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The Decade-End New Moon/Solar Eclipse Combo Has Positive Breakthroughs For All The Zodiacs

25th-26th December 2019 will be hosting a rare New Moon-Solar Eclipse combo. With the added energy of Christmas, this day seems to be truly energy-packed. And mostly positive.

New Moons are the times of manifestations but the Solar Eclipse hampers that to some extent this time. The overall energy will be positive and empowering.

New changes are on their way and we have to embrace them to move ahead. While the stars shake up our lives now, we must remember to have faith. It’s all being done to help us reach our true potential.

Happening in the Capricorn season, this New Moon-Solar Eclipse combo will make us more work-oriented and practical. Jupiter and Uranus will be combining their powers to bring us good luck. Miracles will pop up and we will be loving them!

Here’s what the zodiacs can expect from this unique luminary:


You love to tackle things head-on and keep moving at great speeds. But now is not the time for that attitude. During the last New Moon of the decade, you have to remain slow and steady like Capricorn. Be open to new things and think about your current plans without much attachment. Utilize Capricorn’s practical-minded energy to plan your future moves.



While eclipses are not a good time to begin new projects, this New Moon-Solar Eclipse combo will be rather generous with you. You have had many ideas bubbling inside you since the middle of this year. And they are about to be manifested now. You will be completely focused on your plan and work hard to actualize your goals.


The year-end Moon-Eclipse is all about romance and intimacy for you. Think of the recurring themes you have been witnessing in these departments for the last 6 months. Now combine those intentions with your current desires to plan your coming months.


This New Moon will be helping you focus on partnerships- be it your lover or friend or even a business partner. Trust your intuition now and let your emotions show you the path. You can also borrow Capricorn’s rationality to help you better perceive reality.


This New Moon-Solar Eclipse combo is oh so fiery for you! As the year comes to an end, this combo will motivate you to meet the targets you had set at the beginning of the year. Use the burst of energy you will receive now to reach for the heavens!



You have been too focused on your work life but this Moon-Eclipse is here to re-ignite your love life. Capricorn will keep you grounded so that you don’t sway too far away. But overall, you are going to enjoy every bit of the holiday season with a new-found special someone!


You love to soar in the air, away from all practical things. But now, Capricorn’s energy will guide you back to practical life and you will have to plan for the future. You will be feeling a domestic vibe now so use it to create your own little heaven at home.


The December New Moon-Solar Eclipse combo is bringing you some great surprises and inspiration. You are bubbling with ideas and each one seems better than the last. So utilize this time to sort through the many ideas to find the perfect one and work on it. Your ambitions are sky high and the Universe is rooting for you!


You will be thinking about your career goals for the coming year now. You will be curbing your usual spontaneity and rather take help from Capricorn to plan for the new year. Set the stage now to embrace all the positivity and changes in the coming months. But, slow and steady.


With this great event taking place in your season, you will face both beginnings as well as endings. This is also the second such phenomenon in your sign this year so things are about to get intense. Enjoy the confidence boost you are about to receive and channelize that to realize your goals in the new year.



The energy of the New Moon-Solar Eclipse combo will help you end some chapters now. Remember, as you let go of toxic situations, you are moving towards your destiny. You are headed towards what you truly desire and want. So, pay attention to your intuition and dreams now.


As the year comes to an end, you will be reevaluating the people around you. Are they supportive of you? Do they deserve to be in your inner circle? Focus on the ones who inspire you to do better. The energy you surround yourself with will decide how your coming year turns out to be.

The December New Moon-Solar Eclipse combo has a lot of positive breakthroughs for all of us. Embrace the change!



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