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The Black Super Moon & Your Zodiac Sign: This Is What To Expect

The Black Super Moon will be in Leo on 31st July 2019. Emotions will run high for all the zodiacs. Intuitions will be heightened along with sensitivity. 

Sleep disturbances can occur as can expressive dreams. The energy of the people, animals, plants around you – the whole environment – will seem more alive than ever.

Like most cosmic happenings, this Black Super Moon is also a time for growth and evolution. Let your burdens of the past go. Letting go f the past will allow you to embrace the opportunities of the future.



This Super Moon is the time for you to let go of things which don’t benefit you anymore. Full Moon is associated with new beginnings and for the Moon to have its effect, you must let go of things, people, and situations that hold you back.


Direct your energies towards caring for your own self during the coming week. Food, sleep, exercise, and stress levels must be managed to have a happy life, so take care of those now. Remember that your friends and family are always there to support you through your difficulties. Let go of impossible expectations.


The Super Moon brings you good health and heightened intelligence. Try to read the subtle changes in your family members’ behaviors, they need your attention now. The Moon will grant you the powers to help those who are struggling around you.



Use this Moon energy to synchronize your thoughts and actions. The Moon affords you the energy to become more systematic. You need to relax more and outsource your work.


The Super Moon in your zodiac brings financial gains for you. Use the next couple of weeks to seek profitable opportunities or ask for your due promotion. Shine in the Moon’s light!


All your hard work will now materialize under the influence of the Super Moon. You need to plan your next step and make sure changes to the self are included in these plans. Embrace your growth and the changes won’t seem too scary.


The Super Moon may bring some complications in your love life. Direct your focus on the lighter side of things and spread happiness instead of discussing the pragmatic problems.


In the coming weeks, step back and scrutinize the people around you. Ask yourself how your social group is inspiring you and helping you grow. Your answers will guide you to either reduce or widen your group, which will be beneficial to you.



The escapist in you might feel the familiar urge to run away when things turn difficult this week. You need to stay strong and face your problems. You will thus serve as an inspiration to those around you and find your inner strength as well.


Let your creativity take over your shy nature. Try new things and they will surely guide you to even greater opportunities for you with the Super Moon’s energy.



The Super Moon will bring illumination and transformation for you. You need to prepare emotionally for some endings. Remember that these endings are only clearing the path for new beginnings.


The Super Moon can make you ‘desperate’. Since relationships are in focus now for you, desperate moments may emerge in your romantic relationship. You will feel the urge to bring balance in your relationship and take stock of how much you receive and return back. Just make sure you do not lose yourself in this time.



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