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The Energy The New Moon In Leo Brings You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The New Moon will help you achieve things you want so badly. It will improve your communication skills, which will lead the way to success. After the rough time you’ve had, you deserve a break.

There is just some piece of advice you must take and that is to be understanding of other people’s emotions. Open your eyes to the people who need you and be there for them. Listen more.



You’ll have to be more careful and more diplomatic because people are going to look for your help when it comes to various projects.

This period, you’re going to be more focused on your home and activities which are family-related.

This is definitely your time to stir up the creative side of you and start something new. Reach into your inner world and explore everything that goes around your head. You’ll have a lot to see, for sure.



This period will inspire you to finish things you’ve been putting off for a long time.

Also, your creativity will hit the roof, so it would be smart of you to start something you’ve been wanting to for quite some time but you weren’t sure if it would be creative enough.

In addition to this, with Venus also shifting to Leo, this is a very relaxing period for you, which you should spend with your friends and your family. Think about going on a little getaway or a vacation if you can.


In this Leo season, you’re going to act like a real Leo. You’ll be confident enough to look for your place in the spotlight. You won’t stop until you get what you want. You needed this little push the same as you needed a bit of harsh love, which made you more mature.

You’re going to feel and act amazing but watch out not to take things too far. You don’t want to end up looking pretentious. That look doesn’t suit you.


The energy you’re feeling is insatiable. It gives you even greater power than you already think you have. In this period, all the problems you have will be solved easily. This is the time when you shine brightly and prove to everyone else why you’re the king and no one else.

During this New Moon, don’t be afraid to do whatever you feel you have to or whatever you want to because now is the best time ever. Connect to people you want to connect with and enjoy this period while it lasts.



This is a period to relax a bit more because for the next two weeks it’s definitely your season. Use this time to look back on everything you’ve been through.

Really sit down and assess everything, both positive and negative, that happened  to you in the last year.

This period will give you enough energy and confidence to rule the spotlight for a while without becoming self-obsessed.



You’ll radiate with positive energy and people will choose to be around you. Your presence will make them feel good.

If you’re on social media, expect your popularity to grow instantly and fast.

Use this period to work on yourself. Accept yourself for who you are and learn to grow each day a bit more.

This is ideal for the Virgo season which awaits you and with it comes a period of working hard.


This season, people are going to see a new you, a totally different side of you, thanks to the New Moon in Leo.

People are really going to love that new side of you. This goes for both sides of your life—the personal one and the business one.

There will be haters of course but ignore those people because they are only saying bad things about you to hurt you because they are jealous. Continue to work hard and by the end of the year, you’ll be rewarded.


You’re going to become a real jet-setter this season. There will be no place you won’t post on your social media. You’ll brag about the food you ate and where you’ve been.

On the other hand, those of you who are not that interested in the activities mentioned above will find satisfaction in different things.

For example, you’re going to meet a very interesting person this season. Who knows, maybe a romance is on its way.



If you’re in a financial crisis, you don’t have to worry because this season, you’ll be able to cover all of your expenses. There was a rough period when you had a lot of trouble but that is over now.

Just don’t be negative because a lot of nice things are waiting for you. If you play your cards right, something you’ve been dreaming of will really happen to you.


This is a period of the year where you’re going to feel an incredible calmness and serenity. You’re going to feel the need to be loved and most importantly, you’re going to ask to be loved indirectly.

That’s why you’re going to be surrounded by nice people. Positive energy will radiate around you.

Make sure you appreciate the people who are around you and tell them how you feel about them almost every day. Never take them for granted. Enjoy this beautiful period of your life that the Leo season has given you.



This year, you were supposed to learn a lot of things and most importantly, you had to grow up in so many ways. You had to get out of your shell and your dream world to face what is really out there.

This period, you’re going to continue to mature but it will be so much easier because you’ll have the confidence to admit the things to yourself that you couldn’t earlier.



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