Below are self-care tips and tricks based on your zodiac sign. It’ll help you learn to love yourself better in 2019. So even if 2019 is just as insane a year as 2018, you’ll be able to connect with yourself and love yourself a little bit deeper.

16. Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Let Yourself Break The Rules

The earth signs are the Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. Because of their attachment to the earth, these three signs are very grounded. They aren’t the type to dream big, but that’s not to say that don’t have their ambitions. It’s just that earth signs take everything step by step. They think of their small goal, followed by their next small goal. These signs can occasionally be showy, as they want people to see the accomplishments they worked so very hard for. All three signs are also loyal in their relationships. They love and they love hard.

Because the earth signs are so grounded and tend to be such rule followers, the earth signs should allow themselves to break the rules in 2019. Not only is breaking the rules something that will excite them, but they may also understand others better. The earth signs can be judgmental and grudge-holding people, but if they understand what’s it’s like to skip that yoga class or to get a teeny bit too drunk, they may be softer next time a loved one does so.

Of course, we’re not saying you should, like, rob a bank. But indulge in some low-level rule breaking.

15. Taurus: Do A Juice Cleanse Or Whole 30

Taurus, being a grounded sign, you are very connected to the physical pleasures in life. You enjoy drinking, eating, and being lazy. You really like sleeping in. It’s not that you’re lazy or anything, but you just enjoy relaxing your body.

In order to give yourself a little bit more love in 2019, you should indulge in a juice cleanse of Whole 30. Yes, I know that being a health nut for a week or a month may not sound too appealing to you, but it’s something you’ll realize you enjoy. You’re a sign who loves to do things with your hands, be it gardening, cooking, or knitting.

In eating healthier, you’ll get to take a moment to cook for yourself or make juice for yourself. You’ll both get to treat your body well and enjoy to charms of cooking. By eating healthy, you’ll reconnect with the earth and yourself.


14. Virgo: Take A Mental Health Day From Work

Virgo, you have the best work ethic of all the signs. You keep you’re head down and work hard no matter what. Is everyone else in the cafeteria celebrating someone’s birthday? Yeah, you’re still working! Are all your friend playing hooking and having a day together? Yeah, you’re still working!

While your commitment to getting the job done is mightily impressive, you tend to put your work before all other aspects of life. Sometimes, you need to be reminded that the promotion you’re working towards isn’t the only thing in your life. So, take a mental health day. You can plan a day of relaxing, eating, and binge-watching or a day of getting a facial, hair cut, and manicure.

Whatever way you decide to indulge, it’ll help remind you that work isn’t the only thin in life.


13. Capricorn: Practice Mindfulness And Mediation

Capricorn, you’re very perceptive. This applies to both yourself and to others. You’re always noticing (and judging) everything. So yes, you notice when your nail polish is chipped and your jeans don’t fit right and your hair isn’t falling the right way. And you also notice this about others.

Because you nitpick, you can sometimes be outside of the moment instead of living inside of it. In 2019, you should practice mindfulness and meditation. I know, I know. It sounds way too hippie for you, but meditation is a small way to really indulge and connect to yourself on the daily basis.

Since you have such discipline, you’ll stick to it once you decide to make it back of your routine. Even if it’s just five minute of breathing correctly and truly connecting with yourself, it can help you be more connected throughout the day. You’ll slowly notice that your hawk-eye way of noticing everything about every moment of the day will subside and you’ll be more lively inside of moments.


12. Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Learn To Deal With Those Emotions

The water signs are the Cancer, Scorpio, and the Pisces. Water signs are known for their connection to their emotions. Like water itself, the water signs are flexible and go with the flow, but they are also majorly controlled by their emotions. These signs tend to show their emotions in different ways. Some water signs internalize their emotions and others externalize. Whatever side of the spectrum the particular water sign falls on though, it’s good to find ways to control these emotions.

In 2019, learning to love yourself will come from finding ways to tap into these emotions, as your emotional core can actually be a way to inspire you instead of drain you. Finding strength, creativity, and kindness from emotions will help water signs love themselves a little bit more in 2019.

11. Cancer: Add Affirmations To Your Daily Routine

Cancer, you’re a very sympathetic and loyal sign. You’re the type to not only connect to your emotions, but also connect the emotions of everyone around you. You know when your bestie or boyfriend had a bad day without them even telling you about it. It’s just who you are. However, this deep connection to emotions can also make you moody and insecure. When something goes wrong, you can get negative very fast.

In order to battle these internalized insecurities, you may want to try adding daily affirmations to your routine. It can be as many or as little affirmations as you’d like to say. It can be thirty minutes of reading out inspirational things to yourself or it can simply be three words you say in the mirror every morning.

Whatever it may be, you just want to find a way to keep your feeling about yourself positive and confident.


10. Scorpio: Start Listening To Podcasts

Scorpio, your attachment to emotions usually comes out through your passions. You’re a deeply passionate sign in relationships and your career. Basically, if you’re going to care about something, you’re going to care about it a lot. Generally speaking, you also like to be informed with up to date facts and truths. You’re someone who enjoys being about to talk about the issues of the day with your friends. And, you know, if you just so happen to be the one informing your friends, that’s all the better.

Because of this, you should add in some podcasts to your daily routine in 2019. This will help you stay up-to-date with news and whatnot. You’re also a private person, so the private routine of listening to your favorite podcast is something you’ll enjoy.

It’s a tiny bit of alone time during which you’ll come out more informed and knowledgeable, which is something you love.


9. Pisces: Start Writing In A Journal

Pisces, you’re an intuitive and artistic sign. You’re also very gentle and delicate. Because you’re so highly emotional, the world can sometimes be too harsh for you. It’s not that you can’t handle the difficult things going on in the world. It’s just that you will ignore those harsh things if you can. Because of this, you occasionally escape from reality. And I don’t mean in a sci-fi way. You’ll simply indulge in watching a television show, reading a book, or procrastinating in some other way when life is too difficult.

Instead of indulging in everyone else’s storytelling, you should try your hand at your own storytelling. In 2019, start journaling. Even if you just write down some odd words or come up with half stories, it’ll still be a creative endeavor that will help you deal with those emotions.

And hey, who knows? Maybe you’ll pen the next great American novel!


8. Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Find Ways To Feel More Grounded

The air signs are the Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Like air, these signs all have freedom to them. They can adapt to any new situation well. New situations, people, or locations don’t scare them. However, this air-like quality can also keep the air signs from ever feeling grounded. They aren’t the best at building roots. Instead, they’re always one foot out the door.

In 2019, the airs signs should all look for ways to be more grounded and consistent in life. A great way to really immerse oneself in their own life is to add more routines. Air signs can look towards add a fitness class, cooking class, or even just a weekly brunch to their routine, as this will help keep them grounded and less flighty.


7. Gemini: Buy A Cookbook And Cook Yourself Delish Meals

Gemini, you’re known as the sign of the twin. This makes for dueling personalities inside of that head of yours. Because of this, you tend to be curious and flighty. You don’t like to stay in two nights in a row. Instead, you want to get happy hour with your girlfriends one right and dinner with your boyfriend another night. You don’t like consistency, but this can occasionally led to a very expensive lifestyle.

In order to feel more grounded but also keep some spice in your life, buy a cool cookbook and indulge in cooking yourself some delish meals. This way, you’ll be able to cook and feed yourself some great meals, but you’ll also be mixing it up with new meals all the time. Make it a social thing and invite some friends over for one of your yummy meals. You could also buy the cookbook with a group of girlfriends and take turns hosting.

Whatever it may be, appreciate the act of cooking and feeding yourself while also keeping it new and refreshing.


6. Libra: Take Some Me Time In The Bathtub

Libra, you’re an extremely social sign. You care about social justice and everyone getting along. Because of this, being in social situations can be both energizing and draining. It’s true that you gain a certain amount of energy from interacting with people. However, interactions in which you are trying to keep the peace or you are in the middle of conflict can seriously drain you. In order to find balance, take some time for yourself.

You don’t tend to really indulge yourself, so try to concentrate on this. Take time to relax in the bathtub. Grab some bath bombs, some bubble bath, some candles, some oil, and whatever else. Make the bathroom your little slice of heave. You could also give yourself a facial or exfoliate your skin.

However you choose to indulge yourself, make sure to take some time to do it.

5. Aquarius: Read A Book On Spirituality, Psychology, Or Wine

Aquarius, you’re a lover of knowledge. There’s nothing that excites you more than learning about a new subject matter. Particularly, you love abstract ideas like psychology and religion. You also enjoy learning about histories. Instead of just reading articles here and there, pick up a big ol’ book and really dive into a new subject matter. Learning about something new will really wake you up in your bones. You could also pick up a book about wine, as there is a rich history there but it will also allow you to be part of the learning process through taste.

In 2019, think of subjects you’d love to learn more about and get to learning! By learning more about a new subject, you’ll learn more about yourself too.


4. Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Cut Yourself Some Slack

The fire signs are the Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These signs all tend to be about forward action all day every day. They are ambitious, impulsive, and active. But they could also really use a break. The fire signs tend to hold themselves to impossible standards and get down on themselves when they fall short of said standards.

Instead, the fire signs should all take a moment to let themselves off the hook this year. Spend a day completely relaxing. Take a vacation to Disney World. Let yourself be a kid for a day. All fire signs should do something completely just for joy instead of furthering their goals every once in a while. Plus, giving yourself a break could result in something bigger and better than you’ll ever know.

3. Aries: Take A Class That’s Completely Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Aries, you’re the first sign of the zodiac, and so you have a specific taste for being #1. This competitive nature is at the core of who you are. However, it can also cost you some great times in life.

To curb that obsession with being #1, try some things that you know you’ll be bad at. Take a fitness class that’s extremely out of your wheelhouse. Take a sushi making class. Do improve comedy. Just do something that totally out of your normal routine and enjoy the fact that you’re not great.

Hey, it will help widen your skill set and you may find something new you love. By embracing not always being #1 at everything in life, you’ll learn to forgive and love yourself in 2019.


2. Leo: Spend A Whole 24 Hours Completely Alone

Leo, you’re an engaging, warm, charismatic personality. You naturally draw others to you. Because of this, you’re used to receiving attention from those around you. And girl, you THRIVE off of this attention. You seriously enjoy being the center attention. However, this can sometimes result in you measuring your self-worth through validation of others, which is a big no-no. Your source of self-worth should come from inside yourself rather than from others.

In order to connect with yourself, spend a whole 24 hours completely alone. This me time will give you a sense of self outside of what other people thing of you. You can binge-watch Netflix or plan a whole day of pampering yourself. Either way, just make sure to avoid friends, family, and acquaintances, as that’s the whole point.


1. Sagittarius: Add A Weekly Hike To Your Schedule

Sagittarius, you’re a positive and optimist sign. You also really value your freedom. This applies to your life in many aspects. Clearly, you don’t like feel like your back is against a wall in the sense of your relationships or your job. You also don’t like to feel too stuck in terms of your living situation. You love traveling and seeing new cultures, people, and locations.

In order to fight the stiffness of daily life, add a weekly hike into your routine. Not only will this help you feel free, but it will also help you connect to nature. You could take the hikes alone while listening to a podcast or with a friend while discussing a creative project. Whatever the case, use this time to connect to something you feel strongly about.



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