We talk a lot about the type of relationships we want to be in or that we should be in. It’s a really big topic in our lives: we tend to adhere to certain patterns when we deal with people that it takes a lot of introspection to change. We tend to want to know where we fit into things by trying to figure out how we relate to other people and the roles of those other people in our lives. However, it takes two people to create a relationship, and as much as other people affect us, we affect other people, too. Depending on the kind of personality you have, you bring something different and new to the table in your relationships because of the role you play in them.

Maybe you’re a person who brings a sense of honesty to a relationship, talking about your feelings and being upfront about where you want the relationship to go. Maybe you’re a person who prides themselves on a certain personality trait, or on the other hand, has a personality trait that you wish you didn’t have. Maybe your role has less to do with the person you are and more to do with the things that you do. Regardless, you bring something unique to the table and in order to better understand your relationships, you need to better understand yourself. Here’s what you bring to the table when it comes to the role you play in a relationship according to your zodiac sign and gender. Make sure you also check out your moon sign and the sign of the person you like as well!


His Aries Role: The Alpha Male Who Plans All The Dates

If you’re an Aries man, chances are you’re a person who can’t stand it when people don’t know what they want. For you, the worst thing is actually when someone knows what they want but doesn’t have the guts to say it out loud. You’re the type of man who’s the first one up and the first one to speak their mind about something, and more often than not, you take the lead in every situation. More importantly, you’re actually comfortable there. You’re a bit impulsive and even stubborn sometimes, but to be honest, you don’t see yourself that way, you just see yourself as going through life the only way that really makes sense to you. People around you might be attracted to you because you seem like the bad boy type, but when they get to know you, they’ll see you and your sweeter, more romantic side.

Her Aries Role: The Alpha Female Who’s Straightforward

As an Aries woman, you’re a person who’s enthusiastic about everything. You’re the woman who’s the leader of your friend squad, but you don’t necessarily take advice from them. You’re the type who seems like a bit of a player, but you’re actually all about finding true love relatively quickly, or at least quicker than those around you do. You’re the type of person who becomes a better person in a relationship not because you’re co-dependent but because you love working with others. You might have a bit of a jealous streak, but to be honest, the people you date actually don’t mind that streak because it lets them know that you value their presence in your life. You’re also a person who doesn’t tend to let things like jealousy and insecurity get you down so it’s very rarely an issue.

His Taurus Role: The Strong And Silent Type With A Heart Of Gold

As a Taurus man, you’re the type of person who’s set in their ways. You tend to pride yourself on being the strong and silent type, and when people get to know you, they tend to find, well, more strength and silence. This doesn’t mean that you’re a simpleminded person or anything if anything it just means that you make it a point to make sure that what people see is what they get. When it comes to love, you might try to come off super strong and emotionally distant, but really, you’ve got a heart of gold and it’s actually pretty easy to get you to fall for someone. You don’t even really have a type (well, you might, but that’s not because of your astrological sign), you just like women who refuse to play games. You’re not going to play into weird gray areas: either you’re with someone or you’re not.

Her Taurus Role: The Girl Who Shows Love And Affection And Is The Best In The Kitchen

As a Taurus woman, you’re probably one of the first things people think of when guys ponder what kind of woman is “wife material.” You’re a person who’s very affectionate and even sensual, but you’re also not the type to go rushing into something on impulse. You might be very stubborn when it comes to everything else, but when it comes to love you take your time and weigh your options and ask for advice when it’s there to be received. Your relationships tend to take forever to really get somewhere, but when they do, you’re the type to stick when them for years, sometimes longer, even when you’re not really sure you want to be in the relationship. Emotional intimacy means a lot to you as well. You’re also a total whiz in the kitchen, which is just an added bonus.

His Gemini Role: The Guy Who’s Slow To Commit But Will Show That He Loves You All The Time

As a Gemini guy, you’re actually very difficult to pin down into a relationship. This isn’t because you don’t like relationships or are bad at commitment (at least not as a rule), it’s honestly just because your attention span is all over the place. You have really high standards when it comes to your relationships, so you take a long time to even decide if a woman is worthy of a first date, let alone forever. You’re the type of guy that values a mental and intellectual connection over anything else, so you respond well to women who can make that connection with you. Once you do decide someone is worth your time, you tend to go all out with the romance to the point where it can actually be really hard to outdo yourself as the relationship goes on. Really, as long as you don’t get bored with the relationship, you can be happy in it indefinitely.

Her Gemini Role: The Sweet But Secretly Emotional Girl Whose Friends Are Also Part Of The Relationship

A Gemini woman like you is perfectly sweet on the outside but also has a rich inner life. It’s really hard for people not to like you at first, to be honest. This is why you’ve got a lot of platonic friends with whom you’re very close to. You’re the type who’s very open with people you don’t know well, but you’re even more open with the people you do know well, unafraid to show them your darker side and your flaws. Your friends might find themselves playing big parts in your romantic relationships because they’re so protective of you. Whether you actually need that protection is something I can’t tell you by just knowing your sign, you’d need to know yourself well enough to figure that one out. Regardless, you’re the type who doesn’t just want to be in the perfect relationship, you want to be the perfect person for your perfect person.

18His Cancer Role: The Most Loyal Man You’ll Ever Meet In Your Life Who Also Cries A Lot

If you’re a Cancer man, congratulations! You’re by far the most loyal and commitment-oriented man of the zodiac. This tends to come with a healthy dose of jealousy and guardedness, but once you get past those things you are devoted to a person more than anyone else could even dream of being. You tend to be really shy, so it’ll take you a while to figure out whether someone is trustworthy, let alone worthy of your love, but you get there eventually. Your loyalty comes from many places. For one, you’re very emotionally oriented and wear your heart on your sleeve despite your guardedness. For another, you’re a person who tends to be more than a little picky about who you date. Despite being a guy who cries more than most, you’re actually a real man’s man at heart.

17Her Cancer Role: The Kind-Hearted Woman Who Probably Introduced You To Her Parents A Little Fast

Let’s be real, as a Cancer woman, you’re a person who has a superpower: you’re able to understand the emotional needs of others way better than most. This is what makes you a great girlfriend and wife when that time comes, but it also tends to drain you because you’re so used to putting other people’s needs before your own. You’re a woman who takes a really long time to fall for someone, but once you do, you’re all in. You might have even made it a point to bring your significant other into your life in a truly inextricable way. Your friends might know him really well, and he might even know your parents now, way earlier than most women would have scheduled that to happen. You’re a patient person who’s willing to work through almost any problem, and while you’re not necessarily really impulsive about experiences, you can be about people.

16His Leo Role: The Guy Who Comes Off Like A Player And Probably Used To Be One

As a Leo man, you’re a person who tends to come off as a player. Let’s be real, you probably used to be one, or you at least came really close to being one. You’re the type of person who falls in love all the time and each time it’s a brand new experience, though. What others see as you being a player is really just you going all in on your newest crush. You’re the type of guy who sees every new relationship like the last one you’ll ever have, making you a really big romantic! That being said, you tend to want a partner, not just a girlfriend. You want someone who will be just as protective of you as you are of her, and someone who will compliment your skills and still be her own person. As much as you like being the center of attention, you like to give that attention as well, and you want to give that attention to someone who’s worthy of it, not because you say she is, but because she just is.

15Her Leo Role: The Girl Who Gets All The Attention In The Relationship

As a Leo woman, when you’re in a relationship, it’s all or nothing. You genuinely don’t know how to not put 100% into everything you do. You’re awesome, full stop. That being said, you’re a person who’s kind of an emotional and mental roller coaster. Out of every person of the zodiac, you’re the one who’s most likely to find the kind of love depicted in movies and TV shows because the kind of woman Hollywood tends to idealize is the kind of woman you are. While that’s a lovely depiction of love, it does come with its share of drama. You’re the type to get all the attention in the relationship and be totally fine with that. You’re not a person who will settle for just anyone, but when you find someone that you think meets your standards, it’s really easy for you to start falling for them.

14His Virgo Role:  The Cheerleader Boyfriend Who’s Your Biggest Fan

As a Virgo man, you’re the type who’s totally okay falling into a support role. You love being the person to cheer your significant other on and make sure she’s slaying her dragons. You’re the type who won’t fall for someone until your brain has determined that it’s the right thing to do because you want to make sure that you’re dealing with the right people. Drama is your worst enemy: you become less attracted to dramatic people. When you’re in love, your life will kind of revolve around that person without you meaning it to. That being said, you have the habit of expecting perfection from people because you expect that from yourself. That means that both you and your significant other tend to feel the pressure coming from you to be the best person you can be all the time, and honestly, it’s really hard for one person to stand up to that pressure every minute of the relationship.

13Her Virgo Role: The Girlfriend Who Keeps You Motivated And Honest

You, Virgo woman, are a person who is defined not so much by her emotions, but by the strength of her character. You don’t care much for Hollywood love or dramatic love: what you really want is the love that exists between two equal partners. You tend to experience attraction a lot, but you’re not the type to go rushing into anything for no reason. That being said, sometimes you tend to freak out when you realize that the seemingly unattainable person you like actually likes you back, leading you to do some out of character things. You tend to be the person in a relationship that keeps the other person motivated and honest, and you expect that from them as well when it comes to you. You’re also a person who will nip unhealthy relationship habits right in the bud: if a guy starts over-idealizing you, you shut it down fast.

His Libra Role: The Guy Who Loves You Because You’re So Different From Him

As a Libra man, romantic love is basically the highest form of emotion. You’re hopelessly romantic and love the idea of love and love being in love as much as you can. You tend to be a little impulsive when it comes to your relationships so you fall in love pretty quickly and easily. That being said, you’re also a person who doesn’t like to play games with love. You’re the type of guy who will fall for someone because they’re so different from you, not because of what you have in common. It’s totally normal to see a Libra guy like you with someone who is his total opposite in every way. This sometimes makes the relationship a little difficult, but since you’re the type of guy who likes having his life in some semblance of order, you tend to make it work. You’re also the type of guy who doesn’t hitch all of his hopes to one woman: if the relationship fails things will always be okay.

Her Libra Role: The Girl Who’s More Than A Little Flirty But Is A Ride-Or-Die

Unlike the Libra man, you, Libra woman, are a person who doesn’t mind playing games with love from time to time. You’re a real flirt when you want to be, and chances are you have no shortage of admirers. That being said, you’re not a person who gets all up in her feelings about love. You operate based on rationality and cold logic most of the time, so you’re definitely not the woman who’s going to fly off the handle for every little thing. When you find someone who can give you the support and partnership you’re looking for, you’re totally devoted to them, dropping your flirty facade and showing them your true self. Many people tend to think that you’re not the kind of person who likes commitment, but they tend to eat their words when they realize you’re the woman in your squad who’s most likely to be in a committed relationship.

His Scorpio Role: The Passionate Guy Who Probably Scares Everyone Around You With How Intense He Can Get

You’re the type, Scorpio guy, to be the brooding one who girls tend to be a little scared of at first. Chances are you’re the one with this aura of danger around them that people can’t help but be drawn to. You tend to come off very calm, cool and collected at first, that intensity bubbling beneath the surface, which is what everyone is responding to. However, when you’re actually in your relationship, you show them the sides of yourself that you’re afraid to show yourself. You tend to be a little possessive, but that’s kind of how you show your love to others. Deep down, you’re a really sensitive and loving person, you just don’t like to show the world that side of yourself, so you just don’t. You’d rather come off like a jerk than let people see that side of you.

Her Scorpio Role: The Girl With A Few Insecurities, But Gives More Love Than Most Guys Know How To Handle

As a Scorpio woman, you are never a person to be taken lightly. You can play games as well as any man or woman of the zodiac, but you choose not to. You just don’t have the time for that. You tend to have some insecurities that nag at you more often than they do others, but deep down, you know you’re a strong woman who has more love than most know what to do with. You might appear to be the boss of your relationship because of how direct you can be with your wants and needs, leading to a unique dynamic in your relationships that no other woman of the zodiac can say that they have. Unlike some other signs, however, you can be very temperamental and fly off the handle from time to time, and your style of communication might end up confusing the guys you’re with, so it’s up to you to be aware of that.

His Sagittarius Role: The Guy Who Won’t Commit Unless He Knows You’re The One, But Will Show You A Great Time

As A Sagittarius man, you’re the type of person who tends to lock onto one target and make them fall for you. It sounds weird because you’re a really flirty guy and tends to be casual with your romantic relationships, but even when you’re casual, you tend to really only go for one woman at a time. You’re less concerned with falling in love than you are with the concept of love and figuring out what it means to you for yourself. When you’re in love with someone on a real level, you’re the type of guy that acts in equal parts like a young player and an old, married man. You love your freedom and need it to have fun, and you want to be with someone who understands that your flirty nature doesn’t mean you’re being disloyal. Once you find that though, you won’t see the need to be a flirt anymore. Before you do find that, however, you’re the guy who’s going to show the world a great time.

Her Sagittarius Role: The Girl Who Will Never Fail To Make You Laugh, But Has A Dark Side

As a Sagittarius woman, you’re one of the funniest people in the zodiac. You have stories about your various exploits and you’re known to have the best stories at most any gathering. However, you’ve got a real dark side. After all, those stories are funny now that you’ve gotten some time and distance from them, and you’ve grown more as a person to laugh at those awful experiences. This is why you don’t necessarily believe it’s wrong to play games in love because to you, love is kind of a game in itself. People play roles and present themselves in different ways in order to “win” at love, and you’re not wrong for acknowledging what everyone else refuses to. You’re the type of woman who tends to be low-key more intelligent than the other people around you, but if you’re a less mature person, you might see that as an opportunity to look down on others, which messes up your relationships. If you’re a mature person, you know what it means to value what other people have to offer.

His Capricorn Role: The Guy Who Seems A Little Boring But Has His Whole Life Together

Capricorn men like you tend to be underestimated. However, men like you are a rare thing. You might not have the best initial luck with women because, let’s face it, you come off just a little boring. You’re really serious about everything you do, so that attitude alone tends to weed people who aren’t as serious about you out. However, you’re a lucky guy in the sense that your stability makes you a person who has their whole life together. When you choose someone to date, more often than not you’re right about them and your choice to commit to them will lead to a forever kind of relationship. You’re not here to waste time, you’re here for love, and if it’s not there, you have no problem moving on from things. In your relationships, you’re the dependable guy who people might wonder how you got this person or that person, but you don’t care because you know the truth about yourself and your relationship.


Her Capricorn Role: The Girl Who Will Tell You About Yourself And What You Need To Hear, Not What You Want To Hear

As a Capricorn woman, you’re deeply practical, but nobody would ever dare to call you boring. Sure, you might not be the person who brings life to the big party, but you’re definitely the person everyone calls on when they need a dose of reality. You tend to attract people who might be a little hurt by what you say but appreciate that you refuse to pull punches with anyone, especially not those you care about. People might see your relationship as you being too overly critical of people, but you’re never going to say something that the other person doesn’t need to hear or that they secretly don’t wish they could hear. While you’re a person who will always say you don’t care about romantic love, deep down you crave a relationship that gives you the security of all kinds.


His Aquarius Role: The Delightfully Weird Guy Who Marches To His Own Beat, But Wants To Feel Normal

If you’re an Aquarius guy, chances are you know how it feels to be the oddest, weirdest person in the room. You’re the guy who will say that you love someone in every way except using the words just because you can. You’re a non-conformist at heart, so you’re going to express your love for people in decidedly strange ways. If the girl is the right one for you, she’ll roll with it instead of thinking it’s weird.  In your relationships, you have no problem being yourself and really owning the role of the weird guy, but deep down you have a desire that you hate admitting to. You honestly want to have some moments and some people with whom you feel normal. You don’t want to feel normal all the time because you know you’re not, but you want the person you spend forever with to not see you as weird, you want them to see you as you.

Her Aquarius Role: The Girl Who’s Unlike Anyone Else You’ll Ever Date, For Better Or For Worse

If you’re an Aquarius woman, chances are you end up hearing one thing more than anything else when you date people, one sentence that changes meaning depending on who says it. That statement is “You’re not like anyone else I’ve ever dated.” Sometimes it’s a point of pride, but other times you feel like the person is trying to put you in a box and you can’t stand that kind of thing. You’re the type of woman who can’t conform to a specific role, especially not for anyone else. You are yourself and anyone who can’t accept that needs to go somewhere else away from you. You don’t fall in love easily, but when you do, you show that person everything about you, even the parts that you don’t like. You’re fiercely independent and need the space to exercise that or else you’ll wither in the relationship.


His Pisces Role: The Quiet Guy Who Will Sweep You Off Your Feet If You’re The Person Who Compliments His Natur3

As a Pisces guy, you’re a person no one sees coming. You seem a little spacey and easygoing sometimes, and while those are qualities some girls love, they’re not really the qualities that are your favorite about yourself all the time. However, beneath that exterior is a man who knows how to figure other people out and has a way of staying optimistic about things. You have a talent for becoming what other people need at the moment while still being yourself, which gives you an adaptability few other people possess. You’re kind of a quiet guy to the outside world, but to the person you’re with, you couldn’t be a louder personality. You’re great at sweeping anyone off their feet, but you’re better at it when you two have something in common that keeps the connection going, or at least establishes that connection. You tend to communicate in lots of different ways, not just verbally, making it so you can project your feelings in lots of ways.


Her Pisces Role: The Force Of Nature Who Has The World Under Her Thumb

Many people see the Pisces woman as the type to be quiet and dreamy and a little too naive. To be honest, those are qualities the men of this sign have in spades, not the women. You’re a woman who’s more than just a person, you’re a force of nature. You don’t just love the idealistic idea of love, you love playing around with it and keeping people right where you want them. You’re not a manipulative person really, but you’re a person who sees magic, mystery, and just plain more to the world than what’s in front of you and you just want some of that in your own life. You tend to come off really mysterious to those who don’t know you, but at the same time, you’re a person who can let their guard down to the right person at the right time. People tend to see you as weak but then are blown away by how strong you are, so you’re the type who needs to be with someone equally strong.