The Message The 2020 Fall Equinox Has For You, Based On Your Birth Month

With Equinox just around the corner, it’s helpful to understand the key potentials and things to pay attention to, as part of your preparation for this next big energy gateway.

There are tools out there in the world that will help you find out and discover what your future will be. Things like the I Ching, and horoscopes all tell us stories about our worlds.

They help to predict where we’ll eat dinner, whom we’ll go with, and whether or not we’re going to marry them. While they may or may not tell us exactly when it’ll happen, or any of the juicy details, future predicting devices give us a good idea of what our overall lives will hold

. Not to mention the fact that it is possible to figure out an approximate timeline. Guys and gals, find your birth month and read what the 2020 Fall Equinox has in store for you!



You’re going to lose control. Maybe this isn’t as much of a positive as we think it is. Women born in January like to be controlled and self-contained. They don’t often come out of their comfortable, protective shell, and they certainly don’t like to waste time or fall flat on responsibility. Not to mention your strong ties to a family!

Sometime this fall you’re going to disappoint all of those things and totally lose control. Well, okay, maybe not all of them. You’re certainly going to get too overwhelmed at least once over the next couple of months though! Not to mention the fact that your newfound social life is going to result in more than a few tipsy nights.

While we support some tactical control losing, it’s hard to say when enough is enough. It can also be scary if you’re losing control for the first time. Our advice? Know that whatever you lose you can always gain back. Nothing’s gone forever.



You’re going to build something you’re proud of, and we’re so totally proud of you for that. Unlike your controlled, responsible, thorough, and hardworking female January-born counterparts, you are often quite a bit lazier. You don’t particularly like to take risks, which means you tend to get stuck doing your same old routines every day.

Luckily a creative streak is exactly the thing to take you out of this rut. A rare occurrence, but not unheard of. While artistic creation isn’t your strength, methodical creation is.


You’re going to find an outlet for expression in creating furniture, fixing things, or building creations that have a practical, functional use; even if that use is just looking good.

We’re proud of you for taking charge and stepping into your own. And while you’re at it, could you build us a new dining room table? Ours looks like it needs some TLC and fix-it pride. Thanks, Mr. January. Looks like it’ll be a great fall!



You’re going to make some groundbreaking discoveries this fall. No doubt you’re in a program like art history, psychology, or English. These are the programs that usually draw Februarians to them, as they’re just the right balance of creatively free-thinking and academically rigorous.

Because you’re a woman who likes to use her brain, you’re going to find that this is the season where you really come into your own. Whether you’re working on your Master’s or you’re starting your first year of your Bachelor’s, you’re going to put that brain to good use.

Maybe it’s in a paper you write that revolutionizes the way we think of behavioral psychology; maybe you’ll uncover secret symbolism in some of Picasso’s work. Whatever it is, you’re going to make a discovery that changes the course of academia itself.



You’re going to discover your artistic side. While those born in February are often thought of as being intellectual and clever, you’re almost always stuck in your own little worlds. It’s not that you’re stubborn, you just don’t tend to push yourself to try new things.

Likely you’re in a program like philosophy, psychology, or general arts and sciences. You’ve got the rumination down pat, but you February guys are missing out on a whole other side of yourselves. This fall, you’re going to find yourself discovering your artistry.

Maybe this means you’ll pick up a paintbrush, or be forced to take a writing class. Maybe you’ll date someone who’s a theatre major and will get dragged along to all their weird shows.

Either way, let it happen. Embrace these new experiences, because they’re just as much a part of you like your keen wit and knowledgeable worldview.



You’re one of the more sensitive birth months, which means it’s no surprise that you’re going to fall in love. Feb ladies are some of the most open-hearted women around, which means you’re the most at risk of falling in love.

Maybe you’ll find a work buddy; maybe the rigorous note-taker in your economics class catches your eye. Either way, eventually it’s going to happen. You’ll lock eyes and fall in love. Sometimes our social lives feel like they should take over our school lives, but that’s not the case. Balance is the key to a happy life!



You know how we said balance is the key in our last prediction? You’re going to learn how to achieve that balance. This fall you’re going to find that your previous experiences of going gaga over attractive people and totally ignoring your responsibilities is going to end in failed attempts, broken hearts, and/or unhealthy relationships.

We’re not saying that you’re going to give up falling in love! We’re saying that you’re going to learn how to balance that love with the other things you need to do in your life.

February men are prone to idolizing their lovers and getting caught up in romance; you’re going to figure out how to do that and stay on top of all your work, which will serve you well! Don’t be afraid to slow down or take steps back. There’s time to do everything.



Oh mama, you are some tough stuff. As an April woman, you’re not afraid to be outspoken about what you need. You’ve gotten yourself into (and out of) many situations over the years because of how much you talk. It’s all been leading up to this moment, believe it or not.

Sometime this fall you’re going to discover that you’re even more impressive than you might have thought yourself to be. You’re going to be put in a leadership role. Whether this means becoming the president of a club you started, or running for student council president, or even leading a rally at your local co-op, you’re going to find that people look up to you.

Don’t let your temper get in the way of doing a good job, though. Sometimes being loud and proud also means you’re prone to a short fuse.



You’re going to get into a fight this year. Whether or not you’ve ever fought before is beside the point. Your temper leads you to get into some sticky situations. Maybe you’ve punched a hole in the wall before, or maybe you’ve found yourself in a relationship-ending screaming match.

Whatever it was, you know that being stubborn and outspoken can often end with bad results. Whether it’s you and your roommate play-fighting too intensely, or you trying to stand up for someone at the bar, you’ll find yourself with a mess on your hands if you aren’t careful.

Don’t try to be the best this time around. Put your effort into your goals instead of your fights, and you’ll find the pay off much more satisfying.



What’s going to happen this fall? The best thing EVER. Everything is so expensive nowadays it’s hard for us to remember a time when everyone around us wasn’t drowning in debt.

What’s a smart, stable, reliable cookie like you to do? Well, luckily this year has quite a few opportunities on the horizon for you. You’re going to come across a surprising amount of money, all because of your head-down, keep-going-no-matter-what attitude.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as one of the geniuses in your friend group, your effort is going to pay off this season… Literally! Keep up the good work, May lady.


May Men:

You’re going to discover your new favorite food. Maybe that’s not as exciting as some of the other predictions on this list, but it’s just as interesting. Why? Well, for someone whose birth month is one based on stability and reliability, new experiences are not a thing that often happens to you.

You might find that you’re presented with something out of your comfort zone that you hated a few years ago, but now really enjoy. Maybe you’ll travel around and discover your new favorite food that way; maybe you’ll fall in love and they’ll introduce you to a delicious new snack.


Whatever the means, the end results in a changed man. You’ll have gotten all you wanted out of your year, and you’ll be left staring at a whole new person in your mirror. Congratulations on opening up your mind; it really won’t be so bad, we promise.



What could be more June than journalism? While you might not be a writer now, we recommend you try picking up a pen this fall. The stars are telling us that you’re going to end up very famous in the literature world, starting with your local newspaper!

People are going to know your name as a hardcore undercover investigation operative, even if that investigation was just within your local area. Why a writer?

Your ability to see all sides of an argument makes you uniquely equipped to write watertight arguments. No opposition is able to poke holes in your papers, which also pleases those born in June; they often like to be right. Whether or not you’ve tried before, pick up a position on your local paper. You never know what it might lead to!


June Men:

Okay, okay. We get it. You can’t decide- on anything. There’s a world full of options, and no doubt your friends and family are pressuring you to make a choice. For you, indecisive June, that process is harder than it is for some other folks.

Because of your keen, creative mind, you’re blessed with the ability to weigh all the options and find value in them. Unfortunately, this often leads to indecision. What’s the big benefit this fall? You’re going to finally make a choice.

While it might not be your career path, you’re at least going to find out something. You’ve got a hunch right now, which means you’re on the right path. Later this season, you’ll know. Trust what’s in the stars!



A vulnerability is difficult for you, but in a different way from the rest of this world. You tend to go with the flow so much, it’s hard for anyone to catch you. You don’t necessarily like to open up to people, which means you might feel lonely and left behind in a lot of your relationships.

While you’re a great support, it might feel like there’s no one around to support you! That’s not fair at all, especially when you’re such a kind and loyal soul. What’s the big news on the horizon this fall?

You’re going to finally find your best friend; your sister soulmate; your ride or die. It’s not like you haven’t had one before! You’re well versed in the world of friendship. But this relationship is going to be special.

You’re going to meet a friend you’ll have for the rest of your life, which is very rare and extremely valuable. Hold on to them for a long time, because you never know when you might need a friend.



You’re going to have a change of heart. Sound like some woo-woo magic? Too sensitive for you, Mr. Man? Don’t assume that this change of heart has to be sentimental and meaningful. While July men are very attuned to their emotions, they tend to put up masks.

You don’t show the world much, if anything, of what you’re feeling, which can make it difficult to find intimacy in your relationships. You’re going to discover this fall that that fact is changed, though.

Your change of heart might be as simple as “I don’t want to hang out with this person anymore”, or it might be as complex as “I need to be more vulnerable”.

We won’t judge. Whatever’s going on in your life that isn’t quite sitting right, forget about it. You’re better off changing your heart, and changing your life… The stars agree too!



Have you been feeling bored with your looks, or even your life? Sometimes all it takes is one change to be able to turn your outlook around. The stars know that, at least. They’re telling us that you’re going to experience a great change in your looks this season. Try dying your hair darker, or doing a wardrobe revamp.

There’s nothing that a positive change can’t improve. Not to mention the fact that you’ll no doubt get a ton of attention from the people around you too. And knowing you August ladies, you love your attention.

Leos prefer to feel all the eyes on them all the time. They are a sun sign, after all. You women shine brighter than all the other stars, and it’s no surprise.

This fall you might find the attention slipping away as you get put into bigger and bigger lecture halls. Maybe that’s why the stars are saying you’re going to change your looks. We certainly support it!



You’re going to discover a new… Pleasuring activity. One of the hallmarks of an August man is their passion for, well, passion. You guys are the dominating bunch, preferring a sweaty bedroom workout sesh than a trip to your local school gym. You’re always trying to build up your game, and we don’t blame you.

There’s something addicting about the physical response of pleasure, and you are much more prone to it than others. Sometimes, though, it can get repetitive.

Having been given the ultimate freedom now that you’re likely old enough to be out of the grasp of your parents/guardians has opened your world up.

You’re finally able to let your inner lion roar, and you’re trying everything under the sun on for size. This fall you’re going to discover something that you’ve never tried before that’s going to be super prevalent in all your future relationships.



You masters of the mind, you smart ladies outsmarting your companions and opponents. This fall you’re going to find yourself learning how to say “NO!”.

While September ladies often prefer to keep to themselves, not letting many except their inner circle in, you also often have a hard time denying anyone anything.

Because you’re so hardworking you think that you can make time for everything. Unfortunately, you just can’t do it all!

One day someone is going to come up to you and ask if you’ll help them while you’ll already be overwhelmed, and you’ll have no choice but to say “NO!” Don’t feel ashamed, guilty, or sad, though. You’re just learning how to look out for yourself.



Don’t take this the wrong way; we’re sure you’re very smart guys, but there’s something in the stars that are telling us you’re going to end up failing. And not just one task; you’re going to fail a lot. Don’t take it too easy.

That’s a recipe for disaster. Most September men managed to skate by during high school on their super smarts and charm, but that doesn’t cut it out here in the real world. This fall, take a good look at your habits.

You are often very connected to your daily habits and rituals. You might need to change some around, though, if you’re serious about succeeding. At least, according to the stars, that is!



You’re going to join an interesting debate. Even if you don’t like to argue, it’s not only in the stars, but it’s in your character. As a woman full of snap decisions (and maybe some indecision), October ladies are uniquely attuned to all sides of an argument.

They’re able to see both the good and the bad, the black and the white, and all things in between. October women are quick to take sides but are also just as quick to change them.

Your keen mind also makes you happy about finding facts, which tells us that you’ll be great at debating. Maybe you want to find out more about what it’s like to construct an argument, rather than working off a hunch.

Whatever the reason, you’ll soon discover your new passion: this fall, it’s taking down your opposition on any topic they give you.



You’re going to make a move. And when we say “a move”, we mean a MOVE. Packing up all your stuff, traveling across the country, swapping apartments with your best friend; who knows what’s going to happen in your life to spark this sort of adventure.

Whatever it is, we’re sure that there’s more than enough stress in your life before. Unfortunately, because you’re one of the more indecisive months, you’re stuck second guessing yourself. That won’t happen this time, though.

You’ve finally had enough of living at home, or living with a bad roommate or being upset with your current situation. You’re putting your foot down and moving on up in the world.

You’re one to weigh your decisions carefully, which means you won’t be making an uninformed decision. Don’t worry; you’ll know when the time is right.



Oooh, it’s bad luck for you, girlfriend. Your birth month puts you in the camp that makes secrets, jealousy, and distrust common negative traits. These aren’t all bad, though. “Negative” is a loose term.

If anything, those traits mean you don’t put up with other people who are secretive and jealous. Your bullsh** meter is on point, and you only surround yourself with loyal and honest people. That is, you used to up until some unspecified point this coming season. Your stars have all signs pointing to a big blow-up of a friendship.

Whether it’s between you and someone you just met or you and your BFF is irrelevant. We hope it’s not the latter, but that’s totally up to you.

The stars tell us that you’re going to reveal some secret a friend didn’t want to be revealed, and they’ll trace it back to you. It’s unfortunate, but hey… You probably did it for the best. You wouldn’t reveal a secret without a really, really good reason to… Right?



As one of the most expressive months, November men have no trouble feeling whatever they’re feeling moment to moment. They go with the flow, and they tend to get both swept away in their emotions and stagnant in their pools of feelings, depending on the situation.

November men usually struggle with showing those emotions though and typically portray a calm and cool demeanor. This fall you’re going to break that demeanor by yelling at a friend. Maybe you’re going to feel that you were spoken to too harshly.

Maybe you’ll be asking for something but won’t be granted it, and that sets you off on a short-tempered rant about the nature of friendship and helping itself. Either way, this is going to be one of the first (and only) times your cool demeanor cracks.



You’re going to burn out. We know, it seems unpleasant. We do see you crashing and burning after working as hard as you have been. Whether this is your first time feeling this kind of pressure, you certainly have quite the burden to bear. Most December ladies are used to working hard, though.

They tend to promise a lot, and often end up delivering what they promise they will. Your enthusiasm causes you to jump in with both feet first, and often results in you saying “yes, yes, YES”. This leads to overwork and, eventually, burn out.

We recommend you take some time for yourself. Stretch the adventurous side of your sign and go take a day trip somewhere; you’ll find you’re refreshed and rejuvenated and may be able to keep this prediction from coming true.



You’re going to see the world. We know, it seems silly. You’re in a dead-end job, you don’t have the money, you can’t afford to take the time off. Luckily you’ve got the birth month that makes things happen on your side.

December men are determined and motivated on top of being funny and smart. You’re also impatient, which is part of the reason this travel just can’t wait. Maybe it starts with a road trip on the weekend and then turns into a spring break vacation in Costa Rica. Either way, you’re going to find a way to get on one of those planes.

And knowing your easy-going nature and charisma it’s not impossible to think that you charmed your way onto a flight. Congratulations on an exciting future; take lots of pictures, and remember to bring back some cute souvenirs.

The energy of Equinox can be palpable, too, waves of transformation arising and catalyzing mega shifts on both a personal and planetary level.


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