the Message Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear This November 2020 Season



You are allowed to be more playful. You’re allowed to look at situations with more laughter, with more joy. Not everything has to have emotional depth, and sometimes in your search for that, you miss what you need.


You need to quit relying on romance for your worth. You have to offer this world so much that you’re worthy of so many things simply because of who you are. Your partnership does not define you. Your mere existence makes you worthy of love.


You need to take time for yourself and be gentle with everything that you’re going through. This year, you have hidden a lot of pain from others, and I hope you know it’s okay to release it. Find time before the year ends to slow down and allow yourself to feel.


You need to connect with the ones you’ve been forgetting. You tend to turn inward when you’re going through the pain, but this time try to reach out to the ones you know are there for you. Your connection is needed, and you will also benefit from speaking your truth to others.


Learn to let go of the grudges you still hold. You’re carrying so many old beliefs, and it’s time to move on from what is weighing you down. Learn to let go and let love fill the gaps of your heart instead of people who do not deserve it.


Understand feelings are not facts. You’re a feeler, and you want to take on every emotion at once. While your ability to feel is one of your greatest gifts, you do not have to carry all of this. Your feelings can come and move through you; they don’t always have to stay.


Travel outside of your routine. Rather than seeking comfort, jump into a world of the unknown, trusting that the universe will guide you. You have everything you need within you; now, you just need to step forward.


You need to be open to change. You’re often very much caught up in your path and unwilling to see what other doors may be available for you. Understand that you don’t always have to do what you’ve always done, and the time to change is now.


Stop chasing people who are leaving. Spending your time running after people who have already decided that they’re going to leave your life is simply not worth it. You’re strong, and you deserve good love, and it’s time for you to settle into the ones who are here now.


Do not be afraid to speak your truth. You are often fearful of what other people think about you, which stops you from being exactly who you are. Think of how you can show your true colors to this world and jump into radical honesty with yourself.


Try to love yourself like you love others. You deserve the love and appreciation that you are always giving to others. You need to pour this into the parts of your soul that are hurting and think of yourself and your path.


Trust your intuition more. You’re in tune with what your mind and your soul needs; it’s just a matter of trusting that path and putting it into action. Follow what you feel because your intuition has been trying to send signals to you time and time again.



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