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The Most Incredible Women Tend To Have The Worst Dating Lives

This is one of the most peculiar and intriguing things in the dating world. Why is it that the most incredible, amazing, ambitious and assertive women have the worst luck when it comes to finding a partner? Why do they always seem to fall for the wrong guy who is all sorts of bad for them? The thing with these women is they feel like they can train their head and their heart not to fall that easily. They feel like falling in love is something they can learn to control in order not to wreck their heart and spare themselves the pain of another heartbreak. But you need to know this: Your heart is not made of steel and you can’t always protect it from trouble. Yes, you are a strong, capable woman who knows how to get what she sets her mind to but you are still only human. And humans make poor judgment calls. And we all make poor decisions. We all tend to make bad choices when it comes to men. Our heart makes us believe what our mind is telling us not to. Our soul wants to feel that connection that our mind fears is tainted. And sometimes… you can’t help but fall in love with a guy who doesn’t know how to appreciate you.   Your sincere heart wants to believe that those guys are as truthful as you are, even after having been broken too many times, and sometimes, you get burned in the process. You are used to being your own anchor and you don’t like depending on men for anything. You let your ambition shine on your journey through life and you know how to get what you want. You never let anyone take advantage of your genuine kindness… until you do. You meet a man with whom you feel an instant connection. You feel that spark and you get giddy just thinking about him. At first, you are reluctant to make a move and are denying the obvious signs that there is something there. But it keeps gnawing at you and eventually, you’ll let your guard down and give it a go. You firmly believe that this time could be different. He promises you the moon and the stars and you have this crazy infatuation with him, so you choose to believe it. You ignore your mind and let your heart take the wheel. It’s not because you’re stupid. And it’s not because you’re naive. It’s because you are so strong in your intention to give your trust to someone you feel has earned it. It is because you are strong enough to momentarily forget about your past heartbreaks and give it one more shot. You are not a fool for believing in yourself. You are brave for having hope in your heart. When you give yourself to love, you give yourself wholly and completely. And when you love, your love runs deep. The most incredible thing about you is that regardless of your less than ideal dating past, you never let it diminish your chances for a better future. You always find a place in your heart for someone who proves to be worthy . And when that someone crushes you, yeah… it takes a while to get back on your feet and heal but you always give it your all. You never feel sorry for yourself. You don’t need pity, you don’t ask for sympathy. All you ask for is a genuine connection that will remain that way through all of the tough breaks. Through every tear, every obstacle and every doubt you cast on yourself. And all of that is what makes you so strong. Your unfortunate experiences with men have never managed to break you. You always rise up. You always find that strength within and you always put yourself out there. That takes guts. And that is why you are so incredible. Never let the world break you. We need more women like you. Women who are unwavering in their quest for love and equality and who never let a man take away their trust and kindness. Keep being you. One day, you will find the love you deserve and then, you will be able to let yourself love this man with your whole heart, knowing that this time, it really is different.  


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