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The Alignment Of Jupiter & Venus Brings Love And Dreams Into Our Lives

Jupiter and Venus come to a beautiful alignment in Sagittarius.

These two romantic planets bring us opportunities, love and abundance, especially when they are present in this special alignment. It occurs in the January 21st week but the effect will be most potent during the first part of the same week.


Protecting from the harsh energy

Just a few days earlier, we had the Blood Moon Eclipse. It was a powerful one and must have left us dazed with the amount of energy transaction that took place during that eclipse. But now, we have this wonderful alignment that brings us the much-needed relief from that powerful force of the Blood Moon Eclipse.

If the eclipse had made you exhausted about life, this alignment makes you focus on the positive side of life and the positive eclipse energy that had arrived with the eclipse. The future is uncertain and as it arrives, we need to be positive and prepare ourselves for the best and the worst.

This alignment helps us keep the optimism within us as we move forward in our selected path. In actuality, the Jupiter and Venus alignment will protect you from the leftover harsh energy of the eclipse.

When Jupiter and Venus come in alignment, they become bright and spread their bright lights across the sky. It is the ray of hope that makes us want to open our mind and heart to new opportunities and think of bigger things in life. It will help us enter into their abundance and move towards our goal, however grand and impossible they might seem at first.

Understanding your dreams

Traveling will be an important theme during this alignment. Since it is an extremely positive force that will surround us, we will start feeling good about life as it currently is. The future looks bright and you already know the path that you need to follow to get to it.

Because of this knowledge, now you will be able to leave behind the things that do not help you take up new objectives and jump towards your vision. The alignment helps us to have a clear vision about our lives and destiny. It gives us enough courage to change or update our dreams if necessary.


Your dream life

So, you should start to accept the energy of this alignment and let it be a part of you completely. If you really want to know what you want and what your dreams should look like, then shut your eyes and think about it. Think about how you would want your day to go like – the perfect day of your life.

Imagine what dress would make you look the best in your perfect day. Where would you like to be during your perfect day and how will your feelings sway? Let your imagination go wild and fly with your imagination to the places where you wish you were. Don’t hinder yourself – submerge in your fantasy and let it rule you for now. Let the energy of the alignment color your dreams with the brightest and positive colors.

Once you open your eyes, make it a point to write down whatever you dreamed of. Make sure you have written all the points that moved you during your trip down the fantasy lane. This is what your dream looks like. Now, you know where you need to go, so you can start planning in a way where your life becomes a series of endless perfect days and you do not have to worry anymore of how the future would look like. Because you know that it will be – PERFECT!

The alignment is special and will happen again in November 2019. So, start using this energy well so that you can measure how well your dreams turned out to be when November arrives.

Let the dreamy energy of the Jupiter and Venus alignment guide you towards your dream. Best of luck.



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