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The Virgo Full Moon Horoscope Is All About Reorganizing & Improving Your Life

The March Full Moon is all about letting you know that the time for you to start living the life you have always wanted is here.

So, don’t give up on your dreams, for now, is the time to hustle. The last Virgo New Moon had promised a lot back in 2019, it is time to see if it holds true to its words now.

Here is the horoscope for all the zodiacs under the Full Moon.


With Mercury going direct, you have the best chance of getting your life back on track. We know you must have been missing out on a lot of deadlines, but there is still time left. Get on with a schedule.


Taurus will always be the superstar, regardless of astral events. In fact, this Full Moon is simply going to illuminate those aspects of your being which haven’t yet been credited with respect. You will also find your creative juices flowing, which will obviously be better suited to your goals.


It is time you actually let go a little. There are a lot of things at stake, and maybe you can’t neglect them even if you wanted to. You need to get some rest so that you can come back with even more power.


You will find yourself finally getting the conversations that you so desired. Previously, there have been miscommunications amongst your peers which probably lead to a lot of discord. But now, communications are flowing with passion and you couldn’t be happier!



Leo has always been a very principled person. But sometimes, you need to look after your own values too. Don’t always do for society, take this period to think about yourself too.


You are getting what you wanted from the previous New Moon in August 2019. All the planning and hard work have culminated, and it remains to be seen how well you take it.


Don’t force anything. If something doesn’t work, maybe it was never meant to be. Use Neptune’s power to get on with some other plan, for that would work too. All this while, keep this in your head that now is the time for forgiveness, not war.


Sometimes, the end justifies the means. You will know all about that when Virgo is in your house asking for your practical and rational brain. You might not be the trust-worthiest of the lot, but you certainly know how to work it around.


Your natural instincts are coming to the surface. Remember that you have always been a leader and will always be one. Your ambitions are lofty indeed, but the problem lies in understanding if they are too difficult to achieve or not. Don’t build castles in the air but if you have a dream, go after it.



Any business venture you take up is going to affect a lot of people around, so be careful with what you choose. Sometimes, your vision might be beneficial for the public at large, but sometimes it may not. So, get into a field that would ensure that your actions are mostly positive.


You have never been emotional, but this period will make you so now. You might actually be overwhelmed with the number of emotions that you are feeling- be it love, sex or committed relationships.


You are evolving with time and there is no reason for you to stop. You will be meeting many reflections of yourself, which have evolved into something totally different. You could also find before yourself elements of something that you desire. Well, don’t give up and keep following them.

This Full Moon is going to be very important for you if you know how to utilize it well.



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