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The Honest Truth Is That I Don’t Need You


This time I am taking your role of the one who is leaving. I don’t need you in my life anymore because I realized I deserve so much more than you can give me. You see, you were always the victim in our relationship. Being with you was like walking on eggshells and being afraid of what you will say if I do something that you don’t like. Everything had to be so damn perfect with you. I obeyed all your rules just to make you happy but in all that mess, I forgot my own wishes and aspirations.

I don’t need someone who will pretend that he loves me just to get what he wants. I don’t need a narcissist to make my life a living hell. I don’t need a broken man who doesn’t want to be fixed. I don’t need you anymore.
I will never forget our nice memories but unfortunately, we can’t live by just remembering the old days.



We had to make some effort to make this work and recently, I felt I was the only one doing so.

I don’t know what happened to you to treat me this way. Maybe you were scared to death that you will lose me because I always had higher expectations from life and I wasn’t afraid to get what I want. Maybe you thought that you can’t keep pace with me. Oh, baby that was so wrong. If you had just told me how you felt, I would have done anything to make you feel better. And I really mean it. It wasn’t my intention to make you feel bad but you should know that I can’t fight against myself. I am the way I am and I don’t want to change—at least not for now.

I wanted us to succeed but you didn’t want to fight for me.


You got cold feet when we had the first bump in the road. And you ran away like a coward, leaving me alone and frightened. You see, I was scared just like you. I didn’t feel good in my own skin when life was tough. But I decided that I will be a fighter. Too bad that you decided to be a coward. Because, if things look like that, we will never be together. Our characters are too different to have something that will grow.

It is like the story about the fish and the turtle.
A fish and a turtle can date but the question is where are they going to live? The same happened to us. I was too strong for a man like you and you were so weak to put up with me.


So, this time, I am done trying with you.

I am sick and tired of being with a man who can’t decide what he wants from life. I am done trying to make everything work while you are doing nothing to achieve that. I know I tried and it is not my fault. You were the only man in my life I tried so much for. But you didn’t know how to cherish me. You just thought about yourself and your needs, thinking that I will be fine no matter what happens. I am done putting you first. That is something you never did for me. Maybe because you were selfish or because you didn’t love me enough. Whatever the reason was, it is over now.

The truth is that I don’t need you anymore.

I am completely satisfied being single. All I need is some sun and positive energy to remind me how beautiful life is. Finally, I am done trying to make you love me. This time I will learn to love myself. And I will never let any man treat me like you did. With a lack of respect and lack of love. I am more than that and if you can’t see that, then screw you!

We could have had it all but you had to blow up things.

Now, I am leaving you in your pain because you will surely miss me once I am gone. When you see me with another man, you will realize how worthy I am. And you feel sorry for not fighting for me—the only woman who would have done anything if you just have asked. You will call me but I won’t answer. You will text me, but I won’t text you back. And I will do all that for my own sake. I don’t want to give you another shot because I know that you would treat me the same way. And, honestly I don’t like treatment like that. The next time you see me, don’t look down.

Look me straight in the eyes and try to read the message that they are sending you. Yes, when you do that, you will realize that it wasn’t supposed to finish this way. But it did. And I am happy it did because I learned my lesson and I will never settle for less than I deserve.

So, go on, have a happy life but you can bet that I will never be part of it again!



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