These 2021 Zodiac Sign Hopes To Be Doing In The New Year


You hope you’re going to get to travel around the world instead of being cooped up in your home.


You hope you’re going to advance in your career and take a step closer to your dreams.


You hope you’re going to get to go on romantic dates and search for someone to steal your heart.


You hope you’re going to get to spend plenty of time with your family and friends in person.


You hope you’re going to meet new people and go on new adventures outside of your hometown.


You hope you’re going to get to go to concerts and festivals and parties again.


You hope you’re going to get to know a special someone better and take the next step in your relationship.


You hope you’re going to get laid again (and maybe find a forever person in the process).


You hope you’re going to have more energy to focus on your hobbies and having fun.


You hope you’re going to drink less alcohol and work fewer hours.


You hope you’re going to get to try new cuisines and cocktails and desserts.


You hope you’re going to feel more comfortable inside your own skin.


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