be a surprise to find these people engaged in something which they are really passionate about when they have some free time. They can easily get distracted too.




The people born under the sign of Aries are the well-known binge-watchers. They possess an in-depth knowledge of everything. Just like the Gemini, the Aries is also a self-centered nerd. These people love to be the light in the crowd, while the nerds inside them help them in reaching there no matter what. They can even teach us something, and we will not even be aware of that.


The people born under this sign are some of those that are probably going to deny people’s observations related to them, but they are somehow nerds. But, they keep their nerdy characteristics perfectly masked, with the help of their flawless fashion and self-conductance. They are the ones that make the fact of being a nerd really cool. They don’t care about other people’s opinions. This is how their nerd side can be spotted, despite the fact that they will deny it.


These are the people who are taking their nerd characteristic to the following level. They are the types of nerds that will go out in order to prove the knowledge and love they have, but they will also adorably do that. They were those kinds that had themed and planned birthday parties when they were young, or even those with the strict dress code about Halloween parties.



It will depend on others how Aquarians comes off to them. The Aquarians are going to study others, learn the correct answers, and after that, you are going to see a perfect companion or friend that you never met before. This means that if those around them are nerds, then they are also nerds. When others are not nerds, they are not nerds too.

The people born under this sign are definitely intellectuals by their virtues of being one of the air signs. They possess the intellectual smarts, so the all-centric approaches will help them do some wonders with them.



The people that are born under the sign of Sagittarius spend more time than they should in living in their own heads. That’s why the population of nerds is mostly comprised of Sagittarians. We are all familiar with Sagittarians that take their interests too seriously. You can see them camping on pavements, fighting the mosquitoes and line cutters, only to get their own hands on the premier passes. When there is actually something that the nerd inside of them wants, they are going to get it, regardless of what they have to do and regardless of the price they have to pay.



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