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The Type Of Single Woman You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign


There is often a skewed perspective that only people in relationships are happy and people who are single are missing out on life.

But if you take a deeper look at life, you’ll see that how spectacular and amazing your life is: depends on you and not your relationship status.


Even if you are single, there are different types of single people.


No two people are the same. Some people like solitude and stay single out of their own free will and there are people, who hold out for their Mr. Perfect and stay single, and then there are some who want to focus on career and goals and therefore stay single.


ARIES – The Jumper Woman

You are a natural leader, thanks to your immense energy, vitality, and force. You are independent by nature and temperament. You are active, excitable, impulsive, and optimistic; open to change and new experiences.

Aries, you like the excitement and the chase in a relationship. As long as there is chase and stimulation things are good and you are interested and the moment you come close to the object of your affection, you lose interest.


TAURUS – The Loyal Woman

You are loyal, patient, stable, and persistent. But you can also be too rigid, stubborn and overly possessive and materialistic at times.

You like to take your time before you fall head over heels in love with someone. You are not interested in casual flings but you look for someone who wants to go the long haul.

Therefore you stay single for long intervals of time instead of dating casually.


GEMINI – The Social Butterfly

Geminis are kings of contacts and communication. They reach out to people and places everywhere, including the Milky Way and galaxies and spaces. That’s their specialty.

Geminis are also known as social butterflies. They like to meet new people and explore new places.

You would like to date a lot of people, have a lot of great conversation and go around the world rather than settle down with one person.

You look for a partner who is equally outgoing and patient enough to keep up with your social life.


CANCER – The Family Oriented Woman

Cancerians are intuitive and psychic; you are also emotionally sensitivity, tenacious and nurturing.
You are very emotional and sensitive and look for a partner with whom you can connect on all levels: physical, emotional and mental.

You are very giving, caring, expressive and nurturing and you look for someone who is worthy of that kind of genuine love and therefore you hold out till you find your right match.


LEO – The Bossy Woman

Leo, you have leadership ability, high self-esteem and confidence, generosity, and creativity.

But you can also be arrogant, vain and bossy at times.

You like to be in the limelight wherever you go and you like to live your life to the fullest.

You know how to live it up and be happy on your own.

You wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with someone but you will not put your life on hold to look for someone.


VIRGO –The Seeker Woman

Virgo, you are reserved, modest, practical, discriminating, industrious, and analytical and seek to know and understand yourself and the world.

You have mental agility, analytical skills, ability to pay attention to detail and have a problem-solving attitude.

Virgo, you know what you want and you are also very methodical about how to go about your goals.

You would put yourself out there on all the dating apps and date extensively to look for the right partner.



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