The Women Of The November 2020 Moon

November 2020 Moon:

Your temper may get the best of you, but your heart is still made from pure gold. Your impatience may make you feel like you have lost control, but you are still an incomparable force to be around. You are the moon sign who is the most fearless of us all. The way you handle life’s everyday obstacles leaves the rest of us to comprehend how an ordinary human is never scared to look fear in the eye. Though you may be the moon sign who is quick to react or is angered easily, you are also one who holds no grudges regardless of the situation.

You are the perfect example of a woman’s capacity of true strength. You can make it through the most difficult times with an optimistic outlook that may bend but will never break. You will always believe that moving forward is more productive than staying stuck in one place for a while. You are brave enough to pursue the things you set your mind to, you do not like to second-guess yourself, and you will never be one to overthink.

You may believe that you are hard to love, but I hope you know that women like you were made to move mountains. You might have been told that you are hard to handle, but I hope you see that you are still worthy through it all. You are an entity that exudes in bravery, a force that isn’t afraid to bring light into the darkness, and a spirit that is able to stand firmly in the midst of chaos.

You are the experiences you have overcome, the journey you are pursuing, and the adventures you seek. You are a woman filled with great power, love, and light. You are not for the faint of heart, as you are truly more precious than jewels. The capacity of your strength exceeds what the average mind could ever grasp. You are not afraid of the unknown—it rather intrigues you. You are fascinated by its possibilities and opportunities rather than its uncertainty.

You elude the soul of every woman’s true heart unconditionally. You teach us how to carry our mistakes with honor rather than shame. You show us how to embody ourselves in truth and honesty, faith rather than fear, and positivity rather than negativity. You are the greatest example of someone who strives to keep their eyes toward the sun, looks forward to tomorrow, and sets their eyes on life’s ultimate prize.

Though at times you may feel misunderstood, I hope you know you are still loved by the ones who accept you exactly as you are. Though you may feel alone, know that we are more connected spiritually than you think. And though you may sometimes feel helpless, I hope you learn to embrace the journey of life rather than its destination.

You are a relentless spirit who will always pursue the things she sets her heart on, a vibrant soul who carries her scars with pride, and a strong warrior who will always find a way to victor life’s greatest battles. You are truly a force to be reckoned with.


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