The New Moon In October 2020 Will Shower These 3 Zodiacs With All Her Blessings

The beauty of the Scorpio New Moon taking place on 27th/28th of October 2020 is that whatever intentions you set now will bloom in the next 6 months.

And the Moon will shine brightest for Cancer, Scorpio (duh!), and Pisces. Waves of change are waiting for the water signs of the zodiac!


All your daily activities should be concentrated in the morning as you could have a very important effort in the afternoon. Try to deal with each deal quickly, so you can be free.

You’re usually well organized, so you’ll be able to do it even though things can be difficult in the evening. You will have to remain calm even when it seems like everything is going downhill.



You have taken on responsibilities that you would not have even considered on other occasions, but right now you know that it is the right thing for you and the people around you who need your help.

You will be rewarded by destiny. In the evening you will find a nice surprise waiting for you and you will finally be able to take some time for yourself to devote to what you like best.



There are some minor problems that will be dealt with on this day even without the help of those who caused them. Try to be calm and above all not to exasperate the issues that have now taken a certain turn.

Surely you will be helped in the end by those who have been the architects of your problems. Do not scold them too much, in fact, do not scold them at all, the lesson will certainly be served and in the future, they will not repeat the same mistake.



As the New Moon will be in your 9th house (faith and adventure), you will now be asked to explore things outside your comfort zone. If you feel like you need to escape, don’t hesitate to stop everything and take the next flight out.

If you are losing faith, in yourself or in the Universe, this is the best time to figure out how it is all connected. But true understanding awaits you in the wilderness of your imagination, not within the confines of it.

Move and you will understand everything from multiple perspectives. And when you learn to see it all, you will realize how many opportunities are waiting for you. Go ahead and grab them!


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