The One 2019 Resolution Each Zodiac Sign Will Never Keep

Keeping a New Year’s resolution is notoriously difficult. Studies show that around eighty percent of resolutions fail by February, and just eight percent of people actually see their resolutions through to the end of the year. So the chances of actually sticking to a resolution isn’t great, and when it comes to the signs in astrology, there are promises they tend to make themselves that almost always fail. No matter what they tell themselves, there are certain resolutions that they just won’t stick to.

People tend to run into trouble with New Year’s resolutions when they try to achieve things that are impossible, or really, really hard. And in that case, not only do they set themselves up for failure, but they also set themselves up for disappointment. The other mistake people tend to make is being too vague with their resolutions, so they don’t even know where to begin come January. It’s also never a good idea to make a resolution based on what other people want, or what society dictates. If a person isn’t passionate about change, they’re going to find excuses not to make it happen.

So which resolutions should the signs avoid? Keep reading to find out!


28 Aries Woman: Stop Getting Involved In Other People’s Drama

The Aries woman might feel tempted to stop getting involved in other people’s drama in 2019, but she’s not likely to stick to that goal. It’s not because she’s nosey, but because she’s loyal, that she has such a hard time leaving people to sort out their problems on their own. When her friends are in any kind of trouble, she’ll always step in to save the day, even if she promised herself she wouldn’t meddle. She just loves to help!

27 Aries Man: Reading More

In 2019, the Aries man might decide to try and read more. Unless he’s naturally an avid reader, we don’t recommend that he chooses this goal. While there are endless benefits to reading, the Aries man finds it hard to spend time doing things that he’s not passionate about. Instead, he likes to fill his day with the things that make him feel alive, whether they’re good for him or not. If he doesn’t already love reading, he probably won’t be able to dedicate time to doing it every day.

26 Leo Woman: Getting Off Social Media

As time passes and technology advances, more and more people are starting to use social media. At the same time, an increasing amount of people are calling it quits altogether. The Leo woman may decide to go cold turkey on all her social media in 2019, but she probably won’t be able to stick to it. She loves being social and keeping up with her friends, plus she loves sharing the details of her love, so it’s just not going to happen. A better idea would be to limit the time she spends online.

25 Leo Man: Facing All Your Biggest Fears

The Leo man is certainly brave, and he may feel that 2019 is the year that he faces all his fears. He feels a lot of satisfaction when he overcomes things that previously held him back. The problem with promising to face all your fears, though, is that it’s unrealistic. And overwhelming. Sometimes Leo forgets that slow and steady wins the race. He’s better off picking one thing to work on in the coming year. There’s plenty of time in the future for the others.

24 Sagittarius Woman: Actually Being Organized

It’s not uncommon to commit to being super organized for the next twelve months. Unfortunately, most people fail to stick to this goal. The Sagittarius woman happens to be one of those people. Being organized, while it has its benefits, just doesn’t come naturally to her. She likes to live her life with a lot more freedom, and being too organized can restrict her. As long as her life is functioning the way it is, there’s no need for her to set this resolution.

23 Sagittarius Man: Not Wasting Money On Traveling

The Sagittarius man could think that it’s a good idea to cut back on the traveling for 2019. Everyone’s budget is different, and if he has to save money then he has to save money. But traveling seems to be especially important to this sign, and it would be a shame for him to eliminate something that means so much to him. He could see if there is anything else he could cut back on that wouldn’t compromise the quality of his life. And remember that traveling doesn’t have to be grand or expensive!

22 The Fire Signs Should Make Smaller Goals, Not Huge, Vague Ones

The best way to make sure you stick to a New Year’s resolution is to choose something that’s actually possible to achieve. You’ll always have better results if you come up with something specific and achievable, rather than something overly vague and hard to make happen. The fire signs have never been great planners, and they don’t always think things out clearly, so their resolutions tend to be unclear (and probably not feasible). It’s a better idea for them to think carefully about choosing something they can actually visibly achieve.

21 Taurus Woman: Going On A Strict Regime

Going on a diet is probably one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Taurus is likely to choose this because she’s always interested in improving herself, and food is one of her weaknesses. But that’s exactly the reason why she should avoid a strict diet! Not only is completely depriving yourself not the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle, but when you’re secretly a foodie like Taurus, it’s basically impossible to stick to it. Instead, she should try to eat healthier, while still maintaining some balance.

20 Taurus Man: Getting To the Gym Every Single Day

The Taurus man is similar to the Taurus woman in that he loves to improve himself and work on his weaknesses. He might feel like he wants to focus on his body in the coming year and get to the gym every day. While there’s nothing wrong with exercising, doing it too much can cause him to burn out, and leave him in an even worse position than when he started. Going every day could be a little much, but there’s no reason he can’t try going a few times a week.

19 Virgo Woman: Stop Being Stressed

People probably tell the Virgo woman all the time that she should stop stressing out about everything, so it’s understandable that her goal for 2019 would be to stop being stressed. But this is much easier said than done, and isn’t a great resolution because it’s very hard, especially for a natural stress ball like Virgo. She should, by all means, work on her mental health and address her stress, but aiming to not be stressed at all is setting herself up to fail.

18 Virgo Man: Telling People What They Want To Hear

Because the Virgo man is so honest, he can sometimes get himself in trouble with his words. He usually doesn’t see the point in sugar coating anything, and he might try to change that in 2019 by telling people what they want to hear instead of being honest. The problem is, though, that being honest is who he is. Lying, even if it’s for a good reason, will feel strange to Virgo. Instead, he should work on his tact so he can say the truth to people in a gentle way.

17 Capricorn Woman: Lowering Dating Standards

Capricorn has notoriously high dating standards, and she might be used to people telling her that she’ll be single forever unless she lowers them. Though it’s tempting to give into the pressure, we don’t recommend that she make this as her goal. She can’t tell herself who to be attracted to, so it’s basically a dead end of a resolution. And it’s probably better to be single than to be with someone you don’t actually have feelings for, to be honest.

16 Capricorn Man: Achieving Impossible Career Goals

In typical earth sign fashion, the Capricorn man likes to set very difficult goals for himself when it comes to his career. It wouldn’t be surprising if his resolution was to achieve something nearly impossible at work. The problem with these kinds of resolutions is that there’s a very high risk of feeling like a total failure if you don’t achieve what you set out to. It’s fine if Capricorn has aspirations, but he shouldn’t set them as resolutions and give himself a year to complete them.

15 The Earth Signs Shouldn’t Set Impossible Goals

Being hard on themselves and a little too ambitious at times, the earth signs have a habit of picking resolutions that are downright impossible to meet. They tend to set really high goals for themselves, and then when they can’t meet them, they feel terrible. Not only are these signs ambitious, but they also forget to be kind to themselves, so it’s always a good idea for them to choose a resolution that they know without a doubt they can achieve.

14 Gemini Woman: Learning A New Skill

Being a passionate person, Gemini loves learning new things. She has been known to commit to learning a new language at the beginning of the year, or taking up a bunch of new hobbies. It’s a good thing that she’s so enthusiastic about life, but she often has trouble sticking to long-term goals like this. Because she gets so excited, she can easily get distracted and forget about the language or the new hobby. If she’s going to try and learn something new, she should make sure she can do it in a short time frame.

13 Gemini Man: Spending More Time With Family And Friends

The Gemini man is as social as they come, and always feels guilty when he can’t see his family and friends as much as he wants to. But rather than promising he’s going to spend more time with all of them on top of what he’s already doing, he should try to reduce some of his commitments, and if he has spare time, see them. There’s no point in catching up with people if he can’t really be present in the moment, because he’s thinking about all the other things he has on.

12 Libra Woman: Getting Over An Ex

It may well be Libra’s resolution for 2019 to get over her ex. But it’s not always a good idea to set massive goals like this. While twelve months seems like a long time, it may still not be enough for some people to completely get over their ex. Getting over someone you used to love is a process that is different for everyone. Plus, it’s a difficult process. Libra shouldn’t make it any harder for herself by giving herself a deadline.

11 Libra Man: Settling Down By The End Of The Year

In the same way, the Libra man shouldn’t set a big goal relating to his love life, like be settled down by the end of the year. If he gives himself a deadline like that, he’s more likely to rush into a relationship and commit to someone who’s not really right for him. Then he’ll end up settling rather than settling down. This especially applies to Libra because he enjoys dating, and he shouldn’t give it up due to pressure.

10 Aquarius Woman: Donating More Money To Charity

Aquarius has a huge heart and may want to help the world by donating more to charity in 2019. The issue with this is that she doesn’t know how her finances are going to be in the coming year. While it’s a nice thought, she might be better off doing other things to help out a good cause. Instead of promising to donate money, she can promise to help in any way that she can, which may include donating her time instead.

Aquarius Man: Spending Less Time Alone

By nature, Aquarius is an independent sign and doesn’t need to be surrounded by other people to feel complete. Society tends to misunderstand people who are happy to be on their own, and so Aquarius may feel the pressure to spend less time alone. But he shouldn’t make that his resolution! Everyone need some kind of contact, but there’s nothing wrong with having alone time. As long as he’s not totally isolated, he doesn’t have to fight who he is.

The Air Signs Should Make Resolutions For Them, Not Others

Every now and then, the air signs make promises they can’t keep. They always have the best intentions, but don’t think everything out clearly, and can’t always follow through. When it comes to resolutions for New Year’s, they can avoid that trap by only promising to do something that they’ll actually stick to. They have a better chance of succeeding if they choose things they’re passionate about, rather than things that they agree to out of obligation or to please anyone else.

Cancer Woman: Getting Married

It would be typical for Cancer to promise to herself that she’ll get married in 2019, even if she’s not currently dating anyone. The problem with a resolution like this is that it’s the kind of thing that shouldn’t be rushed. Also, people don’t always have control over when they meet that one person who makes a difference. If she’s already been upset with herself over not being married, she doesn’t need to make it worse by racing the clock. Instead, she should let things happen in their own time.

Cancer Man: Being Happy All Of The Time

Cancer tends to suffer from mood swings, so he may decide to try and spend 2019 being happy all of the time. Unfortunately, nobody is happy all of the time. Even people who are happy overall and have a positive outlook on life have their off days. Negative emotions are normal. Rather than forcing himself to be happy all of the time, which will probably end in disaster, Cancer should focus on being more positive, and not feeling sorry for himself.

Scorpio Woman: Not Worrying About Things That Don’t Really Matter

An over-thinker, Scorpio is usually guilty of worrying about things that she really doesn’t need to. This can include problems that have nothing to do with her, or problems that aren’t really problems—she can sometimes make mountains out of absolutely nothing. But telling herself not to worry about those things isn’t a good idea because she probably won’t be able to stick to it. She is a passionate person and cares about the little things, and the things that don’t involve her personally. That’s just who she is. She’ll never be indifferent.

Scorpio Man: Meeting Lots Of New People

Another common New Year’s Resolution is to meet a ton of new people. Sometimes people choose to set this goal so they can network in a professional way, or maybe increase their chances of meeting a new romantic partner. But Scorpio isn’t the type to spend all his time getting to know others, and that’s okay. Instead, this mysterious sign should work on the relationships that he already has. If he meets new people that he clicks with, great. But he shouldn’t stress about it if he doesn’t.

Pisces Woman: Completely Changing Careers

A creative sign, Pisces could decide that 2019 is the year that she has a total career makeover. Even if she’s unhappy in her current job, it’s probably not a good idea to promise herself that she’s going to completely change careers within the year. By all means, this can be something to work on, but it can take a long time to develop the right skills to take off in a new career. She’s better off working towards it slowly and making sure she does it right.

Pisces Man: Meditating For An Hour A Day

Pisces is quite a spiritual sign, and may want to spend more time meditating in the coming year. Meditation has endless benefits, but committing to an hour of it a day is a little much, even if you’re not a total beginner. Pisces is passionate, and the type to throw himself in the deep end and promise to make such a big commitment. But he’s better off making a smaller promise so that he’ll actually stick to it.

The Water Signs Shouldn’t Deny Who They Are

When it comes time to pick a New Year’s Resolution, the water signs should remember what kind of people they are and what will serve them in the coming year. If they choose something because it’s the latest fad, or their friends told them they should, it might not resonate with who they really are. And these signs have such strong intuitive powers that they can tell when something isn’t meant for them, and will be more likely to give up on it.


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