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These 7 Zodiac Couples Should Never Really Happen

When talking about who we feel interested in dating when we look at his or her sign of the Zodiac, and ours may really permit us to see our future in many different ways.

Of course, not every relationship or person is spot on to his or her astrological sign; however, the insight we receive may permit us a better-educated look when it comes to what we are supposed to push ahead or run far away.

Each sign of the Zodiac has its characteristics, and those characteristics will mesh or will not mesh well when talking about the other Zodiac signs. When we were sometimes in a harmfully toxic relationship, maybe looking at our sign and the sign of our ex could help us understand what characteristics the two of us didn’t share or maybe shared too good that was probably our downfall.

Here are the seven most toxic Zodiac sign pairings:

Aries – Scorpio

The people born under these signs are over-passionate, more than they are supposed to be, simply for their good. When the two of them are together, it seems like everything else is on fire, and intense more than it has to be. They become obsessive and jealous very quickly, and nothing good will ever come from such a situation.


Libra – Pisces

The match between the people born under these signs is never supposed to happen. Although Libras seem like the perfect partners for Pisces, as time passes, the two of them are going to become really sensitive than they are supposed to. Pisces is sometimes very irritating individuals for Libras, and they leave them feeling as if they always need “more.” Libras will be bored very quickly, so trying to mix every single thing up is only going to make the things worst.

Taurus – Aquarius

This pair can be perfect, but also horrifying. There is no something in between for sure. They don’t have many things in common, so they also struggle when it comes to keeping the peace. It seems like they always work against each other instead of with each other.

Cancer – Sagittarius

The sign of Cancer can sometimes be quite clingy. Sagittarians aren’t the ones that will do really well with such clingy people. The people born under Cancer are always going to feel like they are never good enough in this particular mixture, and like Sagittarians are running away. Depending on all this, they will probably try to run away as far as possible.


Taurus – Aries

Of course, these two have many things in common because they are driven; however, the people born under Taurus aren’t always s content with those born under Aries as they would expect them to be. Those under Taurus are more closed off than the ones in Aries, and their ways of living also differ from each other.

Gemini – Virgo

These two signs have a quite good mindset generally, and they also seem to have identical ways of thinking; however, they aren’t often good for each other. The people born under Gemini are too much for Virgos, and when talking about the tediousness of Virgos, the people in Gemini simply go crazy. These two can also be seen fighting more often than others can imagine.

Leo – Capricorn

Both these signs are terrible for each other, and they never see each other in the eyes. They are continually bickering. Leos have an artistic side, while Capricorns have a creative side, and that’s why they continually try to one-up one another in the imagination world. Although they appear to mesh in the proper way, in the start, when they are together for a longer time, they will resent each other more. 



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